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Status Update: V 2.0

posted on December 9, 2020

Hello squaddies,

As you may be aware, last week, we began public playtesting of our v2.0 update to help us assess the issues that would arise if we were to have released v2.0 in its current state.

We have been making steady progress on fixing bugs and addressing issues, but the progress has been slower than anticipated. This has occurred for several reasons and we want to take the time to explain why we haven’t been able to provide as many updated builds to the Public Testing branch on Steam as we initially intended.

Regrettably, due to the issues, we have encountered, and the risk involved with putting out a release with potential major problems right before the holidays, we have made the decision to push out the v2.0 official release to January 2021. 

We will be extending the UAT playtesting period to be active during the remainder of December and will be continuously pushing fixes, tweaks, and updates to the UAT public playtesting for the remainder of the time before the holidays.

Earlier in the year, we had an update delayed, which was due to an issue with our build process and the hardware we use. While we were able to get the build servers up and running again, it was in a less than ideal state, which we have been consistently working to improve with hardware upgrades. This upgrade is still ongoing, and the complete hardware refresh is expected to be completed in early 2021. This should have the benefit of providing the team with quicker builds, more significant detailed reporting of issues so they can be tracked and resolved faster

Unfortunately, that also means we have internally been experiencing some frustrating issues, for example, an inconsistent shadercore crash due to our build pipeline. During several of our builds, this crash has plagued our builds, to the point where that time spent for that build is wasted as it can’t even begin testing, and another needs to be attempted.

None of this means that the team has wound down work on v2.0. We will still strive to provide UAT Public Testing builds (more info here) before the Holiday Break and looking to provide some festive fun.

Another delay is never desired, and we apologize that we won’t be able to provide an update to Squad before the end of the year, but it’s better to get it as right as possible rather than releasing content before the holiday office shutdown (flashbacks to the A7 update)

Keep an eye for further updates to our Squad – Public Testing application on Steam as we continue to work on the issues that are being reported.


Offworld out.