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The Wrench – February 2024

posted on February 13, 2024

The Wrench – Feb 2024

Welcome to another installment of The Wrench, a look at some of the great work from Squad’s modding community!

Because we received so many awesome submissions, this is part one of a two-parter Wrench! What follows are updates sent to us by the people behind the mods themselves: their words, images, and amazing work!


Wil’s Fools Road by /gMg\ Wilster

Wil’s Fools Road is a re-imagined map design of Fools Road with upgraded foliage, updated ground textures, new Points of Interest, and other changes to the terrain for a different level of gameplay.

In total, there are 11 new POIs, 13 previous POIs have seen changes, and two new tunnel systems have been added. The mod is currently still a work in progress but has officially reached the beta stages of development.

Steam Workshop:


One Life Customs by Tikas

Do you want to make your death count properly, by ruining someone elses hard work up until his or her point of no return? Pumpin’ adrenaline, shakey firefights and a new type of gameplay awaits you!

A 1-life mod with custom Gamemodes, Actions, Automated Server/Player Management, and loads of small and large additions and changes that you can find in the mod workshop page! Perfect for a 24/7 server, and especially for events!

Steam Workshop:

Rassvet by Steez & Ruben

After a bit of a life-induced hiatus, work has finally resumed on Rassvet, with the addition of a 2nd team member to help share the load. The current focus has been on expanding to the South East with new village POI’s surrounded by farmland, rocky ridges and lakes.

For those unfamiliar with the map, Rassvet is a complete reimaging of OP First Light that takes the original landscape and expands it out to a larger 2×2 km area. While it shares some of the original landmarks like Storage Site, Nilrem Village and Rail Docks for nostalgia’s sake, it is fundamentally a completely new map with a redesigned heightmap, layout, new biomes, lighting and environment art.

We aim to create a hyper-detailed, infantry-focused map that feels like a real place and pushes the visual fidelity and density without sacrificing playable performance.

Steam Workshop:



Steel Division Lite by Impact Studios

From the ashes of SD rises a new mod, one that focuses on small tactical infantry gameplay with only light vehicles such as MRAP’s and Logis. SD Lite focuses on optimizing infantry combat by adjusting ICO values such as sway, recoil, and suppression to give the player the feeling of playing as an SF soldier. With the reduction of scope compared to the original Steel Division mod there is the opportunity to optimize the rich features and content in place, with great custom features like Night Vision, Thermals, Lasers and Flashlights, Suppressors, Secondary and Canted Sights, Shotguns, Suppressors and more. The current list of factions are the USSF (United States Special Forces), SOF (Special Operations Forces/Russian Special Forces), RED (Red Unit), and TSF (Turkish Special Forces). The factions that will be returning will be the PLASF, PMC, SAS, JTF2. The mod is currently undergoing public play tests which get announced on the SD Lite Discord that you can join with the link below.


Steam Workshop:


Hawks Layer Pack by EyeOfTheHawks

Do you like a more random, but also more sane RAAS? Hawks Layer Pack.
Do you like a more consistent Invasion? Hawks Layer Pack.
Do you like a sprinkle of asymmetrical games? Hawks Layer Pack.
Do you like Flooded Kokan or Gorodok? Hawks Layer Pack.
Do you like Vanilla Squad? Hawks Layer Pack.

212 layers of additional variety.

Steam Workshop:

BPM-97 by Cuman

BPM-97 (translated to “Gunshot”) is a Russian mine-resistant, ambush-protected (or short MRAP) vehicle in service since 1999. It can fit 12.7mm Kord, 14.5mm KPVT, or a 30mm 2A72 gun. It was first made for the Russian border troops and later adopted into the Russian army as BPM-97 “Dozor.”

Reach out to scarletcuman on Discord for more information.

Squad Enhanced by Jaster

Squad Enhanced aims to provide a more enjoyable invasion experience, focusing on balancing and player quality of life.

It adds 97 new invasion layers (while still being compatible with vanilla gameplay), introducing unique flags, newly modified locations, diverse faction match-ups, varied armor scenarios, and custom lighting layers. It includes features like resupply points, secondary mains, and minor adjustments or QoL. It also has implemented changes to the commander system, introducing several new abilities.

Steam Workshop:


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