Beta 20.2 Released

posted on July 15, 2020

Eyes up squaddies,

OWI-HQ here with another minor update in the form of B-20.2 which is rolling out with a number of map layer fixes to combat some bugs and also some layer balance changes across some maps to provide fairer matches. Thank you to all those that have provided bug reports!

As always, do let us know through our helpdesk if you are experiencing any technical issues so we can address them as quickly as possible, and be sure to have yourselves a great day.

On to the notes!

Map Layer Fixes

  • Al Basrah – Adjusted Infantry and Vehicles taking damage too quickly when submerged in water, and in some cases taking damage when submerged in only ankle-high water. 
  • Lashkar Valley Invasion v1 – Fixed Fog of war not being enabled.
  • Gorodok AAS v2 – Fixed GB main having no repair stations or ammo crates.
  • Lashkar Valley RAAS v1 – Update Vehicle Layout to be more balanced, adding BMP2 to RUS.
  • Sumari Invasion v1 – Added a tweak to CP capture ticket gain, less tickets are gained upon capture for this Invasion layer to give the defending team a more fair fight.
  • Lashkar Valley AAS v1 – Fixed Ghawchak CP having an offset CP name.
  • Skorpo RAAS v2 – Fixed USA not having helicopters.
  • Lashkar Valley Skirmish v1 – Fixed CP’s not being set correctly (should be 90s capture, minimum of 2 players to capture).
  • CAF Lashkar Valley Invasion v1 – Fixed INS Protection Zones not being positioned correctly.
  • CAF Lashkar Valley RAAS v1 – Fixed certain CP’s which were not allowing players to deploy ammo bags/mines or use the lean function.
  • CAF Gorodok Invasion v1 – Fixed CAF team having no logistics trucks.
  • CAF Gorodok RAAS v1 – Fixed CAF team having no logistics trucks.
  • CAF Nanisivik Invasion v1 – Fixed defenders incorrect staging phase text.
  • CAF Belaya RAAS v2 – Fixed CAF main base helipad not working correctly.

Environment Fixes

  • Updated missing physmats and collision on the industrial office L-shape building to prevent placing deployables inside unenterable walls.
  • Improved aesthetics of the windows on European office buildings.
  • Updated the railbridge collision so players can now fall through the gaps again.
  • Updated Skorpo to fix holes in the terrain and decreased underwater visibility.
  • Updated Manic-5 to replace middle eastern pavement with eastern european pavement.
  • Updated Nanisivik surrounding terrain mesh to not be inside the playable area, and fixed a floating fire effect.
  • Updated the Material Elements on Sandbag assets to improve visual quality.
  • Updated the deployable sandbag wall with hole, so the hole better aligns with the new player eye height.
  • Fixed a terrain hole issue on Fools Road by adding statics next to a house to prevent players from falling through the world.
  • Fixed buildings and walls on Sumari that were using incorrect statics and looked broken.
  • Fixed trigger sound for dog barking on Yeho.

Misc Fixes

  • Fixed prone movement backwards+diagonally not making any sounds.
  • Fixed Client Log Spam related to localization.
  • Fixed FOB radio attenuation differences on LOW vs EPIC settings..
  • Fixed a UI issue where the SL Radial Menu would lock up the mouse. Please note that this UI issue is still present on the F (Enter vehicle) menu, this will be addressed in a future update.

Offworld out.