Beta 20.1 Released

posted on July 8, 2020

Hey Squaddies,

We all hope you’ve been enjoying Beta 20 since we released it last week, and have had plenty of time to get familiar with Lashkar Valley and all the other new goodies.

Today we’re releasing a patch that contains several fixes for Squad, the most notable of them being a fix for the shadercore crash that was prevalent for modders trying to use the Squad Development Kit. We want to offer a massive thanks to our modding community who have been very patient as we investigated and resolved this crash. We can’t wait to see what you may have been concocting while we fixed this issue.

Now, onto the changes:

  • Fixed a shadercore client crash in the SDK when trying to load a custom mod map.
  • Fixed a client crash when loading CAF assets.
  • Fixed multiple meshes and static issues on Manic.
  • Fixed a server crash related to mortar projectiles.
  • Fixed a client crash that sometimes happened after joining a team and creating a squad.

That’s all for today, we’ll see you out there on the battlefield.

Offworld out.