march, 2020

07mar8:00 pmProject Awesome: Operation Red Turtle Rescue


Event Details

This event is the next in our “Red Turtle” series of scripted events where the outcome of each event affects the storyline in the future and players actions in each battle have consequences.
In this event, the Russians are trying to destroy the tank they lost in the last fight and destroy intel already extracted by the British. Full event description below:
While the Russians managed to rescue the tank crew during the last fight, the US defense was too much and despite a last-ditch effort by the Russians to destroy the tank, the US managed to recover the tank and capture it intact. With the Americans very aware that the Russians want to recover their lost asset, they have decided to move the captured vehicle to a nearby allied British research base so they can make a start on recovering it’s engineering secrets and any intelligence it may contain.
Meanwhile, a Russian intelligence satellite passing over Talil has captured the British moving the tank to a different hanger in their base and as a result, has seen an opportunity to recover their lost asset and make up for their previous failure. The Russian Command has instructed a nearby force to proceed to Talil and destroy the tank while also destroying any intelligence the Americans/British have already recovered.
With the Russians advancing quickly, and the British base well defended and heavily fortified, the Russians have a difficult task up ahead of them crossing the harsh desert of Tallil. Rumour has it that the Russian tank has some intel on it that CANNOT fall into enemy hands…

Time (UTC)

(Saturday) 8:00 pm