What is Squad?

Squad is an in-development tactical first person shooter built around teamwork and cooperation. It seeks to bridge the rather large gap between arcade shooter and military sim, and is based in large part on the ideas introduced by our predecessor, the Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2.

What is Squad’s relationship with the Project Reality modification for BF2?

Officially, we have no formal connection. Generally speaking though, nearly all of our developers are retired members of the core Project Reality: BF2 development team, and we are seeking to make Squad the spiritual successor to PR in everything but name.

If you would like to learn more about Project Reality, we encourage you to visit it’s website at www.realitymod.com

Looking for instructions or a manual?

You can find the most up to date version of the manual here on our Wiki: Squad Wiki

How can I help support Squad?

  • Spread the word to any friends and/or clan mates who think may be interested.
  • Register, interact, and share your ideas on our Forums.

Why haven’t I received my Kickstarter items yet?

Depending on your kickstarter backer level, you could be waiting for a game key and/or perk key for backer/founder rewards weapon skins/tags.

  • Make sure you check the email account that is linked to the paypal or kickstarter account you used to pre-order the game with.
  • Make sure you check your spam folders or “Promotions” tab if you have a gmail account.
  • If you still didn’t find your key, please contact [email protected] with a copy of your receipt

Is Steam required to play Squad?

A Steam account and installation will be required for registration and play.


I have the problem X

You can find a lot of common problems on our support website.

I need technical support

We have a very friendly and helpful community that is very good at helping with solving technical issues: Tech Support Sub-Forum
Also, you can submit support tickets by going to our support website: Support

Can I run Squad/Minimum requirements?

You can find the most up to date requirements near the bottom of the Steam Store page for Squad: Squad’s Steam page

Game Content

What engine are you using?

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.

What will be similar to and what will be different from the Project Reality Mod?

In general we want to keep the time tested features that we loved from PR and try new things with the mechanics that we felt could use improvement.

To be more specific things like Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), Rally Points (RPs), player-operated transportation, combined arms warfare, and in general tight-knit squad gameplay will still be around.

On the other hand there will be things like weapons handling, map fidelity, logistics, and game-modes which were often limited by what we could do with the engine and will be greatly expanded upon.

Will there be X feature?

Probably yes in the long run, but right now we are 100% focused on the challenges of establishing a solid base game that we can implement all the laser guided fast roping AI civilian goats in to. We will get around to many of the expected features in good time.

Why does X object or map not look finished?

Because the game is still being developed. Consider everything you see from us as a “Work in Progress” until you hear otherwise.

What are the plans for different types of vehicles?

As we progress further we plan to add in various kinds of vehicles ranging from transport vehicles, transport helicopters and light armor to full blown tanks, attack helicopters and (possibly) fixed-wing aircraft. We encourage you to read this article about vehicles.

What size will the maps be?

As we progress further into development we plan to support a wider range of map sizes, ideally up to 4-6 and possibly even up to 8 kilometers squared.

That said, bigger maps can be much more challenging to make work gameplay wise. In recognition of this, we plan to use a good deal of care with how we implement bigger maps to ensure gameplay still works efficiently.

In the long term we plan to always have maps of all different sizes, allowing server admins to choose the kind of maps they wish to run.

Will the game feature X faction?

The alpha will feature the US Army, a generic Insurgent faction, the Russian Armed Forces, a rebel faction called Militia, and the British. Beyond that, new factions have yet to be determined, but ideally, we would like to be able to feature 2-3 more factions in addition to the above …

What time period is Squad set in?

The current modern day environment. This includes the near past and near future.

Where can I learn more about what’s coming to Squad?

We have an article series that ran over the Kickstarter campaign called “Boot Camp” and its intention is to introduce the higher levels of Squad to the general public. Check out the articles here.


How is the Squad development team set up?

We have a fairly flat structure and coordinate quite a bit when working on tasks and setting our release milestones. Development-wise we follow an agile workflow with iterative development and releases.

The studio behind Squad is Offworld Industries. The studio currently is about 40 developers strong, with a split of part and full timers. Additionally, it is almost entirely decentralized with developers coming from all around the world.