posted on September 12, 2022

Attention Squaddies,


We will be deploying hotfix 3.2.1 today to address the Toggle Sprint issue that was introduced in the latest update. This issue made movement and controls unreliable sometimes and we are confident that this fix will solve it. It will be the sole purpose of this hotfix as we found it severely impacting the quality of gameplay and could not wait until the next update. So the list of changes is rather short on that one: 



  • Fixed an issue with the Toggle Sprint feature that caused the “sprinting” state to persist until going into ADS, or toggling it off again manually.


Toggled sprinting will now behave as follows:


  • While sprinting, the sprint state will toggle itself off when letting go of the forward movement key (pre-v3.2 behavior).
  • While sprinting, the sprint state will toggle itself off when ADS (pre-v3.2 behavior).
  • A sprint can be initiated / sprinting can be toggled on while ADS, if the forward movement key is held down when the sprint toggle key is pressed – this now includes while moving diagonally while ADS (forwards + strafe).


We thank you for your feedback on update 3.2, it has been a great help to identify what needed to be our priority to fix. If you find other bugs please report them on our forums. (URL LINK)


At ease,

Offworld out.