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Hello from Icare

posted on July 14, 2022

Hello Squad Community!

I’m OWI_Icare and, as you guessed it from the title, I will be taking over the role of Community Manager for Squad as OWI_Krispy’s replacement. OWI_Wedge will still be around working behind the scenes, but I’m taking over working with you day-to-day.

Squad is truly a unique game and I’m thrilled to be part of the adventure. There aren’t many games out there with such a large veteran community, and that really makes you work for your first kill! Squad is in a very strong place currently and the team has been regularly delivering updates. With your help we will continue to improve Squad together.

I started in the games industry a bit more than 13 years ago, and have worked in both Europe and North America at a variety of studios on a wide range of titles. I have been a community manager for a long time now and always enjoy getting to know the players in a community  and see it grow. Now don’t get me wrong, this job can present some interesting challenges to tackle, but the reward of seeing a game flourish through the collaboration of the developers and the players far outweighs any hardship. Above all, I want to continue the great communication and understanding that we have achieved in the past few months and make everyone’s voice heard. It is with this mentality that I am looking forward to making a positive impact on Squad’s journey. 

Aside from this in my free time I like long walks at sunset on the beaches of Black Coast, logi run in the desert of Fallujah, or pumping iron with the propane canisters of the Hell Cannon.

As they like to say here, at ease!

  • OWI_Icare

Offworld out.