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Incoming V 2.0 Playtesting!

posted on November 30, 2020

Hello squaddies,

As the team has been working on V 2.0 and the Map Layer Overhaul, we knew that this would be an extensive reworking of how Squad works with the benefit of laying the groundwork for future development and modding capabilities, however, as this is such an extensive change we have had to push the release of V 2.0 into early December to address the issues we have already encountered during this sprint. Our aim is to have V 2.0 in time for the holidays, especially to seal off the year, but we want to also ensure that updates and content we do release to our squaddies are sufficiently stable.

The good news: We’re going to be opening up public playtesting of V 2.0, which means you’ll be able to get in on the ground floor, helping us put the new update through its paces and get a peek at the new additions that will be arriving alongside V 2.0. These include new British and Insurgent vehicles, an overhauled helicopter flight model, overhauled graphics settings, new Insurgent small arms, and new British and Russian HAT kits, and “Much Much More (™)”. So…not so bad news, right?

As some explanation behind this, we’ve already been conducting playtests of V 2.0 in controlled playtests. With the help of our Community Playtesters, we have been able to identify critical issues that have arisen as part of the Map Layer Overhaul systems coming in this update. The team has been diligently working on several fixes thanks to these playtests, but we will require further testing, especially in a partially live environment, so we can capture as many of those pesky bugs as we can.

If you would like to help us test all the goodies that will be coming with V 2.0, make sure you have the Squad – Public Testing application installed within your Steam library (NOTE: Please make sure you have adequate storage space and bandwidth speed as downloading the Public Testing application is typically similar in size to that of the main game).

We’ll be sharing more details about the update on the Public Testing branch and further information about the known issues/bugs shortly. Please keep an eye on our social channels for up to date information about when the test servers are open.

Offworld out.