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Introducing Squad Seeding

posted on May 16, 2022

Attention Squaddies,

This week we will be releasing the Squad v2.16 Update. While we’ll be sharing the full Release Notes tomorrow, today we wanted to give a preview of one of the main additions to the game coming in this update, Seeding Mode.

Seeding Mode was created to help servers get to a higher player count after starting up for the day by offering faster-paced gameplay on smaller map layers, with forward spawn points that help players get in the fight quicker. This allows servers to transition smoothly from the Seeding Phase to the standard Squad gameplay of Live Phase.

This means that it’ll be easier for players to find games, and for Server Owners and their admins to populate servers as they start up for the day. It also offers a new playing experience within Squad that varies from the full game.

The Seeding Mode features faster paced play, focused on one engagement point. Designed for smaller, quicker gameplay this new Mode will give players a unique gameplay experience while they wait for a server to fully populate.

Seeding Details

  • A longer initial match timer, 6 hours by default – this can be adjusted by Admins
  • There are no weaponized vehicles nor weaponized emplacements available on Seeding map layers

Match Start and Seeding Phase Rules

The Seeding Phase is automatically initialized at the start of a match on a Seed game mode map layer. Admins can adjust a number of settings relevant to the Seeding Phase to their liking.

This phase has a special set of rules and accommodations for a smaller number of players:

  • There is no Staging Phase active at match start for the Seed game mode
  • There are no kit restrictions active – this can be toggled by Admins
  • Ticket penalties and rewards for player / vehicle deaths, capture point gains / losses, and radio losses are disabled – this includes ticket bleed being disabled
  • Fighting is limited to the map layer’s central capture point by restriction zones which prevent movement to the “enemy’s side” of the map, while still allowing projectiles through
  • Both teams are provided with forward spawns and ammo crates on their side of the map, helping them get into the fight faster – on some layers, they will also receive forward logistic vehicle spawns to help them set up their own FOBs

Transition to Live Phase

When the player count reaches a preset threshold (configurable by Admins), a Countdown-to-Live timer (duration configurable by admins) will start and once it ends, the Live Phase of the match will start. Players should check with the community rules for the server they play on for more details on when the Seeding Mode will transition into the Live Phase.

During the Live Phase, all Seed Mode gameplay rules are reverted to normal gameplay rules:

  • Kit restriction rules are reinstated
  • Ticket penalties and rewards for player / vehicle deaths, capture point gains / losses, and radio losses are reinstated – ticket bleed for capture zone possession will also be possible again (dependent on map layer)
  • The restriction zones are lifted, allowing free map traversal and capturing of subsequent capture points in the lattice to both teams (normal main base protection zones will still be active)
  • All forward spawns and ammo crates will be removed (any vehicles still in the field will remain available)

After one team wins during the Live Phase, the match will end as usual, and the next map layer from the server’s map rotation is loaded.

Seeding Mode will be available in Squad with the release of v2.16 on May 18, 2022. Check back tomorrow for our Release Notes which will have the full list of additions, fixes, and new content coming to the game in v2.16.

At ease,

  • Offworld Industries

Offworld out.