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Meet Vlad Ceraldi Offworld Industries’ New CEO

posted on January 21, 2022

Greetings Squaddies!

Today is an exciting day here at Offworld Industries as we’re introducing our new CEO to the world! We’d like everyone in the Squad community to give a warm welcome to game industry veteran Vlad Ceraldi who is joining the team and bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from Canadian studios like Radical Entertainment, Hothead Games, and Silicon Knights to help us level up here at OWI.

Since the departure of our previous CEO Offworld has been led by a committee of our executive team and we are looking forward to Vlad helping to guide the studio’s strategic vision and improve our efforts across the board.

While we could wax on about Vlad’s qualities, trying to butter up the new boss, it’s probably best to let him say a few things to our players about what he’s excited about as he joins OWI!

“Offworld’s independent origins mirrors my own in so many ways that I felt an immediate kinship with the studio and I am already having a ton of fun. The studio is filled with a lot of great talent and we have some exciting things in the works for our players. We have a lot of work to do but we have a great year ahead. I look forward to helping the company deliver fun new experiences for our Squad community, and overcoming some of the challenges the team faced last year.”

Now things aren’t going to change overnight here at OWI. Squad is not going to suddenly become an open world sports management simulator or a 2D platformer. With Vlad at the helm OWI is going to continue to grow, as our new CEO helps to guide strategic vision, and improve our processes across the board as we continue to develop new content for Squad, new titles, and beyond!

The future of Squad, and Offworld is looking bright, as we move forward in 2022 with purpose and passion!

We hope to see you on the front lines!

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Offworld out.