Developer Q&A

Squad Developer Q&A Rescheduled

posted on October 25, 2021

Hey Squaddies,

Two weeks ago we announced our new Squad Developer Q&A initiative, and that we would be providing answers to fifteen (15) questions asked by our players in the first ever iteration of that. Those answers were originally to be posted tomorrow. However, we saw such an outpouring of great questions that we’ve decided to address more than the originally planned fifteen, and instead tackle twenty-five (25). As a result we’ll be taking a bit more time.

We know that many players were looking forward to reading our replies tomorrow, but we think that this will be an even more satisfying read when completed. We are aiming to provide these answers to you by the end of this week, so you should see them on Friday October 29th.

We appreciate your patience, and wanted to let you know about this before we missed our announced timeline.

Thank you for your continued support of Squad, and the team!


  • Offworld Industries

Offworld out.