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The Wrench – July 2022

posted on July 18, 2022

Welcome to another installment of The Wrench, a look at some of the great work Squad’s modding community has been doing over the past month. Below are updates from some of Squad’s mods written by the mod teams themselves.

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Due to the volume of submissions that we had this month some of the updates are being held for a future Wrench.

What follows are updates sent to us by the people behind the mods themselves. Their words, their images, and their amazing work!

Rising Tensions Squad Mod by the Rising Tensions Squad Mod Dev Team

Hey guys, we’ve just started working on a mod to accurately portray the Russo-Ukrainian War in Squad! While previous mods have used vanilla retextures to do this, we plan to remake many existing assets and add new ones such as the (Malyuk, Fn FNC, and Zbroyar-Z008). The Ukrainian faction will have two variants, one with more western weapons (Foreign legion) and one with the standard loadouts for the Ukrainian Army. We will also be improving some of the vanilla Russian faction assets as well maybe even upgrading it with their Ratnik program (Ak12 for example).

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  • Discord –
  • Artstation –
    • (Made the PKM)
    • (Made the FN FNC)
    • (WIP Malyuk)
    • (WIP Zbroyar-Z008)

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the assets that are in the works:

1.Fn FnC

2.Plate Carrier for the Foreign Legion SL

3.New PKM





Hawks Layer Pack by EyeOfTheHawks

More Layers, More Variety

Hawks Layer Pack offers a large variety of layers to supplement any server’s rotation. RAAS layers offer high variability of point layouts, Invasion layers offer a unique balancing philosophy of “First point hard to hold, last point hard to take” which should offer much more enjoyable Invasion Games for both sides, but will have a slight adjustment period. Territory Control layers that commonly go after a MOBA-style Laned setup. The return of PAAS, and AAS layers with multiple point layouts on the same layer.

Insurgents and Militia make a return to many RAAS layers with a unique balancing method of “Power versus Numbers” giving the INS/MIL team a small player advantage (currently 56v44) to help inform their playstyle of zerging.

Highly Variable RAAS Layers

This mod offers many highly variable RAAS layers using a custom point selection algorithm developed prior to 2.12’s release of the new RAAS lattice structure.

What this offers is an experience that is highly unpredictable for the enemy to guess your caps before you, while still maintaining some semblance of sanity in having points not jump across the entire map.

In addition to this, there are many layers featuring Insurgents on RAAS again, with a unique twist at trying to balance the layers. Giving unconventional forces a player advantage, to have the Insurgents attack with overwhelming numbers.

Invasion and TC Layers

On top of RAAS layers, this mod contains many Invasion and TC layers looking at trying something new to experience layers like you never have. Either focusing on unique vehicle loadouts, an attempt at balanced insurgent attacking layers, or mix-and-match factions containing multiple nations on the same team. Invasion has some small modifications that make a big difference. At game start, all teams are locked by the staging phase, but the defenders are able to spawn on the first point with a light vehicle spawn. This allows most games to progress past the first point, but if the initial defense manages to delay long enough, a hero defense can still happen. As the game progresses, defenders gain more and more advantage based on vehicle loadouts and point locations.

Steam –
Google Docs –




Squad Korean Army mod is based on the 2022 Warrior Platform supply status of the Republic of Korea Army. We started to make it to embody the latest appearance of the Korean military in the Squad that we love to play.

The mod aims to provide things to see and enjoy for Korean FPS users including myself by putting the modernized appearance of the Korean military 2022 version in Squad, and to inform the world FPS users of the advanced Korean military’s image.

FPS games in which the Korean conventional force appears as the main contents are rare or nothing, so the faction can have a rarity itself.

We do not know how long it can launch to the official mod, but we ask for your support and interest until the official release.

We already have professional military advisors who are currently on active duty as ROKA armour unit NCOs, infantry unit NCOs, and Infantry company leader.

So, We are ALWAYS looking for:

  • 3D artists to create weapons, vehicles, and map assets,
  • Unreal engineers or programmers who can handle SDK tools
  • Level designers to create mod maps.

If you would like to give some help to us as a modder or normal user, please check our Discord server where there will be a more information.



Brazilian Armed Forces by Smoking Snakes

Hey everyone, us from The BAF modding team are here to present you, our Fully Modeled M113BR, I hope you all like it. 🙂





JGSDF Squad Mod by the JGSDF Mod Team

We are making good progress and our first Map and might even be ready to be playtestet in the coming month. Yet we are still looking for talent and playtesters so feel free to join our Discord and help out! Your JGSDF Mod Team!



Swiss Armed Forces by the Swiss Modding Team

The Swiss Armed Forces mod is progressing slowly but surely with the latest addition of the grenade launcher GwA97 and the Kern scope for Stgw90.

These two complete the SIG-550 attachments, along with the existing ACOG and holosight. With this the infantry’s arsenal is only missing the SAKO TRG-42 and the Panzerfaust 3, which, hopefully, would be borrowed from their respective countries factions as to maintain consistency between mods.

While not yet game ready, good progress has also been made on the Bucher DURO and some custom deployables are being developed. The addition of the Australian ASLAV will also kickstart the work on the Piranha.

Finally the soldier model is getting an overhaul starting with the Splischu.

We are still on the lookout for more 3D artists to help making new models or improve existing ones. The mod is playable as well with a handful of skirmish layers to get feedback on the rifle in general.




The work continues on the mod don’t worry ! If you wish to see it accelerate do not hesitate if you are an established modder, 3D Artist, 3D Animator , SDK Integrator, Sound Designer to apply in the recruitment section of our discords.




We recently announced the official release of the French Faction mod with this video [LINK URL] directed by our friend [WET] Selaud. Indeed we have reached 80% of the planned content. We still have some vehicles and weapons to finalize it. The number of subscribers has recently exceeded 90k and we encourage server managers to use the mod in your rotation. You won’t be disappointed!




Just like the French Faction we have officially announced the release of the Middle East Escalation mod with this video [LINK URL] made by our friend [WET] Selaud. A big step has been reached, the 200k subscribers. This confirms us in the idea of continuing to develop and improve for the community. More weapons, more factions (UK SAS, French SF, JTF2, Turkish Commando), improvement of existing content and a global work on optimization and balancing are in progress.




Bonk enemies with baseball bats. Throw stones at their heads to knock them unconscious. Run at super speed. Detonate yourself in a victory celebration. This is an entirely different type of sport. This is BANZAI BALL.

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  • Steam Workshop –



Squad Arenas by Zezacle

Squad Arenas is a Work-in-Progress set of small-scale competitive gamemodes for Squad. Custom built Arenas, Kits, and more, all made with the intention of focusing Squad’s infantry combat into a competitive match based format. Currently Squad Arenas offers one gamemode: Damage (9v9 Competitive Elimination Gamemode).

Damage – Two teams of 9 players face off in a custom built arena to destroy their opponent’s FOB Radio or eliminate all of their enemies. Each round, teams will have limited ammo points to buy their equipment, meaning teams will have to strategically work together both in the fight and beforehand.

Events featuring Squad Arenas are hosted by CD | Collateral Damage.



SATCOM by the SATCOM Mod Team


SATCOM Control, Online!

Squad meets Command and Conquer in this exciting new mod!

Join us for some exciting hybrid RTS/FPS action in the gorgeous US Midwest! New to the mod or just need a refresher on how to play? No worries, we’ve got you!


Note: A Commander is Required for this Gamemode.

Primary Objective:

-DESTROY the Enemy HQ! – You’ve got your base, and they’ve got theirs! While your commander has been building the ultimate fortress covered in power plants, war factories, automated turrets, and artillery guns, so has theirs! Push the enemy back meter by meter, assemble the army to end all armies, and launch your attack! Destroy the enemy HQ to win the game!


Take to the skies as The Commander! – Build the ultimate fortress of a base with a variety of unique defenses and buildings, Oversee the deployment of squads and combat vehicles, launch devastating artillery strikes, provide critical, game-changing intel from above, and win the game for your team!


Take to the trenches as Infantry! – Prefer to lead from the front? Like to have your boots on the ground? Then you’re in luck! Become the lifeblood of your team and fight the good fight. Whether you are a squad leader, grunt, tank crewman, or attack helicopter pilot, your contribution is vital to defending your HQ and destroying theirs! Attack and defend strategic map locations, construct remote FOBs to establish map control, and annihilate the enemy!




Build the Ultimate Base – Construct the ultimate fortress! Fabricate buildings and base defenses by using construction points delivered to you by your team. From the standard Infantry Barracks to the devastating Howitzer Station, all the tools you need to put up the ultimate defense, and attack, are at your fingertips!

Field the Premier Army – The war machine is at your command! Create vehicles from a War Factory or Helipad by using ammo points delivered to you by your team. From transport trucks to APCs to the tide-turning attack helicopters and MBTs, the army composition of your team is up to you!


-Keep an eye in the sky from the Command Terminal to provide critical intel to your team.

-UAVs can be called in to immediately and automatically spot enemy units for you and your team.

-The Artillery Strike and Artillery Volley can be unlocked by building a Howitzer and Howitzer Station, respectively. Use these to destroy or disable key targets, whether they be infantry, vehicles, or even buildings. Create the openings your team needs!

-All structures (except walls) consume Power. Be sure to build and maintain Powerplants or your base defenses will be forced offline.



Collect Supplies from Resource Depots – Resources are the name of the game! Collect supplies from Resource Depots with Logistics Vehicles and deliver them back to your HQ. There are three primary resource depots across the map: one in the northwest, one to the southeast, and one in the middle of the map. Use your logistics trucks or transport helicopters to stock up on supplies and deliver them back to home base. Here, they can be used to construct war vehicles, base defenses, and production buildings to further the war effort.

Capture Oil Derricks – Generate passive income for your team! In addition to Resource Depots, there are three Oil Derricks across the map that, when captured, provide a steady, reliable stream of passive income (construction/ammo) to the team that controls them. Having trouble controlling a particular derrick? Then blow it up! That’s right, you can deny the enemy the resource entirely by destroying the oil derrick, but beware, this will take the Oil Derrick out of play entirely for both teams.


-Squad Leaders have Infinite Rallies. Use them to keep your squad in the fight.

-One-man squads can take Crewman Kits. If an urgent defense is needed, be the first to take the fight back to them.

-Structures are weak to High Explosive damage. If you’ve got the means to deal some damage, do some damage!

-Communicate with your Commander to receive critical intelligence. The Commander is your eye in the sky and can provide up-to-date information on enemy movements and locations.


That’s the name of the game! But why read about it when you can play it for yourself?! Good luck out there soldiers, and we hope to see you on the battlefield!



Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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