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UAT #5 Patch Notes

posted on September 17, 2020

Hey squaddies,

Today brings another UAT build with more changes to test. 

Noticeably, you will see that Forced Shadows have not been re-activated for this test, and they won’t be once we release. As a team, we’ve made a decision to fully complete our Graphics Settings rework before we implement these changes to ensure the release can be as stable as possible, which will also avoid us having to hotfix the update consistently after launch.

If you would like to continue testing the work in progress Graphics Settings menu, you can change your Squad – Public Testing app to the uat_experimental branch within the Properties menu.

We intend for this to be the final UAT build we release, so we would appreciate any and all feedback you may have.

Keep your feedback and bug reports coming to our Discord server (channels: #v1-beta-feedback and #v1-beta-bug-reports) so we can get it in the finest shape it can be.

These are the changes from v1.0 UAT #4 to UAT #5:

Optimization / Stabilization

Graphics Settings Menu Changes

  • Based on testing and feedback during PT#3 and PT#4, we have made the call to revert the Settings Menu Options back to the pre UAT PT#3 state. This means the Settings Menu options in v1.0 will be the same as in the standard b21.1. A very big Thank you! to those players that downloaded and helped give feedback and information during the PT#3 and PT#4 on the new Settings menu options.
  • The new & improved Settings menu options are still under development, as we are working to address and finalize some of the important remaining issues. We felt that this new Settings Menu was not quite fully ready for widespread distribution just yet.
  • Issues that are planned to be addressed before the new graphics settings menu will be fully released:
    • Film grain is always on (already fixed).
    • PostFX sliders not functioning correctly (already fixed).
    • Settings resetting on startup including audio settings (already fixed).
    • Further separation of individual Post Processing settings, so individual Post Processing features like bloom, film grain, etc can be turned on and off regardless of main post processing quality, for more granular control over visual quality and style.
    • Forcing shadows to be enabled for all users. The first iteration of this may have just the closest distance of shadows on low settings, to minimize the hit to performance that lower end users experience. Our intention is to eventually have a setting that does not give any tactical advantage to players that decrease their shadows.
    • Fixing the motion blur/ghosting issue that occurs when Anti Alising (AA) is set to “Off”. Our current AA “Off” option still has some residual AA motion blur affecting sensitive players. Some rendering features of Unreal Engine require Temporal AA to always be enabled, so while allowing AA to be completely disabled is the easier solution, we still want to be able to use these rendering features. Our intention is to have an “AA Off” setting that is completely imperceptible to the player, but also allows higher end rendering features to not have artifacting or break completely.
    • Fixing certain Settings misbehaving in certain circumstances and not being saved correctly when applying them.
  • The new graphics menu options that were introduced in PT#3 & PT#4 will still be available for anyone to trial on a separate steam branch titled “New Settings Menu Work In Progress”. Feel free to use this branch in PT#5 to test the new graphics menu.
  • We will also release this branch on the Full Release of v1.0, and it will be completely compatible with the standard steam branch, since this is a client side only change. If you choose to use the New Settings Menu branch,y ou will still be able to play on all your favorite servers with the new settings menu options. We felt this is the best way forward while we work out the final issues before rolling out these new menu settings to the entire community, which will then replace the old settings menu.


  • Fixed GB ACOG camera position being too close to scope.
  • Fixed misaligned PKP 1p78 optic alignment with center screen.
  • Fixed slight misalignment (1-2 pixel) on the AK74 GP25 Optic and RPK74M Optic.


  • Fixed MEA radial menu flow pointing to US radial menu, causing exploits with Unlimited Emplacements for MEA.

Known Issues

  • The AK-74M +1P78 Rifle’s scope zeroing starts to become offset and work incorrectly past 400m. The issue starts at ~400m – in order to hit a soldier at 400m you need to aim at his head, not the torso. Affects all kits with AK74M with the 1P78 + RPK-74M + 1P78. Does not affect PKP + 1P78 Scope. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • The GB L85A2 L123A2 + ACOG Rifle’s scope zeroing starts to become offset and work incorrectly past 300+ meters. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • A UI issue occurs when the FOB Radio enters the “bleedout” state. A red circle around the FOB icon is the indicator for when FOB will be fully destroyed / bleedout. However if you are not in the 300m “build” range of the FOB Radio when it enters the “Bleedout” state, the timer will incorrectly be correctly displayed/synced, and will appear to start from the moment you have entered the 300m radius. This will be fixed in a future update.

Offworld out.