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An Update on Kickstarter Rewards

posted on September 15, 2020

Greetings, Airborne and Ranger Founder Squaddies! 

As you all know, we have been laser-focused on the development of Squad itself. If you haven’t been checking out our development blogs, it’s worth taking a read – from new announcements to in-depth game design discussions, there have been a lot of fantastic posts going up lately and a lot of great new content planned for the game. 

That said, we wanted to take a quick moment to update you on the Kickstarter rewards, both digital and physical, so strap in. 

We are pleased to share that we have almost completed production on all of the physical rewards! So much has changed in Squad, and we wanted to make sure the map booklets you receive reflect these changes – while we had already made them up, we are now in the process of reprinting them as a result. With COVID impacting businesses worldwide, this is impacting both the production of items as well as our team safely accessing the offices to start packaging things up. In addition to new map booklets, we are also working on getting an embroidered patch made up as a bonus, and thank you for your patience! 

We apologize for the delay and look forward to sending physical items out as soon as we can! Please keep an eye on your inboxes for information in the coming month, or so that we can request your updated mailing address information. 

For those still waiting on the digital rewards, your Steam Inventory Weapon skins should be accessible in the Squad update hitting Steam on September 23rd.

To view and enable your Founder’s Weapon Skins, while In-Game, Go to Settings Menu -> Steam Inventory to view your weapon skins and enable/disable them in the menu. This menu will also allow you to enable and disable your Squad founder’s uniform patch. If anyone encounters any technical issues with this feature once it’s live, we ask that you contact us via the support button on and then clicking ‘submit a request’ in the top right corner. 

Last but not least, if you were part of the Company Clan Backer level, we will be contacting you or your Company Clan Leader within the next month with information about how to get your clan’s uniform patch up and running in Squad. All Company Clan Leader backers will initially have a “Squad Legion” Company Clan uniform patch to showcase that they were a Company Clan backer. Once your Company Clan Leader has received and responded to our information request, you will be able to enable and disable your clan patch in the same In-Game Settings Menu -> Steam Inventory.

Thank you so much for your support and patience.

Offworld out.