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posted on July 14, 2022

Hey Squaddies!

As part of our ongoing efforts to foster better communication between the Squad development team and its players, we are doing another of our Question and Answer events on the Join Squad forums. Here members of the development team will answer community submitted questions.

Anyone who has registered as a member of the Join Squad forums will be able to ask a question in the Q&A thread that we’ve created at [LINK URL].

To ensure that the development team remains focused on their work on Squad, we will be sticking to a maximum of ten (10) questions. We will pick based on what we’ve seen discussed in the community, and what we feel that we have not addressed in awhile.

Please take a moment to look at our previous Q&A to see what we answered [LINK URL].

We ask that all questions are kept constructive and polite, and that players keep in mind that the rest of the development team is taking time away from their work to answer these questions. We’re excited to provide further insight into what they’re working on, development challenges we’ve faced, and what the future holds for Squad. Any questions that are rude in nature, have already been answered or we deem not to be asked in good faith will not be addressed.

Thank you for your continued support of Squad and Offworld Industries.

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Offworld out.