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Details on Sunday’s V2.12 Playtest

posted on December 11, 2021

Hey Squaddies!

We wanted to provide additional context and information for our next V2.12 Playtest, scheduled for this Sunday, December 5th at 16:00 UTC [URL LINK]. The first playtest went well, and we are grateful to everyone that participated. We look forward to seeing everyone jump into the playtest again so that we can gather even more data surrounding performance.

The build itself remains largely unchanged from the last playtest save for some fixes, so our previous patch notes remain accurate. [LINK URL].

Our main focus is on server performance, but a secondary area of interest is testing the performance for those struggling with minimum spec systems. For this reason we have locked Shadow Resolution to a 1024×1024 resolution. This will mostly impact those playing on Medium, High, and Epic settings. Low Shadow Settings will be working as expected.

Those playing on Medium, High, and Epic will experience far worse quality in the Shadows (perhaps gaps of shadow in walls/floors, very low res/blobby shadow) and potentially better FPS. This will not represent the finished state of V2.12, the previous Playtest is a better representation of our expectations for the full V2.12 launch for Medium, High, and Epic settings. Our goal is to test these low settings, to ensure that they perform to our desired standards in the fully released version of v2.12.

We ask players to please refrain from reporting any bugs on Shadow Settings unless you are on Low for this Playtest.

Thank you for your time, and we’ll see you on the field this Sunday!

Offworld Industries

Offworld out.