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SQUAD PLAYTEST Sunday April 3rd

posted on March 31, 2022

Attention Squaddies, 

Offworld Industries will be holding a public playtest on Sunday, April 3rd at 18:00 UTC.  Players will be able to begin playing earlier than that, though the main focus of the playtest will be that period so we can get full servers of players to provide the best testing results possible.

This playtest will be a chance to give feedback on the upcoming v2.15 update, which includes the following features:

  • New Australian Faction
    • Light infantry focused
    • Bullpup primary
    • Unique Combat Engineer split
  • Deployable Quality of Life updates including new camouflage netting, biome adaptations, new Observation Tower, new Tire Fire, damage resistance adjustments, and HAB exit arrows for ghost placement
  • Added UI and adjusted Capture Rate Scaling
  • Various Bug fixes and gameplay adjustments

This is a chance to try out upcoming gameplay changes scheduled for Squad in v2.15.

This playtest will occur on the “Squad – Public Testing” application, so players will need to have the “Squad – Public Testing” application installed.

To get the best results and to be able to join the playtest, follow these guidelines

  • The “Squad – Public Testing” application will be available in your Steam Library ONLY if you own Squad. It can be found by searching for “Squad – Public Testing” within the Steam Library search bar.
  • Downloading the “Squad – Public Testing” application is equivalent to downloading another copy of Squad, so please ensure you allow yourself enough time to download it and enough HDD space to have it installed.
  • The build we will be using during the playtests are not currently available. This means if you install the “Squad – Public Testing” application now in preparation for the tests, there will be an additional download closer to the time of the tests. Please keep that in mind, and set your Steam Library to auto-update if possible.
  • Take your chance to leave an impression on v2.15 on our forums (LINK URL), and we’ll see you on the field. 

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our Server Owners who are helping to host this public playtest. The German Squad Community (EU), Squad International 2 (US), and ZSU (Australia) stepped up for this. They, along with a number of other great servers, volunteered for this and we are continually appreciative of our Server Owners’ dedication to Squad.

At ease,

    – Offworld Industries

Offworld out.