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Roadmap Refresh

posted on October 2, 2020

Hey squaddies,

It’s been a very busy time at OWI, with Squad finally hitting Version 1.0 and releasing out of Early Access. We just want to say a massive thank you again to everyone who joined us over the launch week. Whether you are a new player or have been with us since the days of Kickstarter, we appreciate all of you for joining us in the celebrations.

One of the essential values the team is incredibly passionate about is providing updates and support to the Squad experience. Before v1 was released, we made significant updates to our roadmap, changing it to a “Living Roadmap” to better represent the fluid decisions that can occur in a development environment and accommodate any road blockers we may encounter.

It didn’t take long for changes to start occurring. Three days after we unveiled the new, living roadmap, we ran into a technical issue with our build machines, which impacted development time. An unforeseen circumstance but one we were now prepared to communicate and help the players understand why a new update wasn’t arriving on schedule.

Over that time, it’s also safe to say that our original envisioning for the 2020 roadmap was too ambitious, most certainly with an Early Access release goal internally. The team has been working hard, listening to your feedback, making sure that we could provide the best release of v1.0launch for Squad, especially while observing new procedures and struggles while we all we are all cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the v1.0 launch wrapping up, we are focusing on the road ahead and what we want to accomplish over the next couple of months. More importantly, we want to show what we can realistically achieve in a stable manner, which has led to some system changes and content being pushed back while some other pieces have been brought forward. As a team, and as game players ourselves, we also want to ensure that we provide you with fresh content and stable releases, as consistently as possible, without the need for course-correcting.

Most notably, the planned End of September Release has been pushed back to November. The planned October release with Australian Forces has been moved to 2021. This is mostly in part to the delays we have experienced getting Squad v1.0 out the door and also allows some time off that would have been our Company Retreat. Though the team won’t be taking the usual Company retreat due to the pandemic situation, it’s vital for our employees’ health to separate the balance of work and home, even more so after a critical time like a big release. We are committed to bringing great consistent updates this year and next, and we are also settling into the fact that we won’t be able to return to work in our office until at least the latter half of 2021.

Please check here for the updated roadmap.

Offworld out.