Squad Update v2.12 Release Notes

posted on February 8, 2022

Greetings Squaddies,

Squad’s v2.12 Update has been in development for a considerable amount of time here at Offworld Industries and the entire development team is excited for you to get your hands on it and finally experience it in the live game! For more on the development and challenges we faced with this update see our pre-launch blog post (LINK URL). As was noted earlier today we have discovered an exploit in Squad and while we believe we have it fixed in v2.12 there is a small chance that it might slightly delay the update’s release. We will keep you informed if this happens.

An Overhaul of Squad’s Visuals

V2.12’s primary focus was on bringing improvements to Squad’s visuals, making for an all around better looking game, as well as adding new gameplay and tactical opportunities for our players based only on the higher quality visuals alone. We have completely reworked the game’s handling of dynamic shadows. Standard and Far Shadows have been replaced with more optimized Cascade Shadow Maps. We have managed to make the new system up to ten times more efficient than the old Far Shadows system. This work can have a significant effect on gameplay as Tallil shadows now render out to 1km at all graphics settings which ensures that Low settings no longer give a significant competitive advantage for spotting targets.

The update also brings an overhaul of how the game handles lighting. The development team focused on creating more physically accurate parameters for outdoor lighting, achieving brighter highlights, deeper shadows, greater contrast, and providing more accurate colour.

With improved shadows and lighting also comes updates to the Graphics Settings Menu. We have overhauled the graphics scalability settings for Shadows and Ambient Occlusion. Please note that the associated quality and performance tradeoffs have similarly changed. Players may want to try adjusting their Shadows and Ambient Occlusion Graphics settings for this update. We also added a “Shaders” Graphics Settings section which currently will primarily affect the complexity of the Landscape allowing lower-end hardware more performance options.

The final graphical update to pay particular attention to in v2.12 is that the team has worked to improve the visibility of muzzle flashes which will help make spotting enemies less difficult. We felt that this was necessary to offset the lighting and foliage changes, which can make spotting enemies more difficult. Our design intent is to allow for camouflage and cautious movement to be effective, but without excessively inhibiting other players’ situational awareness once a firefight begins.

Gameplay Improvements

Squad’s v2.12 update also brings a host of additions, improvements, and changes to the game’s gameplay experience. 

We have updated the capture speed to scale with the number of players. Capture speed will be shortened if one team has significantly more players in the point than the other team. Here the intention is to encourage more strategic options, especially during the early stages in a round and during “Double Neutral” scenarios.

Also updated is the “Buddy Boost” feature, with a focus on making it easier to use. Allowing a soldier to climb on top of another soldier to boost over a wall, we removed the force which previously prevented players from standing on each other’s heads. The system is limited to only one player being able to stand on another at a time, to prevent giant towers of players The Squad team’s focus here was to reward players who move and work together to overcome obstacles, encouraging and rewarding players who move in closer proximity and work as a squad rather than as individuals. 

Another gameplay change to note is that soldier stamina will no longer regenerate while vaulting and climbing, with stamina regeneration paused during these activities.

Map Overhauls

V2.12 also features extensive overhauls to some existing maps with Yehorivka and Gorodok getting significant updates including lighting updates and new geographic features.

The full Release Notes for v2.12 are below, and we encourage that you take the time to look for them, to get the full scope of what the Squad development team has been working on.

As always please provide your feedback after playing Squad’s v2.12 Update on our forums (Link URL). If you experience any issues with the latest update please contact our Support Team (Link URL).




Shadows Overhaul

  • Complete rework of Squad’s approach to dynamic shadows. Standard and Far Shadows have been replaced with more optimized Cascade Shadow Maps.
  • Updated Shadows now render out to 1km at all graphics settings. In addition to improving the visual fidelity at all settings, this also ensures that Low settings no longer give a significant competitive advantage for spotting targets.
    • The one exception is Fallujah, where shadow render distance has not been extended, pending more extensive map optimizations. 
  • Updated Terrain shadows to now render out to 8km.
  • Implemented infantry player and infantry weapon Capsule shadows as a performance optimization at low settings. 
  • Improved Distance Field Ambient Occlusion (DFAO) and enabled at all quality levels. This effect simulates the dimming of ambient light in enclosed spaces like buildings and forests. 
    • The effect has been significantly optimized at all quality levels, which has allowed us to force it on for visual consistency. 
    • The effect has been visually improved to eliminate most graphical artifacts and preserve visual detail in dark spaces.


Lighting Overhaul

  • Complete overhaul of the technical and artistic approach to lighting. 
  • Switched to more physically accurate parameters for outdoor lighting. This achieved brighter highlights, deeper shadows, greater contrast, and more accurate colour. Some layers will continue to receive tweaks and improvements in the future. 
  • Improved Ambient Lighting: Converted the Skylight to work with HDRI skyboxes, and removed the old Ambient Cubemaps. This gives the ambient lighting much better colour and contrast, which ensures that it fits the sky colour, and greatly improves the quality of the sky. 
    • While all layers benefit from lighting changes out of the box, transitioning to a new HDRI sky-spheres is a very time-consuming process. More map layers will be upgraded with the HDRI sky spheres gradually in future updates.
  • Added subtle Volumetric Fog to all maps, which reacts to light more realistically. 
  • Added Atmospheric Scattering to all maps, which improves ambient lighting and the shading of distant objects such as mountains. 
  • Removed most artificial colour-grading. We now achieve the desired look using lighting alone, which preserves detail. 
  • Removed Eye Adaptation from all layers to reduce exploits and allow for balanced gameplay in all areas.
  • Most night layers are now brighter in general.
  • Tunnels are now darker in general, to better represent these CQB areas. 
  • Relit all tunnels with artificial lights and atmospheric effects, especially on Mestia.
  • Created a new shading pipeline for all grass and foliage, ensuring a more consistent and physically-accurate response to light. Fixed hundreds of foliage visual issues.
  • Overhauled thousands of materials, textures, and 3D models to react to light in a more physically accurate way. 

Lighting and Asset Fixes

  • Optimized the sky textures, which previously could cause system hitching on older hardware.
  • Updated textures of most infantry weapons and HMG’s, to bring them in line with a more realistic metallic look.
  • Fixed ambient reflections failing to save properly, which resulted in some maps missing pre-rendered reflections. 
  • Adjusted most soldier clothing materials to be more consistent with each other and to respond to light in a more physically accurate way. 
  • Fixed thousands of legacy assets that exhibited visual artifacts in the new lighting and fog. 
  • Fixed incorrect shading on several landscapes.
  • Adjusted how Mesh Distance Fields work in the game engine, especially for subterranean spaces like tunnels. This addressed a number of visual bugs. 
  • Fixed Ambient Occlusion artifacts on thousands of buildings, environment objects, and foliage assets.
  • Fixed issue with shiny roads on several maps.

Updated Graphics Settings Menu

We noticed that there were still some untapped areas to improve performance, as well as provide better scalability options across the board – including for users on lower-end hardware – in our graphics menu options. This will continue to be iterated on following 2.12, as we look to improve optimization and offer better scalability options.

  • Added a Tessellation graphics toggle. This feature is currently enabled on the following maps: Anvil, Gorodok, Manic-5, Mestia, and Yehorivka, greatly increasing the close-up detail of the Landscape. Tessellation itself has also been significantly optimized. 
  • Added a Material Quality graphics setting. Currently, this primarily affects the complexity of the Landscape. This is intended to give low-end hardware more performance options. 
  • Added Dynamic Mesh Quality setting: Scales the quality of distant skeletal meshes, including soldiers, vehicles, and weapons. 
  • Added GPU Occlusion toggle: Enabling this feature may help improve performance by reducing occlusion query times. This may not provide a benefit on all computers. It can cause objects to pop-in after one frame, such as when rapidly turning a corner. 
  • Added Low Quality Environment toggle: Aggressively reduces maximum allowed quality of foliage and small rocks. This is intended for very old systems for which Low settings are still not sufficient. Note that this setting is currently not affected by graphics presets, so remember to turn it off if you decide to stop using it. 
  • Overhauled the graphics scalability settings for Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, and Textures. 
    • Please note that the quality/performance tradeoffs for Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, and Textures at any given setting have changed substantially.

You may want to raise or lower your graphics settings from what you used before this update.

  • Increased the update rate of particles at all quality levels. This has increased both the visual quality and performance cost of particles. At Cinematic quality, there is no longer any limit to particle update rate, allowing you to see our VFX the way they were always intended to be seen.
  • Improved the way texture resolution scales down at distance. At higher quality, textures remain at full resolution further into the distance. Low is now much lower, and High/Epic is much higher. 
  • Improved and optimized texture quality scaling. Textures do not become excessively blobby at lower settings. This also helps reduce the perceived smudgyness of anti-aliasing. 
  • Optimized foliage by reducing the maximum number of non-visible foliage triangles allowed to be drawn at once.
  • Anti Aliasing toggle: While turning off AA is not officially supported, the menu has been redesigned with a more clear on/off toggle. Please note that this tickbox is not affected by changing Graphics Presets and must therefore be toggled manually. 
  • Adjusted the layout and tooltips of the Graphics Settings menu to improve clarity and user experience.

Landscape and grass improvements

  • Updated a few maps with an initial implementation of a new landscape shader, which allows for greatly improved landscape detail. Updated landscapes are currently found on Manic-5, Mestia, Gorodok, Yehorivka, and Anvil. 
  • Updated a few maps to use new grass. The grass is thicker, has more variety, and includes realistic clustering of similar foliage types (such as patches of flowers). This updated grass is currently found on Gorodok, Yehorivka, and Mestia.
  • Fixed a variety of foliage textures to help with brightness, saturation and some normals to prevent glowing foliage, due to materials with excessive subsurface brightness.

Improved visibility of Muzzle Flashes

  • Improved the visibility of muzzle flashes.
  • Updated all muzzle flashes to be larger, brighter, and more consistent. 
  • Updated all muzzle flashes to now kick up much more dust after sustained firing. 
  • Updated the render distance of muzzle flashes, this was previously only 50m – now muzzle flashes render out to 1000m. 

System & Gameplay Updates


    • Added improved Client Performance Stats to better review game performance on machines with a more data-driven approach.
    • Updated point capture speed to scale by the number of players. 
      • Capture speed will be shortened if one team has significantly more players in the point, relative to the other team. Scaling starts when one team has an advantage of at least 4 players, which will provide a 1.1x speed multiplier. This increases to 1.2x with 5 and 1.3x with 6, up to a maximum of 1.5x. 
      • This allows a 120s AAS flag to be captured in as little as 80s. 
      • Initial Neutral flags have an additional 1.3x speed multiplier.
  • Updated the backend of FOB Radio deployment, to reduce the possibility of clipping/glitching the FOB Radio into buildings, to prevent glitchy/exploitive FOB Radio placements.
  • Updated Main Protection Zones projectile destruction logic to now always destroy projectiles, even if there is no owning player.

Infantry Changes

    • Updated the infantry “Buddy Boost” feature to be easier to use, which allows a soldier to climb on top of another soldier to boost over a wall. More details below: 
      • Removed the force which previously prevented infantry from standing on each other’s heads. 
    • Updated soldier stamina to no longer regenerate during vaulting and climbing. Soldier stamina regeneration will be paused until these actions complete. Stamina cost for these actions has also been increased.
    • Designers Note: The intention with this change is to incur a more noticeable effect on soldier stamina when navigating obstacles, to bring more nuance to stamina management and navigating terrain.
    • Updated soldier ragdolls with several quality of life improvements and to fix some long-standing issues:
      • Updated ragdoll collisions to create fewer spasms and to allow ragdolls to settle into place more easily/smoothly.
      • Updated ragdoll motors to create a more realistic death with the pose being maintained.
      • Updated ragdoll ankles to be stiffer, to create a more realistic death but also to prevent soldier feet from twisting up in weird unrealistic ways.
      • Fixed an issue with ragdoll momentum, where previously the ragdoll would not maintain its forward momentum, this momentum should now be maintained.
  • Designers Note: The fall damage changes which existed in the pre-release v2.12 playtests are not in this update. To prevent frustration, we have opted to ship the fall damage overhaul as part of a more complete package of soldier locomotion changes in the future. 


    • Updated 3D SL / FTL world markers placed through the T menu or by hotkeys to have a 1.2s cooldown. Cooldown does not affect markers placed through the map. Also refactored marker placement code.
      Designers Note: The intention with this change is to reduce marker spam and the overreliance on this system for fast spotting versus other forms of communication. 
    • Updated the Fireteam notifications to include more detailed info such as:
      • Clarity on what Fireteam you are now in.
      • Who your FTL is.
      • Mention the promotion if you are the new FTL.
      • Mention the demotion if you are no longer the FTL.
  • Updated Fireteam HUD notification icons to now match the colour associated with the relevant Fireteam (Note Fireteam colors are as follows: Fireteam A = Light Green, Fireteam B = Purple, Fireteam C = Cyan).
  • Updated HUD notifications to cap the maximum number of notifications to 4. The oldest notifications will be removed to make room for new ones.
    Note for modders: Added the option to bypass duplicate text checks on a per-notification basis.
  • Updated several map layers which were displaying vehicles bundled in groups in the vehicle card list info. Now many of these faction setup’s will be displayed on individual lines, except for when a team has many of several vehicle types: IE Invasion layers with many Minsk bikes or Logis.
  • Updated CAF weapon text description in the role loadout screen.
  • Adjusted all SL Rifles to now show “+ Tracer” on their HUD names.
  • Adjusted GB team’s ‘Squad Leader’ to now display as ‘Section Leader’ for GB SL 01, SL 02,  SL 03.


  • Added new explosive splash damage against infantry upon vehicle destruction. All vehicles will now deal damage to infantry who are within close proximity to a vehicle when it explodes (~10m or less). Minsk motorbikes will deal less damage to nearby infantry when they explode (~5m or less).
  • Updated vehicles with open/unprotected gunner positions so the gunner will now receive direct radial splash. This means, for example, that the gunner on the Simir will now take damage if a grenade lands close to the vehicle.
  • Updated the way armor meshes react to damage traces from explosions. Now they should block traces with the “visibility” channel. This should ensure that soldiers in open-top turrets could receive damage from explosions only when these explosions happen within line of sight.
  • Updated autocannon projectiles ( 23mm HE and 30mm HE) to no longer have a so-called “kill zone” radius – this radius differs from other damage radii by ignoring mesh collisions, thus causing these projectiles to penetrate armour and still damage soldiers inside vehicles. This change was done to account for the previously mentioned change to radial splash damage on vehicle gunner positions, as this “kill zone” radius would also damage gunner positions to that change. Note: A10 airstrikes with the GAU-8 autocannon are unchanged and still use a 50cm “kill zone” radius.
  • Updated open-top / RWS vehicle turrets (those mounted on a pivot) to no longer pass damage to the vehicle’s hull. This means it will not be possible to destroy these vehicles by hitting only their turret. The only vehicles which will still have damage from turret hits passed to their hull are those where the turret is an integral part of the hull (i.e. BTRs, MBTs)- the sole exception being the Spandrel, to prevent it becoming too arduous to deal with in engagements.
  • Updated CAF TAPV Armored Car’s woodland texture to better match the OD color tone of the rest of the CAF vehicles.
  • Updated CAF TAPV Armored Car’s woodland and desert texture with maple leaves for the syrup lovers.
  • Adjusted the deployable TOW and Kornet to now have a more precise collision on the tripod to match the visual mesh.
  • Updated the MEA MTLB 6MA APC & MEA BRDM2 to now have collision on the UB32 rocket pod.
  • Updated GB FV4034 MBT main gun ammunition stores, proportionally scaling it up to the IRL specs: 25x AP, 16x HESH, 6x Smoke = Total 47.
  • Adjusted all Technical SPG9 vehicle spawn times to now be 10min (some map layers previously had 5 or 6 minute spawn times).

Weapons Balancing

  • Adjusted the CAF C9A2 & MIL Minimi Classic rearm costs to 30 ammo points per boxmag, instead of 25. These are the 200 round box mags.
  • Adjusted the INS RPD ammo cost per boxmag to 15 ammo points, instead of 11. These are 100 round box mags.
  • Updated the USA/GB/CAF M136 AT4 & CAF Carl G HEAT damage value. Reduced the damage from 1248 down to 960 to be in line with other LAT weapons. Advantages retained with the M136 AT4 are its higher muzzle velocity and higher penetration value (420mm vs 320mm on M72A7).
  • Adjusted rearm cost for USA M136AT4 & CAF Carl G HEAT from 50 down to 35 ammo points.
  • Adjusted USA LAT 01 (M4 with Aimpoint and the M136 AT4) kit role to now have 2 frag grenades, similar to other LAT kit roles that have non-magnified scopes.
  • Adjusted GB FV107’s HAT damage modifier. HAT weapons will now do reduced damage to this vehicle, allowing a full hp FV107 to withstand 1 handheld HAT shot, bringing it down to 10% HP (start of burning damage).
  • Adjusted MEA SL 01 pistol to have 2+1 mags, instead of 1+1 mags.


  • Added a new visual aesthetic effect for helicopters – the rotor wash of helicopter blades should now interact with the environment. Smoke, grass, bushes and other foliage will now be blown around when a helicopter hovers low to the ground during flyby’s / landings.
  • Updated the Anti-Tank rocket backblast visual effects to be longer lasting. These new effects should be more visible at distances and will linger with the wind for ~12 seconds. Also added more opacity at further LOD’s.


  • Updated Character footstep SFX with new unique sounds for moving over various surfaces: rock, loose rock, gritty concrete, forest, gravel, dirt.
  • Updated the LandMine / IED explosions / Demo Charges to include new debris sounds for heavy and light vehicles and also modified the close-up explosion sound.
  • Updated the MEA G3 Rifle series firing sounds. Reduced the “hollow tube” effect.
  • Updated the RUS/INS/MIL BRDM Spandrel to use a new firing sound.
  • Updated all Infantry Rifles and Machine Gun SFX to include new mechanical shaking/jostling sounds to soldiers when sprinting (both first- and third-person).
  • Adjusted the volume of the tire sliding sound for all wheeled vehicles to reduce annoying skidding audio.
  • Updated binoculars with new zoom in/ zoom out sounds.
  • Adjusted the volume for the vehicle “engine disabled” explosion sound, which should now be decreased in volume/intensity.


  • Updated USA M17 MHS Pistol texture to now be fully painted tan, including a tan slide and tan magazine plate.
  • Updated CAF arid uniforms textures to look more authentic.
  • Refactored Protection Zone logic for applying/removing buffs, to ensure that all vehicles (including neutral ones) will have proper buffs applied on client.
  • Adjusted the CAF C9A2 LMG front sight to a more accurate model.

General Bug Fixes

  • Note: All three of the following critical issues are linked to a common root problem within Unreal Engine 4 regarding exported NetGUIDs and Seamless Travel. This fix will force the server to re-acknowledge the data, which means there will be increased bandwidth usage after a seamless travel (map change). This has been a difficult fix for us to track down, so far with the fix in place we have yet to reproduce this bug. However, if you experience any of these 3 bugs still in v2.12, please report on the Discord/Forums. 
    • Potential Fix for the critical issue of players occasionally not seeing Logistic Vehicle’s construction supplies (“Logi Bug”).
    • Potential Fix for the critical issue of players occasionally suddenly getting sent to the spawn menu screen when entering certain vehicle passenger seats (“Passenger Seat Bug”).
    • Potential Fix for the critical issue of vehicles occasionally missing their turrets at the round start. When a player attempts to enter the vehicle’s turret seat, it will cause a game-breaking state (“Missing Turrets Bug”).
  • Fixed the long standing “FOB Double teleport bug”. This was a semi-rare issue where a two-step teleport sometimes occurred, seemingly out of nowhere. This usually resulted in putting a soldier up in the air, followed by a fall to their death. This is linked to the moment a FOB starts getting de-shoveled / HAB deactivated. This is a long-time legacy bug that has been difficult to reproduce reliably. The fix attempt involved removing some problematic systems that attempted to move a player before they became trapped within a deployable, which is suspected to be the cause of this issue. If you encounter this issue after this fix, we appreciate all player reports through discord, forums, etc. We have not been able to reproduce this issue since the fix was implemented.
  • Potential Fix for a client crash related to audio and gun sounds. This crash is currently not reproducible.
  • Fixed a client crash related to attempting to apply suppression effects due to an invalid projectile type, likely crashing most if not all clients on the server. It should no longer crash, but we will be monitoring client logs.
  • Potential Fix for a client crash related to network messages when joining a squad.
  • Fixed an issue with large jitters happening in the Vehicle Commander Seats of IFVs and Tanks. This occurred when the stabilizer was enabled and the gunner would move the turret while the vehicle commander would move their periscope/HMG.
  • Fixed the issue with modded custom factions causing an infinite loading screen. This should hopefully remove an annoying issue that some users have with our in-game mod browser.
  • Fixed an issue where excessive landscape DFAO was applied to meshes intersecting the landscape, which manifested as a harsh line in the distance.
  • Fixed a potentially exploitable issue with server fire projectile IDs.
  • Fixed a potentially exploitable issue with server vehicle hits to ragdoll soldiers.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue where in some circumstances, projectiles were dealing double damage to vehicles. This was a legacy issue that has been tough to isolate. This issue occurred when a projectile damage trace would hit both the vehicle turret and hull, applying damage to both of them, and when the turret was set to transfer received damage to the hull, it resulted in dealing double damage to the hull, which was not intended. GB FV510 IFV was particularly susceptible to this issue. The root cause of this issue was addressed by a change to the way penetration is handled. 
  • Fixed an issue with projectiles like hand grenades not showing VFX or audio (debris sounds).
  • Fixed an issue with different projectiles having non-muffled vehicle impact sounds while inside the vehicle. It should be much easier to tell when getting hit by projectiles now when inside a vehicle. Also adjusted the volume of 50cal hit sounds against a Minsk.
  • Fixed an issue for outside metal hit SFX on vehicles being too loud and sounded too far out from projectiles.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with single-use vehicle spawns not working as intended in certain circumstances and spawning vehicles when they should not.
  • Fixed an issue with back blast VFX, where the bounding boxes were making these effects flicker off at certain angles.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple vehicles’ turret armor meshes, which were not synchronized with the actual gun and shield movement.
  • Fixed a potential exploit with the vehicle repair tool that allowed for infinite vehicle repairs.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with vehicle spawns not respecting spawner allocation rules after their first spawn and then stealing spawners from other vehicles. This was related to the v2.0 layer overhaul vehicle spawners vehicle type authorizations. If you encounter any map layers with this issue after this fix, we appreciate detailed player reports thru discord, forums, etc.
  • Fixed an issue with vehicles sometimes floating when they first spawn.
  • Fixed an issue on several Invasion/Insurgency map layers where the Defenders would have the wrong intro text & staging phase text.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the ACOG Scope stadia line widths not corresponding to the soldier’s shoulder widths at range. This affects the following scopes: USA M150 ACOG Rifle Scope, GB L129A1 6x Rifle Scope, GB/USA/CAF M2 Browning HMG Scope. Also adjusted the reticles to be more readable with higher Anti Aliasing settings.
  • Fixed a gameplay issue with the MIL T62 MBT turret component, which had 500 less hp than intended. Increased the turret health to match the INS T62.
  • Fixed an issue with Kornet Emplacement, which was not taking HAT damage properly.
  • Fixed an issue with RUS Tigr and GB LPPV where the open turret hatches were transmitting damage to the vehicle hull, this will no longer happen.
  • Fixed a minor issue where ticket values would sometimes appear in the negative at the end of a round.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue with inconsistent vehicle icons between the vehicle card menu and the map icon for the following vehicles: Simir MG3, Simir Kord, Modern Technical UB32, MEA BRDM2 UB32.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the INS Hab lacking bullet collision on the backfaces.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the MEA BRDM2’s hubcaps using the wrong colour.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the MEA BRDM2/MTLB UB32 rocket pod turret using the incorrect texture.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with the UV normals on the MEA MTLB APC not looking correct.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the GB helmet scrim appearing too dark at longer ranges.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue for helmets with the CAF Pilot’s helmet LOD being offset from the character, resulting in a floating helmet.
  • Fixed a minor audio issue where the INS faction was missing the Commander and Adjutant voiceover lines.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the name of the MIL Logistics Technical from “Transport Pickup Truck” to “Logi Pickup Truck”.
  • Fixed a minor issue with CAF SL Pilot & CAF SL Crewman not having tracers for their rifles.
  • Fixed a minor error in text with CAF Grenadier C7 using C8’s item description.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the GB FV107 Reconnaissance vehicle using an inconsistent icon on the map screen versus the vehicle info card menu. Both locations will now use the IFV icon.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue with the INS/MIL Modern Transport Pickup Truck being called “Technical”.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue with a typo for the kit limit warning for Auto Rifleman, it should read “unlocked” and not “unclocked”.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue with the MIL MTLBM 6MB vehicle info card entry, the icon was inconsistent with the map icon (it was using APC rather than IFV).
  • Fixed a minor issue with team tickets going into negative value space under certain conditions on the match end scoreboard.
  • Fixed an exploit where players were able to manipulate their speed during games to gain an unfair advantage.

Map Updates & Bug Fixes

Restriction zones

  • For certain Seeding layers (mentioned below) we added Restriction zones which are outside Main Base Protection zones. Restriction zones don’t block projectiles, but will kill enemy players in 8 seconds, similar to the outer map bounds. All infantry inside the restriction zone can take damage from projectiles and anything else that causes damage. 

This is intended to restrict the fighting on seed layers to the central capture points and mitigate main base camping, while still allowing players to damage the enemies that they can see. In the future, restriction zone functionality may be extended to some of our larger maps as well.

Seeding game mode

    • The Seeding game mode is a work-in-progress game mode to help server staff get enough active players to jumpstart their server’s play for the day. It is intended to be a more action-oriented type of gameplay focused on infantry fighting with less downtime and a focus on a smaller fighting area. Please don’t hesitate to offer your feedback on this game mode (including the ones with experimental features)!
  • Updated “Seed” Map layers to now show the game mode in the server browser, as well as adding the game mode’s description to the team select menu.
  • Sumari Seed v1 has been updated, and we have added 5 new additional seeding layers to help server staff seed their servers in a more hands-off manner:
    • Al Basrah Seed v1
    • Fallujah Seed v1
    • Tallil Seed v1
    • Tallil Seed v2
    • Logar Seed v1
    • Sumari Seed v1
  • Special modifications to seeding layers include:
    • Match time increased to 4 hours
    • Round start delay decreased to 30 seconds
    • No staging phase
    • No team change cooldown timer
    • Vehicle claiming disabled
    • Capturing an enemy-held flag requires having at least 2 more soldiers on the flag than the enemy (instead of 3)
    • No ticket gain from capturing flags (normally +60). Ticket loss from losing the flag is still the same (-10 tickets).
  • Some of the new Seed layers have experimental features added to try out various scenarios to see how they play out
  • Tallil Seed v1 is focused on light vehicle combat, the rest of the seeding layers don’t have offensive vehicles
  • On Tallil Seed v1, Logar Seed v1, and Sumari Seed v1 the Mercy Bleed rate for losing your last flag has been increased to -300 tickets per second (essentially instantly ending the round)
  • Al Basrah Seed v1, Fallujah Seed v1, and Tallil Seed v2 have Restriction zones limiting the fighting to middle flag(s) 
    • At the moment, these restriction zones stay in place until the end of the round 
    • We intend to add a “staging phase” functionality in the future, which will automatically remove restriction zones once a critical player number has been reached and staging phase ends.
  • Al Basrah Seed v1 features:
    • 1 center flag in the middle of the map
    • Restriction zones are in place that prevent enemies from coming close to forward spawns
    • No kit limitations
    • Weaponized emplacements are removed from the build menu
    • No ticket bleed
  • Fallujah Seed v1 features:
    • 1 center flag in the middle of the map
    • Restriction zones are in place that prevent enemies from coming close to forward spawns
    • No kit limitations
    • Capturing the center flag does not cause any ticket loss or ticket bleed. 
  • Tallil Seed v2 features:
    • 2 flags in the middle of the map
    • Restriction zones are in place that prevent enemies from coming close to forward spawns

Map Updates

  • Yehorivka Overhaul
    • Added a new landscape shader and new landscape textures
    • Added various mini POI’s across the map to fill in areas that were a bit barren.
    • Added a brand new POI: “Alekseivskiy Posad”, located between Mogiliovo and Kropy.
    • Added various types of additional cover to various central locations.
    • Added all-new lighting.
    • Added new road texture.
    • Added 4 new Yehorivka RAAS layers with re-configured CP routes, for improved variability and less predictability. These layers use a regular RAAS flag lattice instead of the RAAS Lanes flag lattice, which should be far less predictable / more variable. 
      • New layers: Yehorivka RAAS v6 (USA vs RU), Yehorivka RAAS v7 (GB vs RU), CAF Yehorivka RAAS v3  (CAF vs RU), CAF Yehorivka RAAS v4  (CAF vs RU)
    • Updated minimap with the intent to make height more readable, minimap now also features trees.
    • Updated grass to be thicker.
    • Updated Lower Mogiliovo POI.
    • Updated Yehorivka to use a new road material.
    • Increased undergrowth in forested areas.
    • Improved the micro terrain across the entire landscape.
    • Expanded the road network northwest of Mogiliovo POI.
    • Expanded the road network around Kropy and Zolata POIs.
    • Expanded Novo Ridgeline POI.
    • Adjusted all Yehorivka map layers’ helicopter altitude threshold to be decreased from 600m to 400m. This is intended to help mitigate visual anomalies from high altitudes, as well as reduce abuse of excessive helicopter spotting by exploiting LODs/landscape render issues at high altitudes.
    • Adjusted river grass and cattail foliage to better match the rest of the autumn look.
    • Fixed a stone wall clipping into a corrugated metal fence around a western edge homestead.
    • Fixed vehicle spawner issue on several Yehorivka layers that would cause the incorrect vehicle to spawn at a given location.
    • Fixed an issue with a compound building’s floor and ceiling incorrectly displaying metal sheeting material at grid O5-5-1.
    • Fixed an issue with some fences culling at too short-range at grid H10-3-5.
    • Fixed a minor issue on Yehorivka Skirmish v2 where a RUS Ammocrate was spawning on top of a shed at RUS Main.
    • Fixed a minor issue with a floating rock at grid D13-8-9.
    • Fixed some floating grass at grid F5-5-8.


  • Gorodok Overhaul
    • Added new landscape shader & landscape textures. This new revised landscape should appear more natural, with a minor increase in micro terrain.
    • Added a road connection between Niva Upper and Train Bridge.
    • Added a small amount of new mini POIs throughout the map.
    • Added a new road connection between the Bunker and Train Bridge OP.
    • Added new road texture.
    • Added various flooded fields.
    • Added 2 new Gorodok RAAS layers with re-configured CP routes for improved variability and less predictable routes: Gorodok RAAS v6 (USA vs RU), CAF Gorodok RAAS v3 (CAF vs USA).
    • Updated grass to be thicker.
    • Updated minimap with intent to make height more readable, also now features trees.
    • Increased undergrowth in forested areas.
    • Updated POI’s: Hilltop Bunk Ruins, Train Bridge, Gas Station, Soloninki Ruins, River Fortification. 
    • Updated landscape to be rockier across the entire landscape.
    • Updated the minimap with intent to make height more readable, minimap also now features trees.
    • Adjusted all Gorodok map layer’s helicopter altitude threshold to be decreased from 400m to 300m. This is intended to help mitigate visual anomalies from high altitudes, as well as reduce abuse of excessive helicopter spotting by exploiting LODs/landscape render issues at high altitudes.
    • Fixed an issue on Gorodok RAAS v1, the minimap was not showing the map layer’s version number.
    • Fixed an issue with various buildings and foliage culling too quickly.
    • Fixed an issue with various foliage clipping through buildings.
    • Fixed a minor issue with a small divot in the ground under a shed at grid D3-3-6, which looks like infantry should be able to crawl through, but actually cannot. 
    • Fixed an issue with foliage popup at close distance.
    • Fixed an issue with a tarp asset that can cause headspace issues at grid D3-3-6.
    • Fixed a floating concrete platform at Shipping Yard grid G3-7-5.
    • Fixed an issue with terrain clipping into a building at grid D3-3-6.
    • Fixed an issue with a shed that players can enter but cannot exit at grid D4-8-8.
    • Fixed an issue with floating rocks and grass at the entrances to Tunnel POI.
    • Fixed an issue with road/railroad culling distances being very low.
    • Fixed an issue with a tree growing in train tracks at grid G9-4-8.
    •  Fixed an issue with a floating Road grid J10-2-1.


  •  Anvil Fixes/Adjustments:
    • Updated Anvil loading screen music to use its own unique theme.
    • Updated the map camera location on all Anvil gameplay map layers, it’s been raised up by 50m to avoid any exploitation of its location in finding enemy Radio/RP/footsteps while on deploy menu.
    • Updated lighting layers to now use HDR skies.
    • Adjusted Anvil AAS v1 starting tickets to 300/300 (was 350/350).
    • Adjusted all Anvil map layers’ helicopter altitude threshold to 300m (was 400m) to avoid abuse of excessive helicopter spotting.
    • Adjusted and replaced some ambient sounds.
    • Adjusted the grass materials to better match the landscape.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue on Anvil RAAS v1 and RAAS v2, the MEA Main Base was missing ammo crates.
    • Fixed an issue with untextured rubble walls at multiple locations.
    • Fixed an issue at the NW Main with an unintended burning fire sound in the area.
    • Fixed clipping issues/exploits with rocks at grid C4-1-3, G6-8-7.
    • Fixed floating foliage at various locations.
    • Fixed floating rocks at grid G6-8-8, F8-8-9.
    • Fixed a section of a wall having broken LODs making the wall appear damaged at grid F6-4-7.
    • Fixed a minor issue with flowers clipping through stone walls at grid F6-5-4.
    • Fixed multiple piles of incorrectly textured boulders.
    • Fixed an issue with open holes in rock meshes at the waterfall grid H3-9-4.
    • Fixed an issue with a stone fence that players can enter and see through at grid F6-4-7.
    • Fixed an issue with a wall sticking through a building at grid C4-2-4.
    • Fixed an issue with see thru Rocks at grids C4-1-3 & G6-8-7.
    • Fixed an issue with cliffs having a collision that is far off the actual terrain at grid G6-8-8.
    • Fixed an issue with an archway that was too low to walk under at grid H6-4-9.


  • Al Basrah Updates/Fixes:
    • Added a new map layer: Al Basrah Seed v1 (GB vs MEA) – new map layer for server seeding, which includes a single capture point in the Crossroads with restriction zones and forward spawns. 
    • Updated Al Basrah map loading screen.
    • Adjusted Al Basrah Skirmish v1 protection zone so MEA can build a FOB near the Mosque. MEA Protection zone’s no-deploy zone was reduced from 150m to 80m.
    • Adjusted the building in grid F8-4-9 to now have an open access point.
    • Adjusted the fountains to now have a deployable blocker to prevent exploitable radio placements.
    • Adjusted Al Basrah POI “Druglord” to now be named more accurately: “Warlord’s Compound”.
    • Fixed various floating trash debris.


  • Chora Fixes: 
  • Fixed a few locations where archways/ doorways were too low / terrain too high at grid G8-7-2.
      • Fixed a large Geo hole where a pipe should be located at grid K4-4-7.
  • Fixed a wall segment having a missing face at grid I7-8-9.
    • Fixed a minor issue with wall pieces protruding where they shouldn’t, at grid H7-3-9.
    • Fixed a minor issue with dirty toilet water seeping through the wall.
    • Fixed a minor issue with the camo netting frame extending through the floor, at grid G8-5-7.


  • Fallujah Fixes: 
    • Added a new map layer: Fallujah Seed v1 (USA vs MEA) – New map layer for server seeding, which includes a single capture point in the Market with restriction zones.
    • Fixed a minor gameplay issue with a blocking volume for the sewer that was slightly blocking the street above.
    • Fixed the collision on the Green Bridge so that landmines are still slightly visible even when dug down.
    • Fixed an exploitable player collision on the Middle Eastern Urban Residential house ME_UrbRes_Bld_Med_04.
    • Fixed a minor issue with a shipping container that was blocking a doorway in grid G5-3-1.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with a garage door using plaster material instead of metal material on a garage west of the Blue Mosque POI
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with some small visual holes in the mesh of the Middle East Urban Center static building.


  • Goose Bay Fixes: 
    • Adjusted the Goose Bay map camera location.
    • Removed the sparkling from the snow.
    • Fixed an issue with the entire inlet north of grid C11-2-8 not having water footstep SFX.
    • Fixed an issue with a static shovel floating at grid D7-8-5.
    • Fixed floating shovel and no water sfx sound on inlet
    • Fixed an issue on Goose Bay AAS v1 with tilted helipads at the RUS main. 
    • Fixed an issue on Goose Bay with a hole in the rock face that could be shot through at Fishing Village grid D9-1-1.


  • Jensen’s Range Fixes:
    • Updated the vehicle tents on all Jensens Range layers to now use new neutral protection zones to destroy projectiles.
    • Fixed the RUS MTLB VMK not spawning on Jensen’s Range v2.


  • Kamdesh Fixes 
    • Fixed an issue with decorative stones causing issues with players crawling into the collisionless mesh by reducing the overall scale/size of these objects.


  • Kohat Updates / Fixes: 
    • Added 3 new Kohat RAAS layers with re-configured CP routes for improved variability and less predictable routes: Kohat RAAS v5 (USA vs RU), Kohat RAAS v6 (GB vs RU), Kohat RAAS v7 (RU vs MEA).
    • Adjusted the USA Protection Zone on Kohat RAAS v2 so it no longer extends so far east of the USA main.
    • Fixed an issue with decorative stones causing issues with players crawling into the collisionless mesh by reducing the overall scale/size of these objects. 
    • Fixed vehicle spawner issue on Kohat RAAS v4 – GB LPPV and FV107 will now spawn at the start of the round.
    • Fixed an issue with the Kohat Poppy fields flickering in a white/black color.


  • Kokan Updates:
    • Updated the water material to better match the new lighting.


  • Lashkar Fixes 
    • Fixed exploitable cliffs near Russian Outpost POI.
    • Fixed an issue where unintended high altitude wind SFX was playing across nearly the entire map.
    • Fixed a hole inside a house.
    • Fixed some areas where foliage bushes was clipping into houses.
    • Fixed some road intersections that were not blending correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with Lashkar Valley Insurgency v1, USA Helicopters were unable to resupply from their helipads.
    • Fixed an issue with Lashkar Insurgency v1 and CAF Lashkar Invasion v1 where the defenders were able to shoot their weapons during the staging phase.


  • Logar Updates / Fixes:
    • Added a new map layer: Logar Seed v1 – created a new map layer for server seeding.
    • Fixed an issue on Logar AAS v1 & Logar Skirmish v1, the minimap was not showing the map layer’s version number.
    • Fixed an issue on Logar Valley with a collision on a ruined mud wall that was blocking a doorway at grid C3-5-3. The collision should now better match the visual mesh.
    • Fixed a minor issue on Logar Valley Insurgency v1 where the RUS Main Repair Station is crooked.


  • Manic-5 Updates/Fixes:
    • Updated the Manic-5 landscape, replacing the older landscape terrain shader with a new and improved shader which should offer a higher quality look.
    • Fixed vehicle spawner issues on Manic-5 layers that would cause the incorrect vehicle to spawn at a given location.
    • Fixed an issue with CAF Manic-5 TC v1, which was incorrectly named TC v2.


  • Mestia Updates/Fixes:
    • Updated the landscape terrain shader to a new and improved version. Rocks and grass should blend much better.
    • Updated map to use new grass & adjusted the scale of the grass.
    • Updated Mestia AAS v2 – this map layer now has an experimental “darker than normal” lighting/shadows. This map layer also has experimental camo netting attached to the static defenses at the Bridge Outpost CP. This camo netting is semi-transparent from one side, allowing the soldier manning the defenses to be much more concealed while still having good sightlines from inside the defensive position. This experimental camo netting may eventually get added to many of the deployable fortifications/emplacements, in an effort to increase the survivability of soldiers using these assets, as we want to see an increase in their use and more practicality of deploying these assets.
    • Updated Mestia Invasion v1 to now use Mid Day Lighting.
    • Updated Mestia Skirmish v1 to now use Overcast Lighting.
    • Updated Fortification POI by removing a Ural truck inside a barn to allow for potential HAB placement.
    • Adjusted grass heights to create less excessively high grass.
    • Fixed a collision clipping issue with the rusty railing material and decal.
    • Fixed the issues with the backdrop mountain’s texture.
    • Fixed an issue with small ground clutter/rocks having too short of a culling range.
    • Fixed an issue with a rock having collision problems at grid F4-7-4.
    • Fixed an issue with columns having z-fighting issues on the rooftop of the Warehouse.
    • Fixed an issue with the waterfall missing its VFX.
    • Fixed a minor issue with floating grass in the Tunnel.


  • Mutaha Updates/Fixes: 
    • Added more detailing to several POI’s.
    • Updated Mutaha RAAS v1 to include new CP’s and new routes. This map layer also uses an updated regular RAAS flag lattice instead of the RAAS Lanes for improved variability and less predictability.
    • Adjusted several CPs capture areas to better match the POI layouts.
    • Adjusted all Mutaha map layer’s helicopter altitude threshold to be decreased from 400m to 300m. This is intended to help mitigate visual anomalies from high altitudes, as well as reduce abuse of excessive helicopter spotting by exploiting LODs/landscape render issues at high altitudes.
    • Adjusted Mutaha TC v2 MEA vehicle layout, replacing the Simir Kornet with a BRDM2 + S8.
    • Fixed several missing posts on walls.
    • Fixed several buildings that were causing players to jump on because they were placed too high to walk up onto.
    • Fixed a minor audio issue with the ambient sounds on Mutaha cutting out when around the main bases/edges of the map.
    • Fixed an exploitable non-enterable room to prevent radio placement.
    • Fixed a few floating road splines.


  • Narva Updates/Fixes:
    • Added 2 new Narva RAAS layers with re-configured CP routes for improved variability and less predictable routes: Narva RAAS v2 (USA vs RUS), CAF Narva RAAS v2 (CAF vs RUS)
    • Adjusted the corn and wheat fields to remove the short grass.
    • Adjusted vehicle out on Narva Invasion v2: GB FV107 now respawns, RUS 1x BTR82A is now single-use, other BTR82A now has 10min initial spawn time. Adjusted CP’s: Moved Oru Village from Cluster 2 to Cluster 1, added Kanda Court to Cluster 2. Design Intention: Give GB team better odds to and take and hold the first objective.
    • Fixed an issue with the corn crops so that their LOD transition is not as obvious.
    • Fixed a material LOD issue on the large garage at USA Main and the village houses.
    • Fixed an issue with the Castle POI walls culling too soon.
    • Fixed an issue with tall buildings culling inapporpriately.
    • Fixed an issue with corn crops having dark leaves and dark artifacts in different LODs.
    • Fixed an issue at the Old Hospital POI with wall alignment.
    • Fixed a potential FOB deployment exploit on the 2nd floor inside the Warehouse.
    • Fixed a vehicle spawner issue on Narva AAS v2, where at RUS Main a BRDM2/BTR82A spawns incorrectly, interacting with the Staging Phase bounding box. 
    • Fixed an issue on Narva Destruction v1, which incorrectly had USA weapon caches instead of the correct RUS weapon caches.


  • Skorpo Adjustments/Fixes:
    • Adjusted Skorpo Invasion v3 MIL secondary main protection zones, reducing the size of the zones & adjusting MIL vehicle layout.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue on Skorpo TC v1 and TC v2 where the minimap did not display the gameplay border.
    • Fixed vehicle spawners on Skorpo Invasion v1 and added 2 Minsk bikes that respawn at Main for MIL.
    • Fixed a player collision issue on the two warehouse wall pieces due to incorrect orientation resulting in incorrect scaling.
    • Updated brick tower at grid O13-4-6, interior ladders have been removed.
    • Fixed an issue with decorative river rock collisions which could be entered/exploited, river rocks with no player collision have been reduced in size to prevent exploitation.
    • Fixed a z-fighting column at the warehouse.
    • Fixed a sidewalk using an incorrect material.
    • Fixed an issue with conflicting ambient tree SFX cutting out around grid E9-6-6.
    • Fixed other minor bugs.


  • Sumari Adjustments:
    • Adjusted Sumari AAS v2 vehicle layout to not include APCs.
    • Adjusted Sumari Seed v1 map layer – increased tickets to 300/300 (was 100/100), increased round timer to 4 hours (was 2 hours), decreased startup timer to 30sec (was 60sec), increased forward spawn expiration to 15min (was 10min), removed ticket gain from capturing a flag (was +20 tickets), increased the mercy bleed rate.


  • Tallil Outskirts Adjustments:
    • Added a new map layer: Tallil Seed v1 (CAF vs RUS), this map layer is intended for server “seeding” -populating a server from 1 player to full. The layer is focused on light vehicle combat, each team has access to up to 20 light vehicles (CAF TAPV and RUS Tigr).
    • Added a new map layer: Tallil Seed v2 (CAF vs RUS) – a variant of Tallil Seed v1 with only two middle flags, that does not have any offensive vehicles, and also includes restriction zones.
    • Adjusted the protection zones on Tallil Skirmish v1 and v2 to be larger, to help mitigate issues with Main spawn camping.
    • Adjusted the faction vehicle layout on Tallil RAAS v1. MEA now has 2x Ural Logi instead of Simir Logi. USA now has 2x M939.
    • Adjusted Tallil Invasion v3 INS vehicle layout & removed INS secondary main base.
    • Adjusted all Tallil map layers’ helicopter altitude threshold to be decreased from 400m to 300m. This is intended to help mitigate visual anomalies from high altitudes, as well as reduce abuse of excessive helicopter spotting by exploiting LODs/landscape render issues at high altitudes.
    • Fixed an issue with z-fighting decals on hangars.
    • Fixed an issue with a bad texture assignment on certain brick walls.
    • Fixed a minor typo on Tallil RAAS v1 & Tallil Tanks v1, where the display name (in the server browser) had a double space.
    • Fixed a minor issue with a floating ammo crate at US main on Tallil Invasion v3.
    • Updated the grass wind effect, replacing the old wind function with an updated version, which should emulate wind gusts and overall foliage weight much better.
    • Adjusted many Invasion map layers to add an initial 5-minute delay for the Defending Team’s Technical SPG9. The intention is to give the Defenders a larger range of choices that they must make in the opening moments of an invasion battle, which includes a deeper risk/reward assessment. This is also intended to increase chances of Attacker success on first Capture Points. These vehicles are equipped with a very fast velocity and flat trajectory weapon, and when combined with their high mobility, they can be used to devastating effect at long ranges. Their weakness is the lack of armor and the exposure of the driver/gunner to all forms of attack. With this adjustment, the intention is to put more emphasis on the SPG9 vehicle crew to maneuver more carefully in an active combat zone, instead of previously being able to arrive at ideal ambush positions, over-watching the first objective before the enemy had a chance to maneuver. We hope that this increases the teamwork necessary to use these vehicles effectively, especially during the beginning stages of an Invasion round.
    • Adjusted the North American biome street signs and cones to ignore collision with vehicles, to be consistent with all other biome’s small street signs.
    • Fixed several issues with the industrial_office1_plain (a building used on multiple maps) structure.
    • Fixed various foliage issues across multiple maps:
      • Fixed Oak Cluster from having inconsistent LODs on too many vertices.
      • Fixed some minor visual issues with the Scots Pine bush LODs and normals.
      • Fixed LODs before imposter on Beech/Oak trees.
      • Fixed mesh and DF issues on the Tamarix tree and adjusted the Tamarix bark being extremely dark.
      • Fixed the Scots Pine tree texture so it is less bright.
    • Fixed vehicle spawner issues on Lashkar layers that would cause the incorrect vehicle to spawn at a given location.
    • Fixed an issue on Jensen’s Range v2 with a Minsk spawning for the RUS team.
    • Fixed a gameplay issue related to static map object UAZ van, the bullet collision was not working as intended.
    • Fixed specular on the imposter LODs for some trees, including the palms on Al Basrah.
    • Fixed smoothing groups, fixed dark baked in shadows in windows & 
    • optimized the LOD’s on the Coal Tipple Building.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with the texture on an Afghan rock wall endcap looking washed out, which was missing albedo.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with a middle eastern clothesline static having visible LOD popping.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with a concrete doorway trench arch static which had an incorrect setup for LOD1 normal maps.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with a corner brick wall asset having a bad UV material.


Server Admin Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Numerous fixes to improve Server performance, and the experience of running a Server for our Server Owner partners. These fixes have all been communicated to Server Owners on the Offworld Industries Hosting Discord server.


SDK Updates & Bug Fixes

  • V2.11 mods will not work with v2.12 and could potentially crash Squad before it was able to launch the Main Menu. We have added a mod versioning system to prevent this, however it will mean that servers are not able to host mods until their authors update them for v2.12.
  • Numerous fixes and updates to improve Squad’s modding SDK.These have been communicated directly to our modding community on the Squad Modding HUB Discord server.


Known Issues

  • Players playing Squad on systems that are below our minimum specifications may find that this update does not run as well as previous versions of the game. Please play Squad on a system that meets or exceeds our min spec.
  • Players who are experiencing issues after the update, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” before taking any other troubleshooting steps.
  • Occasional Player (Client) crashes in various circumstances. Detailed crash reports help us fix things faster, and we truly appreciate those that have filled out and sent in crash reports.
  • Various Kit icon issues – Occasionally the kit and weapon in the deploy screen squad list will show up as a white square instead of the kit. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • The deploy screen squad list will sometimes display incorrect players that are not actually in the squad. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Player kit role icons are sometimes not being displayed on certain menu screens. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • “Extremely Low Res Textures” – Some players may be experiencing very low-res textures after the v2.0 release. If you are experiencing this issue, you are likely under the minimum required specs for VRAM (4GB). This may be mitigated by ticking the “unlock texture pool size” box in the settings menu under the textures tab, but it may come with more performance stutter.
  • “Ghost player in vehicle bug” – Occasionally entering a vehicle makes a player permanently take up a seat in that vehicle, even after they exit. This issue is a high priority to fix and will be addressed in a future update.
  • “Mass EAC disconnect issue” – Occasionally upon the end of a round and when a map switch occurs, the majority of a server population will be disconnected with a “Server Closed Connection” message. Hopefully, this issue should be resolved now.
  • “Commander UAV VOIP bug” – When the commander changes to the UAV camera, they cannot hear local audio anymore, even though they still see local audio transmissions in the bottom left corner. Others can still hear them when they talk. Additionally, when leaving the UAV camera, they hear all of the local audio broadcasts at the same time, originating from the point where they were initially transmitted from – even if the person doing the transmission has moved afterward. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Vehicle Reset Feature does not currently work with Helicopters. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Vehicle Reset Feature can freeze a vehicle in the air if used too close to a tree.
  • Occasionally a player does not spawn at a Rally Point. This often happens when numerous players are spawning in at the same time — This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Server performance may periodically dip when a server has a high population and high load. We are continuously working to improve server performance and optimization.
  • ATGM projectiles desync for other players that are not the gunner, however, what the gunner sees should be the actual synced projectile. This is an inherent problem, and the solution is currently in long-term development.
  • “Alt-tabbing” out of Squad during a loading screen freezes the Player (client). The recommended solution, for now, is to run Squad in the “Borderless” mode. This can be changed in Settings -> Graphics.
  • The audio module for Squad is initialized at the game start. If a player does not have a microphone plugged in at launch, or accidentally unplug their microphone and then plug it back in, Squad needs to be restarted to get the microphone to work again — This issue will likely require an engine upgrade to UE4.25 or above to be fixed.
  • SFX bug while Firing in full auto. If the player presses the fire button for a short period, the sound effect gives the impression that you fired more rounds than you did. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Localization for most language translations is currently out of date. We plan to push a full localization pass in a future release as we lock down the text that needs to be translated for the game.


Local/Offline Known Issues & Bugs

  • Local/Offline Bug with Commander – Insurgent / Militia Handheld Drone does not move in local. Local/Offline issues currently have a lower priority.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Commander –  UAV hovers in one position instead of moving along the flight path in local.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Commander –  CAS does not do damage in local.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Vehicles: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while on the Jensen’s Range in Local play.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Weapon damages: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Weapon damages with both Infantry and Vehicle weapons are not accurately replicated.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Scoped Emplacements: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, if a player exits an Emplacement while looking through the scope, the Scope remains on the Player’s HUD until they get back in the Emplacement and then Scope out.

Offworld out.