posted on October 12, 2022

Attention Squaddies,


We will be shortly deploying hotfix 3.3.1 for Squad to address issues that made their way to the game with the latest update. We felt that these bugs were impacting the game experience and needed to be addressed sooner rather than later. This fix will address two issues:  

  • VOIP UI: the VOIP UI elements were not showing up when any screen overlay was active (on the deployment screen, command map, or scoreboard / round end screen), making Squad Leader unable to know who was addressing them.
  • IEDs not working reliably: this latter bug occurred if you had placed an ammo bag as a Rifleman, then switched to a Sapper kit, making it impossible to detonate your IEDs until your ammo bag was retrieved or destroyed.

We would like to especially thank all of you that reported these issues, your feedback plays a pivotal part in helping us make Squad a better game and react rapidly to fix these issues. Please keep sending them our way! (URL LINK)


Extra Attention this will be a micro-version update, meaning that servers will not need to be updated! Players on v3.3.1 will be able to connect to v3.3 servers, as it is a client-side update. All should be back in order now, so you can get back to your usual explosive tricks and know who is talking to you!


At ease,

Offworld out.