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posted on December 22, 2021

Middle East Escalation

By Big Yes & Tactical Collective Modding

The Middle East Escalation Mod makes a number of gameplay and mechanic changes, while preserving the core of Squad’s gameplay. It also adds a number of special forces, conventional, and unconventional factions with unique character models and equipment. I’m very excited to announce that the mod has also recently partnered with Tactical Collective to really bring the mod to the next level. In the next update there will be new factions and equipment that I’m very excited to show soon. The mod is currently playable on the workshop, so please feel free to check it out there.

Brazilian Armed Forces

By Smoking Snakes Dev Team

Hey guys, so for the last Wrench edition of 2021, we came here to show our Main Battle Tank, The Leopard 1A5BR. Be aware that the model is just a work-in-progressand does not represent the final result. 

Be sure to join our discord, have a happy new year, and I’ll see you guys soon.

Balkan Pass

By Wunda

Fight for territory in the hills and valleys of the Balkan Pass. After Russian aggression to reclaim passed held land in Eastern Europe the United States has staged an intervention in an effort to support its allies in the region. Conflict has brought fighting to the valleys of the Balkan mountain range and its strategic mountain pass. Roads passing through the area act as a main supply route crucial for moving American logistics further East. The areas forests are dense forcing vehicles to stay on roads but allowing infantry to move between objectives unnoticed. Locations include abandon lumber camps and factories to small villages and towns. Repel the Russian invasion and reclaim the Balkan Pass.

Soon to be updated for Squad v2 Balkan Pass has been retrofitted with a new snowy theme just in time for Christmas.

Japan Ground Self Defence Force


We’re pleased to show you a little bit more today of what our Team has been working on in the past month. We would like to use this Wrench to go into a bit more detail about how we are going to implement the Japanese Forces and Japan itself into Squad. 

Currently we are working on the Type 10 MBT, Type 89 IFV, Type 96 APC, Type 73 Truck and the Komatsu LAV as vehicles. In addition, players are Going to use the Type 89 Assault Rifle, Type 62 Machine Gun, M24 Sniper Rifle and P220 Sidearm. To top it off for the people loving to blow up stuff, you will get your Hands on a M18 Claymore AP Mine, Panzerfaust 3 and 3-IT, Type 06 Rifle Grenade plus M26 hand grenade. 

As a Commander you can expect to Deploy new kind of HAB while calling in an V2 Viper with a cluster bomb strike that is lethal against infantry.

Hope to see you soon on the beautiful island of Okinawa around Kurashiki Dam.  

A very big thanks to our Japanese Team members helping us to “get things right”.

If you want to see more or help us make it happen, join our Discord! 


Squad Mod Africa

By Tactical Collective Modding

Work continues on the African factions as you can see.

The Tactical Collective team is only working on the modeling of the different equipments that will be distributed between the three factions. The African Union will be mainly equipped with M16A2 while the TS-50 anti-personnel mines very present in Africa will make their appearance in the insurgent and rebel factions. The good old machete will be formidable in hand-to-hand combat but less effective against the firepower of the T-62 and its crew equipped with the Beretta PM12S.  



Squad Mod France / French Faction

By Tactical Collective Modding

This is what the Tactical Collective team has prepared for you this month.
A new shovel for the super FOB lovers, and a new Eotech sight for the Famas rifle grenades that will complete the 2010 faction equipment.
A new Eotech 552 more faithful to reality and a beautiful new Glock 17 Gen5 that replaces the gen 4 of our friends of the British faction.
And to finish in beauty our Leclerc tank is officially in game, subscribe to the mod to test it!




By SATCOM dev team

SATCOM adds a classic RTS commander mode to Squad. Teams collect construction and ammo points to build their base and buy vehicles. Each team must attack and destroy the enemy HQ while defending their own. 

The dev team has been working on a map set in the Southwest US, the ability for AI base defenses to lead their shot and account for bullet drop, purchasable helicopters, building destruction animations, a M777 artillery piece model, and many bug fixes. SATCOM is still in early development, but it’s available on the Steam Workshop now.

VDV Russian Airborne Troops

By Rook Interactive / VDV Mod Team

After a long break in updates, we’re back in time for Christmas and the new year with news that we are still working hard at the project and to show off some of the models and assets we have been working on. 

As always, if you would like to help develop or even just be around the development of the mod, we have a Discord server which you can find at

As a recap, current development progress is on:

  • Scopes and sights
  • Anti-tank weaponry
  • Primary weapons such as marksman rifles and assault rifles
  • Character model assets
  • Il-76
  • Discord:


Bundeswehr Mod

By BW-Mod Team

The Bundeswehr Mod Team shows us more sweet details of their development from 2021 with this wrench:

The G36A3 with double optics was completely remade by Art0mis and Cpt. Brotzeit, both team members got a mechanical engineering degree and developed a unique CAD development pipeline for UE. The resulting weapon has a breathtaking precision and looks to be ready for a real life production.

Another weapons development is Poliack´s “Erdziellafette”, a WW2 based tripod for the famous MG3. It has an integrated buffer tube for laser-like precision and a trench optic for firing from behind cover. Since the Bundeswehr is not fielding a 50 cal. on a tripod, this will be the HMG asset of the Bundeswehr Factions FOB´s.

This month vehicle development is the “Waffenträger Wiesel MK20”, a lightly armored weapons carrier with a 20 mm auto cannon. The Wiesel´s armour can withstand up to 7,62 mm caliber weapons and artillery splinters. But it´s greatest protection is it´s overwhelming,    firepower, it´s nimbleness and it´s speed. This vehicles zoom´s over the battlefield and can pass, where usually only infantry fits through. It was originally developed for support of the German Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) and Jäger (infantry). Two of them fit into a CH53 transport helicopter or one of it can dangle on ropes below it. The “Wiesel TOW” version is making great progress too, so you can expect to see more of this vehicle class soon.

With this picture you get an idea of the quality of their new character models currently in development. The team decided to bring in women into their faction, since over 25,000 women are serving today within the German armed forces of 185,000. They are a very common sight within combat outfits (incl. German special forces) of the Bundeswehr and, following the philosophy of the BW-Mod team, deserve a representation in the game.

Lastly the Team presents to us their designs and setups for our upcoming divisions system. They decided to include fictitious company sized unit outfits, because they are closer in size to what SQUAD is providing, then a full sized Division of 10,000 soldiers.

From left to right:

  • 3th Jäger Kompanie of the 191th Jäger Battallion, part of the 101th Panzerbrigade. A light infantry force, with the Dingo 2 ATF and the Boxer GTK as their heaviest armed vehicle.
  • 2th Panzergrenadier Kompanie of the 505th Panzergrenadier Battalion, part of the 101th Panzerbrigade. A heavy mechanized infantry force, with the Puma IFV, Leopard 2 as their heaviest vehicles, supported by a heavy four-axeled logistics truck with open MG3 turret and the “M113 Panzermörser”, a armored mortar carrier.
  • Combined Forces Battlegroup. A mix of all Bundeswehr army troops, light to heavy.
  • 4th & 7th company of the 5th Luftlanderegiment. A paratrooper company and their fire support company, with the Wiesel weapons carriers, the Mungo troop transporter, the NH90 medium helicopter and the CH53 heavy transport helicopter.

The team will also provide a 2021 Christmas special on their Blog and invites you to check it out around December the 24th (In Germany Christmas eve is where you get all of Santa’s gifts). They promise: “Part of it will change SQUAD as we know it”. So make sure to check it out when the date approaches!

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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