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V 2.0 UAT Details & Information

posted on December 1, 2020

Hello squaddies,

Today marks the beginning of playtesting V 2.0 as part of our UAT phase.

If you would like to help us test all the goodies that will be coming with V 2.0, make sure you have the Squad – Public Testing application installed within your Steam library (NOTE: Please make sure you have adequate storage space as downloading the Public Testing application is typically similar in size to that of the main game).

We aim to keep this application updated with continuous updates as we move forward with testing and fixing issues, as such, new issues may appear that may affect your performance or experience while playing in these playtests. This is to be expected. Reporting these will greatly benefit the team in eradicating these issues.

Reporting Issues

We Want You! To help us playtest this release if you encounter an issue, we truly appreciate players that write up bug reports in our reporting channels in our Discord server. Channels are: #v2-beta-feedback and #v2-beta-bug-reports.

v2.0 UAT PT#1 Release Notes

v2.0 Known Bugs and Issues

  • There is a 6-10 second freeze in the main menu shortly after launching Squad. This is being worked on. For now, please just wait it out patiently.
  • Helicopter handling is currently not set up as intended due to a bug, which causes most helicopters to ignore the effects of air friction. This will be fixed in a future build.
  • When joining an existing squad, you will spawn in with the Recruit kit by default. Make sure to pick a kit manually, or change kits at an ammo crate after spawning in.
  • Sometimes a HAB icon will appear as unspawnable (red) when it is in fact spawnable. If this is the case, you can still spawn on it by selecting it on the map.
  • The ‘trajectory locked in’ sound from the new GB HAT weapon “NLAW” can be heard by all players. This will be fixed in an upcoming build. (NOTE: this is NOT a heat-seeking weapon! It uses PLOS – predicted line of sight)
  • There is a potential performance issue on Goose Bay that may affect players in some situations. If you are affected and have any specific information on this, please let us know. We are still looking into this.
  • There will be a small hitch when vehicles spawn in. This is fixed in a future version.
  • Map/Layer voting is currently not functional. Faction voting is disabled on most layers.
  • Server browser layout is a work in progress.

v2.0 System Changes


  • Map Layer Overhaul Phase 1


      • Optimized Asset Loading and Memory Usage
      • Map/Layer/Faction Voting
      • Future Potential for more diverse sub-factions regarding vehicle/kit/deployable composition.


  • Graphic Settings Overhaul
  • Map Loading Screens
  • New Admin Tools for managing teamkills and observing problem players.
  • New Streamer Support Options

v2.0 Gameplay Features


  • HAB Spawn Activation Delay
  • This new feature for the HAB includes a Spawn Activation Delay timer before a HAB’s spawn point is usable.


  • The Default time for this Activation delay is currently set to 10 seconds for all scenarios. This value will be adjusted in future updates.
  • “Spawn is Activating” text will be displayed when the spawn delay is counting down and a delay indicator is visible on the HUD.
  • This delay is designed to change the spawn dynamics surrounding HAB’s, to incentivize more planning, and reduce the amount of “Teleportation hopping” that occurs with newly built HAB’s.
  • This is also intended to incentivize defense of FOB/HAB to be less about spawn intensity, and more about strategic positioning and overall area control.
  • This is intended to prevent teams from abusing the spawn system via instantly spawning on a newly created HAB, and to encourage players to defend the HAB for a short period upon completion to ensure the spawn point becomes active. 
  • These changes will also give opponents a bit of breathing room and time to secure the area after overrunning a HAB or partially destroying it without fear of having enemies spawn back in the moment the HAB is rebuilt to the threshold or when enough players have either left or are killed within the HAB overrun proximity radius.

Helicopter Flight Improvements

    • Mitigated the “see-saw” effect and reduced sudden acceleration at low speeds by adjusting the X-axis acceleration curve.
    • Improved energy retention through high-speed turns.
    • Translational Lift and Angle Of Attack: Scaled rotor efficiency depending on flight conditions. Rotor power is multiplied up to 1.3x when meeting the air at a high angle of incidence (J-turns and steep flares) or when traveling at high speeds (translational lift).
    • Unified acceleration calculations for all phases of flight. Handling should be more natural and consistent throughout the entire flight envelope.
    • Reworked “weathervane” effect to ensure helicopter always settles nose-first.
    • Fixed weird weathervaning behavior caused by helicopter inertia calculation not accounting for the change in rotation between frames.
    • Reduced residual thrust when the engine is disabled, forcing (survivable) crash landings.

Deployables Refund mechanic

    • Refunds 80% of the placed deployable cost, if it was removed without being built fully after placement. This mechanic is intended to reduce the penalty for accidental bad placement of the deployables.


  • Infantry Kits Refund mechanic
  • Refunds 80% of the ammo cost of the Players previous role when changing roles at an ammo crate. Should not refund ammo for weapons/magazines which have been expended.
  • Refunds ammo to both FOB ammo crates and vehicles.
  • Refunds ammo when the player is within a vehicle.
  • It will technically be possible for the total ammo in an ammo source to increase if the player goes from a high-cost role to a low-cost role.


v2.0 New Content

New Infantry Weapons

  • INS Mosin Nagant – 3 variants: Carbine with Irons, Full Length with Irons, and Magnified Scope option. Can be reloaded via single shells or stripper clip.
  • INS RPD Light Machine Gun – a classic machine gun with some serious firepower.
  • RUS RPG28 Heavy Anti-Tank – a modern disposable anti-tank rocket launcher utilizing a massive 125mm Tandem HEAT warhead, capable of devastating enemy armor, can be ranged out to 500 meters.
  • GB NLAW Heavy Anti-Tank – a modern semi-smart, fire & forget Anti-tank system, the warhead uses PLOS – Predicted Line of Sight. You can switch between “Direct Attack” and “PLOS” weapon modes by pressing X (adjust sights) key. PLOS mode will track your mouse velocity for 2-3 seconds, which will program the warhead. Once fired, the warhead will then follow that exact velocity you programmed. 
  • GB L85A2 Scope Upgrade – an upgrade to the L85A2 rifle, the Elcan LDS Scope is replacing the GB ACOG variant.

New Vehicles

  • INS Modern Technicals – 9 variants: DShK, M2, BMP1, Mortar, UB32, ZU23, SPG9, Logi, Transport.
  • GB FV107 Recon Vehicle – a new class of vehicle, this is a light & fast armored recon vehicle, similar to the Russian-made BRDM-2 Scout car, but with more armor and firepower.
  • GB LPPV Armored Jeep – 2 variants – GB gets a highly mobile light attack vehicle, serving as counterpart to M-ATV and Tigr. It comes in 2 versions, with a remotely operated turret and a dual LMG open turret!
  • GB FV520UA CTAS IFV – GB gets an upgrade package for aged FV510 IFV with modern features like stabilization and increased firepower with new high rate of fire 40mm autocannon! This is the latest cutting edge modern IFV that GB is deploying, which is supplementing the older FV510 variants, but not completely replacing them.
  • GB SA330 Transport Helicopter – GB now gets their own unique helicopter! This is a powerful and agile helicopter with similar lift capabilities as the UH60M.

Offworld out.