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OISC Season 2 – Sign-ups now LIVE!

posted on September 22, 2020

Hello squaddies,

We’ve been talking a lot recently about Squad’s development as we grow closer to launching, but one area on the back burner has been our commitment to Squad’s competitive side.

Today we are launching the signups for OISC Season 2. So if you’ve been drooling for some sweaty Squad action, want to see if you can compete with the top dogs, or you just want to see how Squad performs in high-intensity competition, we’ll have you covered!

16 teams of 36 players will compete in a Swiss tournament of 4 rounds for a chance to win. The top eight teams will go into a premier single elimination bracket to compete for our top prizes. The bottom eight teams will enter a single-elimination lower bracket for placing.

Signups for OISC will close on October 2nd, 2020 – please follow this link to sign-up.

OISC Season 2 will run from October 16th, 2020, until December 6th, 2020.


  • All teams who complete their matches will be recognized within Jensen’s Range.
  • The Top 8 teams will receive a custom Squad t-shirt.
  • The Top 4 teams will receive a custom Squad water bottle (stay hydrated!).
  • The Top 2 teams will receive a custom OISC Season 2 AK weapon skin.
  • The winning team will also receive OISC Season 2 winners skins for the M4 and pistol.
  • The winners will also receive a custom OISC dog tag featuring their designated Gamertag.

We can’t wait for teams to begin signing up for OISC Season 2, so we can get back to witnessing some incredible competition from our competitive community.

Offworld out.