Community News


posted on March 23, 2022

Attention Squaddies,

Welcome to our latest edition of the server spotlight. This feature will highlight some of the community servers that we think you may want to check out, share information about them, and show what they are up to or where they excel.

Whether they are old or new, it’s always good to highlight the fantastic stuff our established server owners are doing every day.

[SH] SquadHub

We saw the opportunity to create a community that concentrates more on experienced players in the German speaking region that wanted to play squad like it was meant to be and without being distracted by new players trying to learn the game and focus and the key aspects of squad: Communicate. Coordinate. Conquer.

Squad is a military tactical shooter that requires communications and coordination like no other shooter out there. Especially on the 50 vs. 50 scale available at the moment with the ability to coordinate infantry and combined armour assets in real-time. Every new round is a new challenge for a community that keeps evolving with the game.

We provide a unique experience for the German speaking squad player base with a high concentration of squad clan players on the server that supports the higher level of gameplay we try to achieve. This level of gameplay can be much more challenging but is also much more rewarding if successful.

Licensing Manager’s Notes:

While playing on this server, I joined a squad with some of the admins of the server. They talked me through their server rules and how they manage their server alongside their community. So that I could enjoy their server, for a whole round they spoke English in the server so that I could understand. This community enjoys providing a more experienced server for German players. If you are looking for a more challenging style of gameplay and speak German I would highly recommend this server a visit.




I really wanted to create a place where I could bring everyone I played with across multiple servers and even other games. It started out as more of a side project and I never really expected it to take off in the way that it did. 

Squad is the only game I play where the teammates you are playing with can make or break the game, in a good way. Getting to know players and making sure that you are always in the same squad leads to more exciting gameplay and an overall better experience. That is hard to do in other games where rounds are 50v50.

Our community has seen so much “buy-in” in a relatively short amount of time. It has been, “Well I know this guy” and “this guy is cool” repeatedly every day. We have guys that only have 20 hours in the server but already feel like regulars. They will hop in and help seed almost daily and have proven to be good teammates as well. Those types of people have taken our discord to well over 200 people in a few weeks.

Licensing Manager’s Notes:

Tide fighters are new to the scene and were recently welcomed into the hosting community. They have a mix of players that have run servers and communities before as well as new players. They are very friendly and gave me a very warm welcome on their server. The experienced players from this community support others on the server to learn and adapt to the game. I highly recommend this server as it’s worth a visit.


Old Bones

Old Bones [OB] was created in 04/2018 with the intention of playing squad competitively. Our aim so has good quality games with proper teamwork, communication and a friendly environment.

The Unknown Soldiers of Finland -server is run by OB which is made out of Finnish players only. The mentality and idea behind the server are that everyone can have a place with high-quality games with high-quality admins. We want our server to be known for our good teamwork and good communication.

Old Bones is focusing on competitive game style, still trying not to take things too seriously. In our server, this can be seen with high-quality teamwork.

Licensing Manager’s Notes:

This community has been around for a long time and their cater not just for Finnish players but for English players too. They give a warm welcome to new players and help them learn the game in the server. I had so much fun playing on their server and they have offered to teach me Finnish. If you are looking for a more competitive type play I would highly recommend this server.

Offworld out.