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posted on December 18, 2020

Hello squaddies,

As OWI HQ begins readying itself for the Winter break and all the festivities that surround it; spending time with loved ones near and far, eating lavish meals for many of us remotely, and quite possibly, racking up the playtime counter on your favorite Steam games (or that pesky backlog), we wanted to take the time to appreciate all the players of Squad, Beyond The Wire and Post Scriptum, for your active participation allowed Offworld Industries to have one of its most vital years despite the current state of the world.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a rollercoaster year for everyone, providing many challenges to overcome and understand, not only for a new way of living but also with lots of new work challenges. Even with these changes, Squad was able to achieve an engine upgrade that helped provide improved functionality for many of the game’s systems. The Road to Fallujah was completed and shipped, bringing to Squad one of the most intense and densely populated maps so far alongside the Middle Eastern Alliance faction. On the horizon, for 2021, we have the Map Layer Overhaul update in V 2.0, which comes with a slew of changes aimed at improving your experience while playing Squad, and even more for 2021.

Oh, did we also mention that Squad launched out of Early Access? Yeah, that happened. Good times.

Speaking of V 2.0, we’ve got an updated Public Testing build of the V 2.0 Update that has been pushed to Steam with some more fixes and changes for you to peruse, and you may even spot the Yuletide additions we’ve been able to add on the latest Goose Bay map. Festive fun for all! For a detailed list of the new additions, plus information on how to report bugs you find, please click here

You’ll likely still see some of us around in the familiar places, helping where we can, though the majority of the team will be getting some needed R&R.

We just want to thank you for helping take Squad to new heights throughout 2020, we’ve got even bigger plans for 2021, and we’d be honored to have you join us for the ride. Please enjoy the holidays as best as you can, strive to do a good thing every day for someone else, and stay safe.

Offworld Out!


Offworld out.