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The Wrench – Freedom Edition (July)

posted on July 7, 2021

Welcome squaddies to another edition of The Wrench,

Here we highlight some of the modifications the modding community is working on, and how to find their dedicated community spaces.

With mods now available in the licensed server browser, if you are a server owner and like the look of what there is on offer from the modding community, be sure to sync up with the creators to try and organize an event to help get things popping!

With that said, let’s show off these mods!

Disparity by RagTag Interaktive Team

#Decoding incoming transmission



I N F O R M A T I O N _ C L A S S I F I E D

J O I N _ D I S C O R D :



#End transmission

Steel Division v2

We are working on releasing a v2 overhaul for the steel division mod rebuilding it from the ground up. We are adding new exciting features for the player base to enjoy.

Hawk’s RAAS Rework

Hawks RAAS Rework is an overhaul of the RAAS Gamemode, set out with express purpose of making Squad Lanes obsolete. And it accomplishes this.

Redesigned to be both as unpredictable as possible, while also maintaining the sanity of those who play, Hawks RAAS Rework is a hybrid between the olden days of Full Random, and the new-school Laned RAAS.

Without going into too much detail, it allows for jumping between lanes in a newly reorganized setup that makes it impossible to know what the point 2-points ahead will be, even after you dig into the layers and learn all the potential caps.

In addition to this, Hawks RAAS Rework implements a variety of standardized faction setups for each of the existing factions within Squad, and these are reused across all reworked RAAS layers. This allows me to address balance changes quickly and effectively, as well as add new content much quicker as OWI releases more vehicles and more factions.

In addition to the RAAS rework, there are also some extra Territory Control and Invasion layers that aim to fill a niche that didn’t already exist, like 24 motorcycles storming Basrah Airport.

What all this allows is for you to enjoy the Squad you know and love, in a more unpredictable, novel, and exciting package.

Steam Workshop:

Dutch Armed Forces

This mod aims to add a realistic representation of the modern Dutch Army, mainly the mechanized infantry, or “Pantser Infanterie”. I am not using the NFP stuff.


Serbian Armed Forces

The SAF mod is here once again to showcase some sweet new things that have been worked on.

The mod is going to bring the Serbian army into Squad, using a mix of old Yugoslavian era equipment as well as more modern weapon systems. Also coming to the mod will be a more Yugoslav-equipped militia force, using old M53 machine guns, SKS’s, and the sort.

In this current showcase are the M79 osa anti-tank rocket launcher, some miscellaneous ammunition crates, and an old M59/85 helmet. There is a lot more stuff on the discord server as well.


Gradac by Hawken

Gradac is a 6.5×6.5km (42km²) map, but the playable area is slightly smaller than that. It features a large city near a coastline, a 2.3km long racetrack, several villages, dense forests, military installations, and scattered farming compounds. Gradac will have ~10 villages & the city. The city itself is slightly smaller than Narva and features multiple unique POIs, such as a Hospital, a Construction Site, Industrial District, Urban and Suburban areas.

Currently, it is a work in progress, with the city only having buildings placed, mostly without fences or detailing in the backyards. The villages don’t have much of anything yet. Still, the overall road and forest layout are complete. Playtesting should begin soon™. If you’re interested in joining in on the playtests, following the map’s development more closely, or want to ask questions, join the discord –

VDV Russian Sub-Faction

The VDV sub-faction project aims to bring the Russian Airborne Forces to Squad, as a RedFor equivalent to the upcoming USMC.

Waterlogged by Rookheim

Taking lessons learned from previous projects and then completely ignoring them, “Waterlogged” (working title) is a map set in a fictional European mountain pass of strategic importance. The map will feature snow-capped peaks as the backdrop to a lush valley containing dense forests, treacherous swamps and mires, villages and farms, flooded barracks, and dangerous cliff-side roads snaking their way to hilltop camps and outposts. The map is still in the early stages so may take some time before it’s in a playable state, but it’s slowly getting there.

Zavod 34 by Gunslinger

Priviet Comrade, welcome to Zavod 34 a top-secret Russian factory town used to produce any armed goods mother Russia has to offer.

There is just some minor disturbance here: Foreign forces keep attacking Zavod 34.

Zavod 34 is a small-scale Map with one goal in mind: CQB Action.

The Map has an altered Version of Skirmish (No Vehicles!) and features its own “Team Deathmatch” mode!


Team Deathmatch Settings:

– No Flags to capture

– No Vehicles

– 3 Ammo Boxes per Team on the Map

– 5 Seconds Respawn

– Random respawn around the Map

– Team with at least some Tickets remaining wins


Reborn: SQZ

REBORN is a zombie vs humans PVP mod. Humans start with one life at the beginning of the round and are slowly infected by zombies, turning into an unstoppable horde.

REBORN features 6 modes, including a Super FOB Last Stand mode, Vehicle Escort mode, Extraction mode, and more, on 14 maps and over 60 layers- including 6 custom maps only available in REBORN.

Players have access to a variety of weapons and loadouts to help survive, as well as customized deployables. On night layers, humans have access to tools like glowsticks, flashlights, and night vision.

Humans aren’t the only ones using teamwork! Zombies have 6 custom classes to work together to infect the humans.

The mod is in active development, with regular updates. Come join our Discord server here:

Brazilian Armed Forces by Smoking Snakes Dev Team

Today we are back again with more content to showcase for you guys out there.

We are getting closer and closer to a playtest state and as we said before, we plan to have the mod ready to play by the end of this year.

Today we got 5 new models to showcase for you guys, 2 of them will only be available on our discord and website, so be sure to go check it out.

Discord Link:

Website Link:

Squad: Vietnam

Hello Wrench readers, Squad: Vietnam is back and this time we have GunTrucks!

We’ve been fleshing out our vehicle pool adding the M131 MUTT, M35 truck, Honda SS50, and yes the M35 Guntruck. The individual customizations that were so Iconic to the Vietnam War have always been in the minds of our team with small details being added from cigarette cartons to graffiti. It only seems right to include the ultimate customization that US soldiers in Vietnam made. The Guntrucks were custom built with many sporting colorful graffiti and various armaments and ours are no different. Praise the Sphere!

We’ll have more for you very soon with our Huey Helicopter and Vietcong character models expected to be completed shortly.

Please head on over to our discord for any questions and for progress updates.


French Faction

We have made good progress on the achievement of the French soldiers of the 2020 faction, here are some examples. We are also working on producing soldiers for the 2010 faction who will have different equipment.



Steam Workshop:


SATCOM is an in-development mod that offers a new game mode. The commander is given access to a RTS-style top-down camera and can build base buildings, automated base defenses, vehicles, give units orders, and order offensive strikes. Teams can collect construction and ammo resources around the map. You can win by destroying the enemy headquarters or breaching it and destroying its SATCOM control terminal.

YouTube video

Swiss Faction

We’re trying to make the swiss a playable faction in Squad. We’re not many still lacking helping hands but one of us managed to make an early soldier model. Sadly there isn’t much more to say at this stage. The rifle is undergoing texturing work and animation work, vehicles are being worked on etc, but with the year we all had progress has been slow.


Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

Please note: Offworld Industries is not responsible for mod content. Please contact the creator for assistance.