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Server Spotlight – Issue #4

posted on May 11, 2021

Hello Squaddies,

My name is Jenny, and I am the Server Licensing Manager at OWI. Welcome to our fourth edition of the server spotlight. This feature will highlight some of the community servers that we think you may want to check out, share information about them, and show what they are up to or where they excel.

Whether they are old or new, it’s always good to highlight the fantastic stuff our established server owners are doing every day.

Never Play Alone

Never Play Alone is an international gaming and entertainment organization that was founded in 2018 with the mission of building a community of content creators, tech enthusiasts, and aggressively average tryhards. The mindset of “never play alone” remains the guiding principle as the organization evolves into a lifestyle brand that markets influencers, creates unique apparel and develops proprietary software.


Squad affords communities who play First Person Shooters the opportunity to communicate, coordinate and conquer together in a 100 person server which complements our organization’s motto, “Never Play Alone” perfectly. It is our pleasure to offer a “come as you are, leave when you wish” style of membership to any mature players (18+) looking to maximize the fun of a realistic shooter with like-minded adults. Our fantastic game administrators and Squad enthusiasts, Predator-B and Greyghost, have even developed a Nuristan mod for the game!

GAMING: The primary glue that binds all members of Never Play Alone are the games we play. At any given time, Never Play Alone sponsors or hosts servers for 15+ games simultaneously. For games we host, we ensure appropriate trained and vetted staff cover both seeding efforts and aggressive administration of the servers according to detailed and concise guidelines developed by each of the game’s biggest fans and the NPA staff.

COMMUNITY: Our friendly and welcoming community is completely inclusive and embraces the free flow of ideas and gaming styles of a diverse community of players. Our members find like-minded friends within 20+ areas of common interest where they interact daily to share stories, meet new people, and even arrange in-person gatherings. We responsibly monitor all of the platforms our members use, from social media to our multiple game servers, and ensure a safe friendly environment. We do this through daily personal team interaction and proprietary software developed and managed by the members of our great community!

PROFESSIONALISM: We only partner with the most professional organizations. We’re currently partnered with Discord, DreamHack, Nitrado,, and Arma apparel. While maintaining a fun and friendly environment is a top priority, the senior community staff members also focus on long-term strategic business goals. All of our public interactions, posts, videos, streamers, and branding follow established guidelines in order to reinforce that Never Play Alone is the most professional community with which to partner. 

Jenny’s Notes:

I had lots of fun on the server, the community was very engaged and focused on the game. Some of the players told me that they never play anywhere else as they enjoy the server and feel the admin team is one of the best. I would highly recommend visiting this server.

And last but not least we have:

Elite Gaming Corporation [EGC]

Elite Gaming Corporation [EGC] was started in November of 2020 by a group of friends who met on Squad and had the desire to create their own server and gaming community. EGC currently has over 300 active members who have built incredible relationships through the love of Squad and gaming. Our community’s motto is “For Gamers, By Gamers”, meaning the decision-makers of this community are dedicated to ensuring our server and community caters to all gamers! We know what makes this game fun and have curated our server rules, active admining, and map rotation to ensure just that.

Elite Gaming Corporation’s community consists of die-hard Squad fanatics! We all feel that Squad brings a completely different type of gameplay than your normal FPS. You have the FPS side where you get to pew-pew bad guys and you also get that strategic side where you constantly have to be communicating with 49 other players to win a game. Another aspect that we love about Squad is that you can play the same map 50 times and have a completely different experience each time! Playing Squad brings our community members closer with one another, and we’ve even had instances where members found that they live in the same city, or work a similar job. Squad has brought hundreds of people together from all different walks of life together, to play an awesome game.

Elite Gaming Corporation was founded on the premise of providing a fun gaming experience for every gamer. We strive for absolute inclusivity regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference, and we remain steadfast in ensuring this commitment to inclusivity is ever-present on our licensed servers. We also focus on making new players feel welcome to our server! At any given moment, you will find our members Squad Leading and helping out players who are newer to the game. 

We currently have over 300 members who come from many different walks of life: different countries, ages, and occupations. We also have a very large Active Military Member and Military Veteran population!

We also have Training and Events we host every week along with our Competitive Team playing events during most weekends!

To close out, our members and staff are really what makes us great! We have over 40 staff members that put in hours upon hours a week to make EGC the community that we are and couldn’t thank them enough for making EGC one of the top servers and communities in Squad! 

Jenny’s Notes:

I very much enjoyed playing on this server, the admins are supportive and game focused. The players told me they love the server as they have an engaging and active admin team. I highly recommend this server.

Offworld out.