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Squad’s Holiday V2.12 Playtest Event

posted on December 16, 2021

Hey Squaddies,

With the Squad team’s focus on releasing the V2.12 Update early in 2022 we will be running an extended playtest over the holiday break, as a method of obtaining details on how the update runs in a live environment and hopefully uncovering any significant issues prior to launch.

We have partnered with a number of our Licensed Servers to provide an opportunity for players to experience the new Squad V2.12 build from December 17th to January 4th.

Already we have confirmation that one of our Licensed Servers is planning to have events over the holidays on the [|56|] Canadian Gaming – Advanced RAAS Update – V2.12 Test Bonanza.

They have provided us with these details about their events:

  • Description: Squad Playtest Special Events. Test out all of the forthcoming V2.12 Features and provide helpful information to OWI and help with the testing of their next update. Join us while we play all the new layers of Yeho, Goro, Kohat, Narva and we might even throw a new lighting Basrah in there. Months worth of free whitelisting will be given out!
  • Dates: December 18th, 25th, and January 1st
  • Time: Event starts 11am EST (Server Seeding Starts @ 10:40am)


These playtests will occur on the “Squad – Public Testing” application, so players will need to have the “Squad – Public Testing” application.

To get the best results and to be able to join the playtest, follow these guidelines

  • The “Squad – Public Testing” application will be available in your Steam Library ONLY if you own Squad. It can be found by searching for “Squad – Public Testing” within the Steam Library search bar.
  • Downloading the “Squad – Public Testing” application is equivalent to downloading another copy of Squad, so please ensure you allow yourself enough time to download it and enough HDD space to have it installed.
  • The build(s) we will be using during the playtests are not currently available. This means if you install the “Squad – Public Testing” application now in preparation for the tests, there will be an additional (smaller) download closer to the time of the tests. Please keep that in mind, and set your Steam Library to auto-update if possible.

Release Notes

This latest V2.12 Playtest is similar to the previous versions (Link URL) with the addition of the following changes:

  • Added some holiday spirit, in the form of deployable Christmas Trees, snowmen, and throwable snowballs in the v2.12 build. These deployables are available on all Belaya, Goose Bay, Gorodok, Mestia, Manic-5, Skorpo, Yehorivka map layers.
  • Removed the “Ultra Low” option on Low Setting – this will degrade performance for players running on low, especially with min spec hardware. This is because we are using a build built from the Content stream rather than the “Shadows Fallback” stream
  • Adjusted forced settings to work with particle scalability and texture mips bias – This could potentially bring further optimization for users running on LOW.
  • Added binoc zoom in/zoom out sounds – minor Quality of Life improvement
  • Added mechanical jostling sounds for Rifles/MGs when soldiers are sprinting – minor Quality of Life improvement
  • Anvil minor optimizations and bug fixes. Lighting layers now use HDR skies. – minor Quality of Life improvement
  • Playfab Client Performance Stats – This is the big one which will give us more data to potentially use in decision making and troubleshooting remaining issues blocking the release of v2.12

Let us know what you think of V2.12 and share your experiences with this forthcoming Update in our forums (URL Link) which we’ll be checking in January. Thank you for your support and we’ll see you on the field this holiday season!

  • Offworld Industries

Offworld out.