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Squad Soundtrack FLAC Files Restored

posted on January 27, 2022

Attention Squaddies!

Recently it was brought to our attention that the lossless FLAC files for the Squad Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 & 2 had been removed from the Steam Store (URL Link). This was preventing owners of the soundtrack from downloading the highest quality version of their music. These files have now been restored!

We would like to thank ‘Smugsie’ on the Squad Community Discord [URL Link] for bringing this to our attention.

For those not familiar with the game’s soundtrack it was composed by Scott Tobin and has received a lot of acclaim from our player base – we definitely suggest you check it out! At the time of the soundtrack’s initial release [URL Link] Scott spoke a bit about his inspiration for the music:

“I knew from the beginning that Squad was going to be something very special. The team’s philosophy on creating Squad’s gameplay is very unique and specific from any other games in its field. This soundtrack is very much inspired by my love for ambient music, video game soundtracks, and modern film soundtracks. This was a personal choice but also a creative choice in order to capture the emotion and feeling behind Squad.”

If you’ve already purchased the Squad Soundtrack you can download the lossless FLAC version now. If you haven’t picked it up yet it’s on Steam [URL Link].

Offworld out.