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Squad Events Support Form

posted on March 22, 2022

Attention Squaddies!

At the end of 2021, it was one of our goals to continue leveling up our communication and support for our player base in 2022. As part of this goal, we surveyed the events community and took an inventory of their pain points. One that we saw occurring frequently is a desire for more support for community-run events. 

Based on this, we are very pleased to announce the new Community Events Support Request Form (LINK URL)!

Wheew, ok forms aren’t that exciting, but hey we like them. Now if you are an event organizer or Squad partner you can click on the form and submit a request for support in the form of game keys (in limited quantities as prizes or giveaways) or social media announcement posts. 

Submissions should be made at least a month in advance of your event date, or a month in advance of when you’d hope to see an announcement post. This gives us time to really dig into your request and see if we can provide the support requested based on our pre-existing schedule. The more time we have the better chance we have of being able to provide what you’re hoping for. 

OWI reserves the right to select what we post or promote based on whether or not the planning parties are in good standing, what our schedule is like, and any other concerns we should factor in.

But, we will do our best to fulfill requests as they come in but we won’t be able to fulfill every request. If we aren’t able to provide support for your event don’t let that discourage you from requesting support on your next one.

We wish you luck running your events in 2022 and hope all your events shine in our community!

At ease,

  • Offworld Industries

Offworld out.