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Upcoming Public Playtests & SquadChat

posted on September 23, 2021

Hello squaddies,

Today, we’re dropping in to let you know of some upcoming playtests the team has planned to run V2.12 through its paces before release.

Before that, we’d like to thank those who joined us in the previous playtests to look at the upcoming Shadows & Lighting changes. We hope you’ll be joining us again (along with some squadmates who may have missed their chance) to give these new changes plus many others that are part of V2.12 a run for their money and to help the development team with any bugs/issues you may uncover while taking part.

NOTE: These playtests will occur on the “Squad – Public Testing” app.


  • The “Squad – Public Testing” app will be available in your Steam Library ONLY if you own Squad. It can be found by searching for “Squad – Public Testing” within the Steam Library search bar.
  • Downloading the “Squad – Public Testing” app is equivalent to downloading another copy of Squad, so please ensure you allow yourself enough time to download it and enough HDD space to have it installed.
  • The build(s) we will be using during the playtests are not currently available. This means if you install the “Squad – Public Testing” app now in preparation for the tests, there will be additional downloads closer to the time of the tests. Please keep that in mind, and set your Steam Library to auto-update if possible.

Currently, we are planning for these tests to run on these dates:

Saturday 2nd October 2021 – Sunday 3rd October 2021

During this, we will provide the means for you to provide your feedback and any bug reports, which the team will then utilize to give a new build for a further test on:

Saturday 9th October 2021 – Sunday 10th October 2021

We’re very excited to see the community taking these builds for a spin in at least one full server so the team can see any issues which may occur at max server capacity, which is why we’d love to see you encouraging everyone you know who plays Squad to get involved so we can observe any issues at total capacity or within niche squad types.

We will also be holding a V2.12/Shadows & Lighting specific SquadChat on Wednesday 29th September 2021. We will be sitting down with some of the Designers and Level Design team to discuss the upcoming update and tests. We can’t wait to see you there.

Keep an eye out here and on our social channels for further information before these events, and we’ll leave you with this little teaser.

Offworld out.