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UAT #4 Patch Notes

posted on September 12, 2020

Hey squaddies,

We’ve got another large update to the v.1.0 Public Testing today with optimizations, features, fixes and changes from your feedback so far.

Remember to keep your feedback and bug reports coming to our Discord server (channels: #v1-beta-feedback and #v1-beta-bug-reports) so we can get it in the finest shape it can be.

For this testing phase, we are encouraging any community members who consider themselves a part of the Competitive community to come try this version of the build so we can gather any feedback you may have regarding the new Graphic Settings options. Take the time to fill out this feedback form if you do have any thoughts regarding these changes.

These are the changes from v1.0 UAT #3 to UAT #4:

Optimization / Stabilization

Graphics Settings Menu Changes

  • Added a function that automatically clears the graphics cache (but not controls or game options) when a new update is detected.
  • Added a toggle option for lens flares.
  • Improved the “AA OFF” option, which should now be much more consistent with the old OFF option. There is still some ghosting on weapon models and sights, which is still being looked into.
  • Fixed hitches caused by graphics settings when aiming down sights.
  • Fix an issue where previously many graphical settings were not being properly applied when users changed their options. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with postFX settings not applying properly when changing maps (a small number of map layers may still have issues with postFX, please report if you see this occurring.)
  • Added back an option on the Settings menu to turn Shadows “Off”. While we feel that having our recent changes and shadows forced on are beneficial to the majority of Squad players overall, we also wanted to ensure that players running the game on low-end systems weren’t severely impacted and could at least have an option to disable this if they were to experience issues.


  • Updated the GB L85A2 + ACOG to have increased zoom to match USA M4 + ACOG. The GB L85A2 + ACOG will now use the correct 4x zoom sensitivity scaling.
  • Updated MEA HAT kit max limit. Now limited to 2 per team (was 1 before). First MEA HAT kit unlocks @ team size 15, 2nd MEA HAT kit unlocks @ team size 20.
  • Updated Engineer’s deployable razor wire to remove exploitable collision and increased damage.
  • Updated 3p ADS wink pose for when a player aims down sights and tilts their head.
  • Fixed incorrect 1P78 scope picture and zeroing, reticle was scaled too small. The new 1P78 has a slightly greater zoom, in line with other conventional factions like the USA/GB ACOG Scope.
  • Fixed an issue with USA Soldiers having a broken left when sprinting with the chonky M203.
  • Fixed CAF pilot and pilot SLs having really dark and tanned hands.
  • Fixed Combat Engineer’s wire and sandbags missing build indicator tooltip.
  • Fixed floating cubes in the RUS Desert Light Anti-Tank & Heavy Anti-Tank skeletal mesh.


  • Decreased default Map Boundary kill time for helicopters from 35 to 25 seconds.
  • Fixed MEA Simir passenger animation causing the player to see the back of their own torso.
  • Fixed excessive bloom settings while inside various vehicles.
  • Fixed the S5 small rockets having the wrong impact sounds.
  • Fixed the Vehicle Cleanup feature missing on the CAF MSVS Truck.


  • Updated the final segment in the Infantry Tutorial to end after C4 detonation (Player no longer has to wait for the FOB Bleed-out mechanic).
  • Fixed the MEA SL Pilot kit not being able to place a FOB Radio or Deployables.
  • Fixed various MEA ammo crates & repair stations at MEA mains.
  • Fixed an issue where the RUS BMP-2 variant would allow CO to use CO actions nearby it.

User Interface

  • Fixed the Training menu having the wrong team listed under the MEA flag.
  • Fixed the game mode info screen section not scaling properly, resulting in some game modes descriptions overlapping with the server & map information section.


  •  Updated the MapRotation.cfg with all available map layers for v1.0.


  • Fallujah Insurgency v1 – Increased INS starting tickets to 600.
  • Fallujah TC v1 & TC v2 – Swapped MEA BMP1 for BMP2.
  • Fallujah RAAS v3 Added – USA vs MEA North to South.
  • Fallujah – Skirmish v1 minimap updated with map boundaries.

Fools Road

  • Updated fools road evening lighting to use lighting BP.
  • Adjusted Spruce tree SSS values to match evening lighting.


  • Kokan AAS v1 – Fixed MEA main naming.
  • Kokan RAAS v2 – Fixed MEA Ammo crates not being built at Main.


  • Kohat AAS v2 – Increased Logi Truck count to the standard 3 per team.

Lashkar Valley

  • Fixed the rain rendering through scopes when ADS.
  • Optimized tricount regarding foliage culling distances.
  • Lashkar Valley AAS v1 – Added an additional FV510 for GB.


  • Fixed the graffiti material on the Crucible Towers showing through smoke.


  • Mutaha RAAS v1 – Fixed MEA BMP2 spawner not working correctly.


  • Optimized the chimney smoke present at the Narva Power plant.
  • Narva TA v1 – fixed repair stations not working for team 1.
  • Narva AAS v3 – Swapped temp spawning MTLBM 6MA with BTR82A for RUS.
  • Narva Invasion v2 – Added an additional temporary FV510 for GB.

Tallil Outskirts

  • Tallil Invasion v1 – Moved RUS Temporary Initial Spawn point near south hwy bridge away from both first potential objectives, to give less advantage to RUS at the start of round.


Offworld out.