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The Wrench – September 2021

posted on September 22, 2021

Danish Armed Forces Mod (by Viktor)

This mod aims to represent the armed forces of Denmark as they stand today. The mod will include custom rifles, vehicles, and custom-ish soldier models.


Better Armor Layers (by Zezacle)

Better Armor Layers catered to the hearts and minds of all those armor squads out there. (And sadly, to all the AT players too.) Sometimes, you just want an armor-focused match, but there isn’t quite the Layer you’re looking for. BAL aims to scratch that itch with RAAS layers with brand new layouts and vehicle-centric gameplay. Rarely should a crewman be aimlessly wandering around Main Base without a chariot to ride into battle. This also means that Infantry players are going to have to play smart and coordinated, feeding ammo to their ATs, and placing those ever pesky ATGMs. Ever wanted a Tank on Kokan? Yeah. We’ve got Tanks on Kokan.

Additionally BAL has brought the 6v6 Tanks game mode to your favorite maps like Gorodok, Yehorivka, Narva, Mutaha, and more, while also spicing it up by making it Random Advanced and Secure (RAAS Tanks).

Whether it’s Events, Memes, or general variety in the layer rotation, BAL can provide a fun experience to all. This Layer Pack is in its early days, and that means there is much more content planned for it, including brand new Invasion, AAS, and RAAS layers, eventually covering every map in Squad.

See you on the battlefield. (Don’t Ammo Rack me please) – Zee, Mod Author.

For a complete overview of Better Armor Layers, join the Discord:

For a better marketing schpeel, check out the Steam Workshop page:

Japan Ground Self Defence Force (by Gunslinger and the JGSDF Mod Team)

We are creating the JGSDF as a playable Faction in Squad. Our goal is to make a faction that is balanced but feels different enough to be worth the effort. We want the JGSDF to be fun to play but also fun to play against. We’re still looking for Blueprint Specialists, Modding Experts, Animators, and 3D Artists, especially for environment Art. If you want to know more or support us please join us at our discord.

Visits our Discord for more information on the Mod:


Raid Mod (by [RWR] Robez)

Raid Mod is a brand new PvPvE game mode for Squad that features a hardcore ruleset, full kit customization, and a dynamic, mission-based gameplay loop. In this mode you will become the soldier you idealize, taking into the game whatever weapons and equipment that you need to complete diverse missions to gain tickets and personal currency that can be used to buy even better equipment and assets. However, when you die out in the field you lose anything that you brought in with you, any reward you gained, and are sent back to main to join a new squad and try again. Compete against members of the other team to complete the AI/PvP based objectives and then return to main to collect your reward. Raid Mod is currently in Alpha status so join the discord to see updates and be informed when we hold future playtests:


French VBL (by Tactical Collective)

BORIS is currently working on the texture of the Véhicule Blindé Léger for the French Faction. This will be our recon amphibious vehicle, and different versions will be available:

  1. VBL Mag 58/AANF1
  2. VBL Milan
  3. VBL .50 Cal
  4. VB2L Mag 58 with turret



Steam Workshop:


Brazilian Armed Forces Mod (by Smoking Snakes Dev Team)

Hey guys we are here once again to showcase another WIP, this time we have the EE-9 Cascavel a Brazilian made reconnaissance vehicle, equipped with a 90mm cannon, capable of firing multiple projectiles such as:


Treason (by JJ)

TREASON is a game mode inspired by popular games like Mafia, Secret Hitler, and Trouble in Terrorist Town. Commissars and Comrades work together to uncover the treasonous comrades. The Traitors work in secret to kill all innocent players and carry out their plot!

Featuring a variety of unique custom maps and tools to play, TREASON will be a great mode for taking a break from the stress of leading those blueberries into battle with something a little different 🙂

The mode is still in development, but expect to see a playtest soon! <- Link to my personal Mod Hub with information on all my projects.

Hawk’s RAAS Rework (by EyeOfTheHawks)

Now with more layers than ever!

Hawks RAAS Rework looks at tackling the predictability of laned RAAS, redesigning from the ground up how point selection works. Its been dubbed “GRAAS” or “Good-RAAS”.

With this new generation method, you’ll experience point configurations and areas of the map that you may have never seen before.

Now with well over 100 distinct layer configurations, Hawks RAAS Rework is the perfect supplement to any server, giving you a classic Squad experience with a new twist. Don’t bother loading up Squadlanes, because it won’t work, it’s the RAAS experience we always wanted.

Some of the changes since you last saw me on the wrench:

– Added standardized CAF faction templates

– GRAAS Layers on Goose Bay, Manic-5, Anvil, Fools Road, and more!

– Point balance changes to help speed up the early game, so there’s less waiting around

– A bunch of new experimental Invasion and TC Layers

Did I mention it’s only 40MB and has workarounds for the “infinite running man” bug that’s bothered us all since day 1?

Be sure to check out the workshop page (

and the Discord (

and the google doc with more layer information (

Keep an eye out for a server near you running it!

And as for that last screenshot, some things are best left a surprise


Grand Falls (by BaronVonBoyce and Gunslinger)

Located on the US-Canada border, Russian forces are approaching from their previous victories during their amphibious landing in Labrador and seizure of the Manic-5 dam, Canadian and NATO forces will have to hold them here or risk Russian infiltration into the American homeland.

Grand Falls is a 4×4.5km map with the goal of capturing the feeling of a North American suburb and small town. It is in an early-playtest stage and remains unoptimized. Some small optimizations have been made in the most recent updates, including an erosion pass on the terrain courtesy of Wunda to help reduce the feeling of the landscape being ‘too smooth’.

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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