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V 2.0 UAT #2 – Updated Notes

posted on December 8, 2020

Hello squaddies,

Today we are releasing an update to the UAT build of V 2.0 with some of the latest fixes from our development pipeline.

We aim to keep this application updated with continuous updates as we move forward with testing and fixing issues, as such, new issues may appear that may affect your performance or experience while playing in these playtests. This is to be expected. Reporting these will greatly benefit the team in eradicating these issues.

Reporting Issues

Help us playtest this release! If you encounter an issue, we truly appreciate players that write up bug reports and give feedback in our reporting channels on our Discord server. Channels are: #v2-beta-feedback and #v2-beta-bug-reports.

v2.0 Known Bugs and Issues

  • There is a 6-10 second freeze in the main menu shortly after launching Squad. This is being worked on. For now, please just wait it out patiently.
  • After joining a squad for the 2nd time and onwards, your role icon will be Recruit in the deployment menu. This is purely a visual bug for the kit icon only.
  • Sometimes a HAB icon will appear as unspawnable (red) when it is in fact spawnable. If this is the case, you can still spawn on it by selecting it on the map.
  • There is a potential performance issue on Goose Bay that may affect players in some situations. If you are affected and have any specific information on this, please let us know. We are still looking into this.
  • Faction voting is disabled on most layers.
  • When voting for factions, some choices fail to appear. In some cases, this can lead to votes having only one possible outcome, so the vote is skipped, or at worst, a potentially unbalanced team is randomly selected. 
  • Server browser layout is a work in progress.
  • CAF Rifleman with C7A2+Elcan is currently not available, it will be returning in the next update on UAT.

v2.0 UAT PT#2 Release Notes

  • All helicopters should now all have the latest flight model. Feel free to give your feedback on it on the Community Testing Discord.
  • Fixed helicopter flight model not being correct on several helicopters.
  • Fixed NLAW beeps being global (heard by everybody).
  • Fixed several map bugs.
  • Experimental: Added backup sights to several weapons. Use ranging (default X + mouse wheel) to select it. Note: not all weapons have it.
  • Fixed FV107 bloom on the driver seat.
  • Fixed road mesh and smoothed terrain on Goose Bay.
  • Fixed ocean not causing damage to infantry underwater on Goose Bay.
  • Adjusted Elcan LDS reticle to be more centered.
  • Fixed Mosin zeroing past 300m.
  • Added intended unique icon for the INS Sniper role
  • By popular demand, adjusted default ammo/construction split of the UH60 Helicopter from 500/500 to 400/600.
  • Fixed SA330 appearing as a truck on Woodland and Snow maps.
  • Fixed broken switching between “Direct Attack” and “Guided” modes for NLAW. 
  • Fixed an issue where using the GB NLAW zeroing mechanic was resetting the targeting system state even if the user didn’t change the mode.
  • Renamed “Guided” mode for NLAW to “PLOS”.
  • Yehorivka Skirmish, Tallil Skirmish, and Al Basrah Skirmish v1 now have several sub-factions that can be chosen. (Sub-factions may fail to appear. See known issues.)

Offworld out.