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V 2.0 UAT Update #3

posted on December 18, 2020

Hello squaddies,

Today we are releasing Update #3 to the UAT build of v2.0.

This will be the final update to the Public Testing app until 2021 but it comes with a slew of fixes and changes to put through its paces, with perhaps even a little festive treat you can find on the updated CAF map, Goose Bay, as part of the Layer Overhaul.

Thank you for taking the time to help make V 2.0 even better.

We’ll see you in the new year for a fresh start and getting V 2.0 live for all to play.

Reporting Issues

Help us playtest this release! If you encounter an issue, we truly appreciate players that write up bug reports and give feedback in our reporting channels on our Discord server. Channels are: #v2-beta-feedback and #v2-beta-bug-reports.

v2.0 UAT Update #3 Known Bugs and Issues

  • After joining a squad for the 2nd time and onwards, your role icon will be Recruit in the deployment menu. This is purely a visual bug for the kit icon only.
  • Occasionally a HAB icon will appear as unspawnable (red) when it is in fact spawnable. If this is the case, you can still spawn on it by selecting it on the map.

This build also includes an experimental networking improvement to turrets and helicopters. However, as this is experimental, it may end up causing issues, such as desynchronization. If you encounter any desynchronizations (such as a helicopter not replicating properly, or a turret shooting another way than it’s facing), please video it and send it our way. This would help us immensely!

v2.0 UAT Update #3 Release Notes

  • Added an extensive network optimization pass on Vehicle Turrets & Helicopters.
  • Added an ‘Alternate’ Technical to the INS Team on Fallujah Invasion v1, v2, v3. 
  • Added Festive deployables and weapon.
  • Updated most Skirmish layers to allow player or admin choice of faction.
  • Updated the Helicopter flight model with further tweaks, based on your playtest feedback. Thank you to all play testers that provided detailed, constructive feedback: Increased Z axis max acceleration. Decreased yaw axis stabilisation at low speeds. Increased Pitch, Roll, and Yaw sensitivity.  
  • Updated faction vote system to allow for concurrent voting.
  • Updated Tallil Tanks v1 to use mechanized sub faction voting.
  • Updated Tallil RAAS v1 to use Air Assault, Motorized, Combined Arms faction voting.
  • Updated the construction costs for HESCO defenses:
    • HESCO Block: 100 (was 150)
    • HESCO Bunker: 300 (was 500)
    • HESCO Wall: 400 (was 500)
    • HMG Bunker: 400 (was 500)
  • Updated the following CAF Primary weapons:
    • CAF Crewman – C8A3 w/ iron sight
    • CAF Engineer – C7A2 w/ C79A2 w/ 4 mags
    • CAF Grenadier – C8A3 M203 w/ C79A2
    • CAF Combat Medic 01 -C7A2 w/ iron sight
    • CAF Pilot – C8A3 w/ iron sight
    • CAF Rifleman 02 – C7A2 with Eotech
    • CAF Rifleman 03 – C7A2 w/ C79A2
    • CAF SL Crewman – C8A3 w/ iron sight
    • CAF SL Pilot – C8A3 w/ iron sight
  • Removed Track Attack map layers from the default map layer rotation.
  • Removed BRDM-2 Spandrel from several map layers.
  • Adjusted initial delay for MBT’s on most map layers to 15min (was 20min).
  • Adjusted the following AAS map layers to have a 6min initial delay for Helicopters: Kohat AAS v1,  Kohat AAS v2, Lashkar Valley AAS v1, AAS v2, Skorpo AAS v1, Yehorivka AAS v1 & AAS v2.
  • Adjusted GB SA330 Transport helicopter supply capacity from 750-750 to 600-600.
  • Adjusted M68 Aimpoint centering position to make the dot more visible.
  • Adjusted M2 and C6 LUVW Turret basepose.
  • Adjusted GB team image to include new Elcan LDS, NLAW and FV520 CTAS IFV.
  • Adjusted INS Team Image to include new Modern Technical.
  • Adjusted the CAF sniper kit to use the new sniper HUD icon.
  • Adjusted MEA faction to now be on the INDEPENDENT instead of REDFOR alliance.
  • Adjusted rearming settings for FV520 CTAS both AP & HE autocannon weapons. Now rearming 5 rounds each 5 seconds, cost is 12 ammo point per rearm (5 rounds).
  • Fixed CAF Rifleman 03 (C7A2+Elcan) not being availables.
  • Fixed some issues with the voting UI.
  • Fixed size of the flag on the Roaming Map (M-Map)
  • Fixed damage setup on AT-4 (both HEAT and High Penetration HEAT), M3 MAAWS Tandem, NLAW, RPG-29, RPG-7 Tandem. Now damage should correctly scale with distance from explosion origin.
  • Fixed deployment UI having incorrect flags for clients when client initially joins in some scenarios.
  • Fixed GB SA330 Transport helicopter main rotor collision location, it was slightly misaligned with visual rotor position, also removed material from the collision shape.
  • Fixed an issue with the SVDM with changing the zeroing which would bring the weapon scope away from the player’s camera while in ADS.
  • Fixed G3 Drum mag optic having FOV gets significantly decreased when modifying zeroing.
  • Fixed an issue where the radial menu would show the wrong unavailability reason for deployables in most situations.
  • Fixed some skinning issues on the RUS Crewman 2.
  • Fixed end sprint snapping of the pose on the SA80 Bayonet.
  • Fixed SA330 rotor spin direction inverted.
  • Fixed the disposed tube of the GB NLAW shrinking on the ground when you zoom in.
  • Fixed reticle being broken on the FV520 Woodland IFV.
  • Fixed the GB L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle RMR Backup sights being off centre.
  • Fixed Modern Technical BMP-1 PKT MG not having any reload sounds.
  • Fixed an issue on CAF Manic-5 the vehicle collision on right turn street sign.
  • Fixed long sub faction names overflowing Team Select and Deployment screens.
  • Fixed various blocked vehicle spawners.
  • Fixed GB HAT 02 having the wrong AT launcher on his back in 3rd person.
  • Fixed floating ammo crate on Fallujah Invasion v3.
  • Fixed an ammo crate clipping into helipad on Tallil RAAS v4.
  • Fixed Goose Bay RUS helicopters not being enterable.

Offworld out.