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Roadmap Roll Out!

posted on July 21, 2020

Fall in squaddies,

A fresh logi run has brought the necessary supplies for another offensive and a fresh batch of new information showcasing our plans for Squad moving forward. A couple of weeks ago, some of you may have seen an image floating around of a roadmap that the team here at OWI were working on which detailed the milestones we intend to accomplish by the end of 2020.

While we didn’t intend for this image to be public at that moment, this did offer us an opportunity to hear from you and understand what you expected to see from an updated roadmap. After listening to your feedback, we went back to our internal production timeline and combed through all we have mapped out for the next six months.

Our initial pass of the roadmap didn’t expand upon core elements that many felt needed to be highlighted. These included crucial system changes, gameplay additions, tweaks and fixes, and our plans for further content to bring into Squad through 2020 and beyond. Many are changes that were discussed in the past. As the Squad team gears up for bringing Squad out of early access, and the end of the year signifying the 5th year of Squad development, we’re sharing with you today the next round of our living roadmap.

You should notice that we’ve set up the living roadmap to display a monthly lineup. Within each month, we’ve expanded the changes to include what we expect to be hitting in those updates. Hopefully, there’s something there that tickles the fancy of many Squad players.

That’s not all, though. Yes, we’ve expanded the image and given a bit more detail into each of the months. Still, something tells us that it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy some of the most hardcore players. For those who want to know more details of each new update, we will be providing a Trello Board that will break down these changes, tweaks, and features.

We will strive to keep this living roadmap image and Trello board updated regularly. However, expect changes often, as this is a “living” document: features, content, and items will regularly be moved based on the current development status. We want to be transparent in the development process, with quicker information and more details if and when plans change. Keep an eye on our social channels for further info when that happens so you can always be kept up to date.




Also, we would love for you to join us for a SquadChat live stream this Thursday 23rd July at 11 am PDT where we will be sitting down with our Producer Arnaud and Game Designer and Project Lead, Tom ‘fuzzhead’ Fancsy as we discuss the recent Beta releases, our new roadmap and more. Be sure to join us then.

Until next time squaddies.

Offworld out.