Beta 20 Released

posted on June 29, 2020

Eyes up squaddies,

B-20 is rolling out with optimizations and fixes for servers, audio, game crashes, and more. Not only that but joining Beta 20 will be a new map, Lashkar Valley. 

YouTube video

Some of you may recognize the look and layout of this map from the Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod. The Squad version was and developed by Midnight Interactive, the makers of the Aussie mod. Although there are still some tweaks that need to be done to the Aussie faction, we didn’t want to prevent you all from playing on Lashkar Valley in the meantime.

Based in Afghanistan, featuring a forked river valley with numerous village compounds and fertile agricultural land. The rugged mountain terrain offers routes to bypass the river valley, with plenty of ambush points and overlooks.

Our map optimization team has also targeted Belaya, Skorpo and Al Basrah this release, so these maps should perform better, which has enabled us to add Helicopters to several of the layers for these maps.

Also in Beta 20, we’ve got some changes to the infantry gameplay, “Fuzzhead” is here with a rundown for you all:

“The auto rearm of bandages on all non-medic kits upon spawning at a Rallypoint or HAB has been lowered from 2 to 1. This change to the persistent ammo system will especially affect the viability of continuous assaults from Rallypoints and FOB’s that are cut off from the team’s ammo resupply chain. The intention with this gameplay change is to help incentivize teams that coordinate and use their logistics chains effectively, and to disincentivize team’s from repeatedly attacking exclusively from Rallypoints, without coordinating with other support elements of the team such as Helicopters, Armored Vehicles, and Forward Outposts.

We also updated the 1st person camera perspective of infantry to more closely match the actual 3rd person eye height of the character. Prior to B20 the camera height was a bit lower than you would expect.”

British Forces now have access to an FV432 variant that uses an RWS turret with GPMG. This variant allows the gunner safe protection and magnification for supporting infantry squads.
Canadian Armed Forces now have access to their own unique Logistics and Transport trucks, in the form of the MSVS.

Canadian Armed Forces has received a large update to fix issues and improve the map layers, infantry kits, vehicles, characters and other aspects of CAF, give it a spin

As this is a sizeable update with many changes, we recommend clearing your cache to avoid any possibility of issues arising, to do so follow these instructions:

  1. Open Squad
  2.  Select the Settings tab
  3.  Select ‘Clear cached user data’ at the bottom of the screen, this will prompt you to restart Squad

Note: Clearing your cached user data will remove any specific keybindings you have set up, so you will need to reconfigure those after clearing your cache.


  • Fixed an Admin command that would cause a server crash.
  • Fixed a potential grass exploit.
  • Updated networking settings on vehicles ( reducing rubber banding)
  • Fixed Client getting stuck in an infinite queue when the server map changes while people are in queue.
  • Fixed ability to join or queue for a server, while currently playing in a server.


  • Optimized Vehicle Smoke Generator VehicleFX particle system – when ON, the Wheel FX emitters are removed to prevent massive overdraw, once OFF, the Wheel FX emitters are  re-enabled.
  • Optimized Vehicle Resource systemOptimized a wide variety of VFX:  Wheel FX, Engine Bust FX, Smoke, Heli wrecks, UGL smoke.
  • Optimized vehicle normal maps.
  • Optimized all MuzzleFlash VFX.
  • Optimized Commander Handheld Drone Material.
  • Optimized replication of SQWorldSettings.
  • Adjusted the max draw distance for HABs.
  • Improved LOD setting for HABs.
  • Removed server ticking on level razorwire 
  • Updated all skeletal mesh by deactivating ticking and overlapping on ASQPawn on server side.
  • Disabled AI System on all maps except Jensens Range and Tutorial for optimization.
  • Reduced unnecessary large environment textures.
  • Fixed an issue where center bounds for Handheld Smoke Grenades and Vehicle Smoke were offset.
  • Fixed RCON Freeze issue where a server would not close connections properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Players Client Performance would often hitch/lag immediately following getting killed/incapped. This hitch/lag should no longer occur.
  • Optimized and overhauled the Water Pain Volume system to work more reliably

Game Modes

  • Increased Ticket bleed values for Territory Control. Now TC ticket bleed is set by a curve asset.
  • All Territory Control gameplay layers now have a small buffer between each hex, so infantry players can no longer stand on the border and capture 2 hexes at the same time.
  • Fixed Insurgency and Destruction caches that were clipping on 2+ Story buildings or inaccessible on various map layers.
  • Fixed the Infantry Tutorial and Helicopter Tutorial Megaphone Speakers and NPCs on-screen text prompts not being displayed.


  • Updated the field dressing minimum count on spawn from 2 to 1 for all kits except Medic.
  • Updated the 1st person camera perspective of infantry to more closely match the actual 3rd person eye height of the character. Prior to B20 the camera height was a bit lower than you would expect. 
  • Updated the texture values for the US Army characters camouflage uniforms, so they are more balanced and not as bright.
  • Updated CAF soldier meshes, there are now more variations for: CAF Marksman, CAF Medic, CAF Auto rifleman.
  • Updated CAF woodland Infantry soldier models to help further differentiate them from RUS. CAF Woodland soldiers now have brown vests and more boonie hats.
  • Updated CAF Character helmet proportions and removed the headset on the right ear.
  • Updated CAF Auto Rifleman with a 2nd kit which has an iron sighted C9A2. This is a  ‘direct combat’ role with the same group limits as other factions’ iron-sighted AR roles.
  • Updated CAF C8 and C7 Rifles to have slightly higher recoil compared to their original M4A1 values.
  • Updated C7A2 rifle to have slighly higer sway while moving, crouching, and standing
  • Updated CAF infantry weapons that use the C79A2 optic (C7A2, C8A3, and C9A2), to now have adjustable ranging (range setting 200m by default, with the ability to set to the following distances: 300m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 700m, 800m).
  • Updated the full size CAF rifles tem collision distance to be increased and in line with all the other full size assault rifles collision distance.
  • Updated C14 sniper rifle to have increased weapon sway while standing and decreased accuracy while hip firing.
  • Updated CAF LAT / HAT soldier mesh to now show AT rockets carried on back.
  • Updated CAF Autorifleman, Grenadier, Medic, Rifleman, Squad Leader soldier meshes.
  • Updated item description text for all CAF weapons.
  • Updated undeploy animation on the Canadian Browning HP pistol to not decock the pistol.
  • Updated sound waves that are tail/echo sounds to gunfire compression rates.
  • Updated CAF Browning HiPower reload animation and added LODs to the weapon.
  • Updated amount of grenades on CAF Rifleman Optic Kit from 2 to 1 since this role has the C79A2 optic.
  • Adjusted CAF SLs’ text string from “Squad Leader” to “Section Leader” for authenticity.
  • Adjusted CAF LAT roles’ HUD icon to primary weapons since both kits use M72 (similar to GB)
  • Removed the C8A3 w/ C79A2 rifleman class from CAF.
  • Fixed bug with C8A3 w/ holographic optic having less recoil than it should have
  • Fixed CAF 1p mesh to match the 3p mesh on many CAF kit roles.
  • Fixed self-bandaging not working when switching from unarmed to a normal class while bleeding and immediately bandaging (animation plays, but no healing happens, and now cannot restart the bandaging until swapping weapons). Please report any incidents where self bandaging fails to work.
  • Fixed CAF C7A2 rifle not having any firing animation on the bolt or trigger.
  • Fixed an issue with grenade explosions not responding to physmats.
  • Fixed an issue where Timed Explosives, Land Mines, Infantry Razor-wire and Ammo Bags were incorrectly displaying environmental decals, causing them to look like the terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where Grenades could be clipped into/thru walls and ceiling.
  • Fixed missing texture in L2A1 ILAW (AT4) backblast particle.
  • Fixed inconsistencies and altered magazine limits with C8 & C7, all rifles with holographic optic now have 7 mags, all with C79A2 optic now have 5 mags.
  • Fixed inconsistency with CAF HAT kit rifle magazine limits, now both kits have a limit of 4 mags.
  • Fixed inconsistency with group limits on C9A2 w/ C79A2 – now the same as other conventional factions’ scoped AR.
  • Fixed HUD texture for C9A2 w/ C79A2 from M249 PIP to C9A2.
  • Fixed minor HUD display name issue for Insurgent AKM + Drum Mag and PPSH41 + Drum Mag.
  • Fixed an issue with the RPG-7V2 reload animation having arm clipping through the tube in 1st person.
  • Fixed the Insurgent Crewman SL Kit having an issue with rearming the Makarov pistol.
  • Fixed RPG7 Frag round playing HEAT explosions effects.
  • Fixed invisible RPG7v2 Frag and Frag projectile.
  • Fixed RPG7V2 not having the proper transition animations between its Frag, HEAT and Tandem rounds


  • Added new vehicle for CAF: the MSVS Logistics / Transport Truck.
  • Added new vehicle variant for GB: the FV432 APC with Remotely Operated GPMG.
  • Updated the sound volume of all vehicle engines to have an overall reduced volume.
  • Updated all rotational sounds for closed turrets to be temporarily disabled. These rotational sounds will be re-implemented in a future update with a more nuanced sound design.
  • Updated several gameplay layers Altitude threshold to be lower for Helicopter max flight ceiling – 400m-600m.
  • Updated textures on the TAPV to be less dark and closer to LAV6 paint scheme.
  • Updated LAV6 Damage Modifier – Increased modifier against HEAT Weapons from 0.3 to 0.415 (will now start burning after 2 anti-tank cannon rounds), adjusted modifier for BP_HAT_DamageType from 1.0 to 0 .875 (will now start burning after 1 ATGM hit).
  • Updated LAV6 side armor components to be more vulnerable – the boxes on the side are now 5mm armor instead of 10mm armor.
  • Updated all Russian Desert vehicles to have a new three colour striped camouflage pattern.
  • Updated MATV M2, Bulldog M2, Technical Dshk, UH60M’s M240H Door Guns with newly enabled hand IK.
  • Fixed armor penetration by using impact point rather than actor location. This should increase armor penetration calculator accuracy as seen from players perspective.
  • Fixed receiving the correct pitch/yaw from emplaced weapons and deployable vehicles. Previously the values would be zero or incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where reloading in the MATV turret, exiting the vehicle, and then reentering the vehicle turret the gun would no longer respond to player input.
  • Fixed an issue where players could shoot while visibly reloading on open top vehicle turrets and certain emplaced weapons (TOW Emplacement).
  • Fixed Player name prefix not appearing in vehicle seat list.
  • Fixed truck engines having no explosion sound when engine is destroyed.
  • Fixed LAV 6 transmission to not have issues in 2nd gear when climbing hills, transmission should now behave similar to M1126.
  • Fixed Leopard 2A6 rangefinder HUD for gunner and commander (ie. “200” meters now displays as “200” instead of “20”)
  • Fixed Leopard 2A6 turret using the M1A2 collision, Increase health on ammo rack and turret health components by 50% to offset Leopard weaknesses (ammo rack located at front of hull, scroll wheel ranging breaks with turret).
  • Fixed Leopard 2 cage/slat variant showing visual damage to the wrong side when tracked.
  • Fixed Technical SPG firing tracer every 5 rounds.
  • Fixed vehicle tickets being incorrect for certain vehicles (ie M1126 with M240).
  • Fixed excessive refraction effect on vehicle glass.
  • Fixed vehicles being able to drive through wrecks.
  • Fixed MTLB wreck using incorrect collision.
  • Fixed T72B3 Desert turret falling through the ammocook wreck variant.
  • Fixed HEAT projectiles not having impact VFX against tail rotors.
  • Fixed an exploit where Infantry could clip weapons into some vehicle hulls to shoot the vehicle components directly with small arms.
  • Fixed an issue with MTLB Smoke Generator spam causes client performance degradation.
  • Fixed IK wrists on the Minsk motorbike being off set.


  • Fixed MIL/INS Commander Drone being able to survive under water for much longer than expected.
  • Fixed an issue with Commander UAV not allowing re-entry after trying to activate the UAV outside the HAB CO activation zone.


  • Updated CAF 81mm mortar to now have a CAF specific name in UI.
  • Updated Emplaced M2, Dshk, SPG9, Kord with newly enabled hand IK.
  • Removed decals being drawn on all FOB Radios. This is to prevent environment decals being broadcast on the FOB Radio to turn it “camouflage”.
  • Fixed ZU23 broken muzzle flash.
  • Fixed an issue with razor wire blocking all projectiles (both FOB deployed and engineer placed)
  • Fixed timed explosives destroying FOB radio from long distance with line of sight, which also affected 155mm artillery, heavy mortar strike and FOB mortars.

User Interface

  • Added Join Team, Win and Lose music for CAF.
  • Added a packet loss indicator that will appear on HUD if a player is experiencing 10% or greater packet loss to the server.
  • Updated the FOB Radius and FOB Supplies map icon toggle to be ON by default.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple duplicate FTL markers would show up on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where map markers would have a 2-3 second delay before appearing to clients. The fix should also improve the responsiveness of the Base Radial Menu.
  • Fixed text display issue for RUS SL AK-74M Tracer kit.
  • Fixed the jeep transport map marker missing its outline.
  • Fixed HUD POI widget missing its outline.
  • Fixed USA Team image having visible chroma key in background.


  • Updated & optimized lighting / reflection spheres on many maps.
  • Updated & optimized Middle Eastern residential building statics.DF shadow resolution.
  • Optimized LODs and textures for several trees.
  • Optimized LODs in Afghan/Industrial/Military Buildings.
  • Optimized lightmap density for small foliage rocks.
  • Optimized the 8 Story Apartment Block player collisions.
  • Updated Middle East trees, including: Date Palms, Olive Trees, Populus Euphratica, and Desert Poplars.
  • Adjusted environment translucent glass material on Narva merged assets and Eastern European Industrial buildings. The glass has been replaced with an opaque version to fix sorting issues on assets.
  • Adjusted LOD distances for factory building static, the proxy meshes should be less obvious now.
  • Removed Block All from collision setting on surrounding terrain that didn’t have a collision.
  • Updated the collision setting for cardboard and cloth trash, so they no longer Block All objects.
  • Fixed Large Sandstone Rock collision (used on Mutaha  and Tallil), which Player could find exploitive ways to get inside the collision.
  • Fixed blue and white concrete barriers being penetrable by small arms.
  • Fixed concrete military tent foundation not having player collisions.
  • Fixed yeho_compound_v2 – fixed missing faces on shed roof, optimised material elements, repainted vertex paint data, adjusted LODs and created/added Proxy LOD mesh to LOD3.
  • Fixed mil_outpost_single UV scaling so it doesn’t look so vertically distorted and simplified the material elements.
  • Fixed mossy cliff rock player collisions to be more precise.
  • Fixed Pistachio tree issue where the wood and leaf portions weren’t in sync with the wind.
  • Fixed physmats on gas pump materials.
  • Fixed missing collisions on Yeho compound_v2.
  • Fixed material collisions on three pavement pieces.
  • Fixed entry floor collision height on 3story apt buildings
  • Fixed physmat for white, blue and orange trash bag materials.
  • Fixed player collisions on Eastern European apartments.
  • Fixed SM_ME_UrbCnt_Bld_Medium_09  incorrect material on wall, fixed gaps in door frames and walls on 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Fixed ME_UrbCnt_Bld_Medium_04_C gaps in corners, fixed broken faces around the frames, simplified and fixed up some areas on the upper floors.
  • Fixed yeho_compound_v1 meshes sticking through the roof, reworked collisions (matches originals but has working meshes), vertex painting redone.
  • Fixed ME_UrbRes_Bld_sm_04 flickering damage mesh deca & fixed mesh decals that were hidden inside geometry.
  • Fixed Nani_Air_Tower_MergedV2 missing material & fixed gaps in door frames that players could see through & deleted unused materials.
  • Fixed wrong materials on all color variations of 4 Story Apartment Block.
  • Fixed Gas silo LOD.
  • Fixed missing collision on interior wall of Afghan house.
  • Fixed water materials rendering on top of VFX.


Al Basrah

  • Added Helicopters to Invasion v1, Invasion v2, Insurgency v1, TC v1.
  • Updated all gameplay layers to use the new Soft Map Boundary system for helicopter compatibility.
  • Updated minimap to designate deep water as darker blue.
  • Reduced the size of the Mosque protection zone sphere so it does not protrude from the ceiling of the interior room of the mosque.
  • Removed custom art signs.
  • Fixed smoking static Ural wreck that used MIL textures instead of INS.
  • Fixed a see thru wall seam at Al Khora POI.
  • Fixed an inaccessible building interior from over lapping fence at grid C7-5-4.
  • Fixed floating building walls in grid D6-3-9.
  • Fixed various door ways in buildings that were lower than standing height.
  • Fixed various bushes/foliage growing through floors in buildings.
  • Fixed various floating rocks and debris.
  • Fixed floating paved road in grid D9-3-7.
  • Fixed flickering road texture at grid G7-3-4.
  • Fixed a floating road on both sides of the bridge at grid G9-5-1.  
  • Fixed an issue where players were rubber banding while running around the Mosque dome.
  • Fixed an issue with the carpets inside the main floor of Mosque flickering.
  • Fixed a staircase leading to a dead end in grid G8-3-7.
  • Fixed material slots on merged blocks to fix the issue of some metal fences appearing to be made of wood.
  • Al Basrah Invasion v1 – adjusted vehicle layout.
  • Al Basrah AAS v2 – new layer.
  • Fixed tire piles having no bullet impact fx.
  • CAF Al Basrah Invasion v1 – fixed CAF Main base ammo crates being unbuilt & destroyable.
  • CAF Al Basrah Invasion v1 – added x1 UH60 to CAF, added x1 BMP to INS


  • Added Helicopters to all gameplay layers except AAS v1 and Skirmish v1.
  • Updated all gameplay layers to use the new Soft Map Boundary system for helicopter compatibility.
  • Belaya AAS v2 – new layer.
  • CAF Belaya AAS v1 – Added new gameplay layer.
  • CAF Belaya RAAS v1 – Added new gameplay layer.
  • CAF Belaya RAAS v2 – Added new gameplay layer.


  • Full optimization pass on Chora.
  • Optimized outer landscape.
  • Optimized foliage, grass and its distribution.
  • Adjusted grass cull distance and grass textures to be more patchy and sandy.
  • Updated and optimized merged compounds.
  • Added deep mud physmat to river to slow down vehicles.
  • Updated depth map, LOD reduction, screen sizes & landscape material.
  • Updated HLOD merged meshes to use two sided distance fields to fix DFAO artifacting.
  • Fixed imposter color mismatch on trees.
  • Fixed floating river splines.
  • Fixed oversized crops.
  • Chora Invasion v1 & v2 – Fixed floating repair stations at INS Main.
  • CAF Chora AAS v1 – Added new gameplay layer.
  • Chora TC v1 – Removed Spandrel & MATV TOW.

Fool’s Road

  • Fixed an issue with the government office building LOD switches being too noticeable.


  • Fixed missing textures and floating issues in the trenches.
  • Fixed floating train tracks in grid M9-9-6. 
  • Fixed floating road at grid L8-8-2.
  • Fixed shadows displaying incorrectly on corrugated fencing.
  • Fixed a floating section of house in grid F8-9-4.
  • Fixed procedural grass so it doesn’t float above or below terrain.
  • Fixed foundation to house shed.
  • Fixed shipping container culling distance.
  • Fixed chimney that had overlapping textures.
  • Fixed CAF Gorodok RAAS v2, now CAF vs USA instead of CAF vs RUS
  • Gorodok AAS v2 – Added new gameplay layer.
  • CAF Gorodok AAS v1 – Added new gameplay layer.

Jensen’s Range

  • Jensens Range v1 – Added FV432 CROWS variant.
  • Jensens Range v2 – Added MTLB VMK & MTLB 6MA for RUS.
  • CAF Jensens Range v4 – Added CAF specific flag to CAF Jensens Range v4.


  • Fixed Kamdesh tree trunks and branches not being affected by the wind.
  • Kamdesh RAAS v3 – Fixed USA Logi truck spawning underneath the map.
  • CAF Kamdesh Invasion v1 – Fixed CAF Leo2A6 being desert instead of woodland variant.
  • CAF Kamdesh RAAS v1 – Added additional CPs


  •  Kokan AAS v1 – Updated Vehicle Layout to improve team balance.


  • Kohat AAS v2 – Added new gameplay layer.
  • Kohat Skirmish v1 – Fixed Map Boundary Blocking Volume blocking off road near GB Main.
  • Kohat Skirmish v1 – Updated lighting layer to avoid black water.

Lashkar Valley

  • New map inspired by Lashkar Valley from Project Reality. This version was recreated by Midnight Interactive.
  • Based in Afghanistan, featuring a river valley with several village compounds and fertile agricultural land. The rugged mountain terrain offers routes to bypass the river valley, with small settlements and plenty of chokepoints.
  • The map was created for the Aussie mod, and has been modified for other factions.


  • Fixed mestia graffiti showing through particles by switching to masked material.
  • CAF Mestia RAAS v1 – Fixed ammo crates at main base, Added x1 MSVS transport to CAF.

Manic-5 (CAF)

  • Added multiple points of interest (gold mine, work camp, old garrison, patrol base, battalion HQ, estate) and alternative main base starting locations (SW & NE corners), more road blending issues fixed, fixed most of the steep roads.
  • Added a pain volume for infantry on the steep slope of the dam, to remove the exploitive possibility of sliding down the side of the dam and surviving.
  • Updated all Manic gameplay layers to incorporate new POIs, added 3 lanes to RAAS layers v1 through v3, v4 has one large, highly unpredictable lane.
  • Updated late afternoon lighting layer to include cricket SFX audio cues.
  • Updated apartment and industrial buildings to use more North American materials & LODs.
  • Updated the forward helipad at Firebase Penticton POI to no longer resemble a landing pad.
  • Updated Detailing of the Telecom Facility POI.
  • Optimized unnecessary foliage by removing foliage that was out of MBP bounds.
  • Fixed floaters, Manic TC v1 – Updated RUS main on to be at the new main base location in the NW corner of map.
  • Fixed missing collision on roof of mine building.
  • Fixed exposed bad face on rock..
  • CAF Manic-5 RAAS v2 – Added 5 minute spawn delay for CAF UH60.
  • CAF Manic-5 RAAS v3 – Changed the lighting from Afternoon to Mid Day.
  • CAF Manic-5 AAS v1 – Fixed incorrect CP setting.
  • CAF Manic-5 AAS_v2 – Added new layer.
  • CAF Manic-5 Invasion & RAAS – Decreased size of the East Baie Comeau Capture Zone.
  • CAF Manic-5 Invasion v2 – Fixed map HUD name not being correct.
  • CAF Manic-5 Invasion v1 & v2 – Adjusted staging volume so that the eastern road leading away from the temporary spawn area so that it can be driven all the way down without hitting the staging volume
  • CAF Manic-5 TC v1 – Removed x1 LAV 6 from CAF, added x1 BTR82A to RUS


  • Updated palm, olive and salix trees with new versions.
  • Removed two awnings that were misplaced when prefabs changed.
  • Adjusted procedural grass cull distance and shadows
  • Replaced olive, palm, and salix foliage with new versions.
  • Fixed landscape material so the river has deep mud physmat to slow down vehicles.
  • Fixed floating splines.
  • Fixed missing roads on skirmish minimap.
  • CAF Mutaha RAAS v1 – Added additional CPs.
  • CAF Mutaha AAS v1 – Added new map layer.

Nanisivik (CAF)

  • Added additional terrain deformation to increase infantry survivability around the central POIs.
  • Updated collision on oil tanker asset.
  • Fixed Nanisivik water color.
  • Fixed several floating road splines
  • Fixed scattered boulders that had broken UVs with original vanilla assets
  • Fixed a road beneath the pipeline that was too high for vehicles to get past
  • CAF Nanisivik AAS v1 – Added new gameplay layer.
  • CAF Nanisivik Invasion v1 – Added x1 BRDM2 to RUS.
  • CAF Nanisivik Invasion v1 – Fixed issue with RUS FOB Radios not being placeable in certain parts of the map.
  • CAF Nanisivik RAAS v1 – Removed x2 BMP-2 from RUS, added x3 BTR82A to RUS.


  • Updated minimap to designate deep water as darker blue.
  • Fixed missing sidewalks at the Narva Radio Station POI.
  • Fixed trees clipping into buildings
  • Fixed material slots on train cars at Quarry POI.
  • Narva AAS v3 – Fixed occasional flipped over Ural4320 Logi at RUS Main.

Tallil Outskirts

  • Updated palm and olive trees with new versions.
  • Updated DFAO settings which caused brown shadow/fog issues.
  • Optimized many static objects to take advantage of UE4 auto-instancing.
  • Fixed some floating dirt roads.
  • Fixed stairs at the Civilian Hangars POI.
  • Fixed z-fighting issues on the Tallil taxiway.
  • Fixed collision on water basin in Eridu POI.
  • Fixed collision on the Air Traffic Control Tower.
  • Fixed smoke columns rendering in front of fog in morning lighting.


  • Fixed issue in the tutorial map where the player was incapable of getting unstuck after building the hab on top of themself. They are now allowed to unbuild, but the HAB will never go below the initial health amount.
  • Fixed an issue with the sun disk not aligning with the light source.


  • Added Helicopters to all gameplay layers except Invasion v2, RAAS v3 and Skirmish v1.
  • Updated all gameplay layers to use the new Soft Map Boundary system for helicopter compatibility.
  • Updated reflection spheres.
  • Updated Ljosmyr and Sandtaket POI with new helipad locations.
  • Updated Skorpo gameplay layers max altitude for helicopters to 1000m instead of 1500m.
  • Updated Skorpo RAAS v1 and Skorpo Skirmish v1 max altitude to 800m due to heavy fogging on these layers.
  • Adjusted fog range for daytime layer.
  • Reduced ocean wave height intensity.
  • Fixed rain fx having broken emitters.
  • Fixed various floating foliage, rocks and statics.
  • Fixed various collision issues.
  • Fixed various exploitable river areas.
  • Fixed collision on trenches.
  • Fixed various glitchable areas.
  • Fixed minimap texture settings.
  • Fixed Skorpo RAAS v4 Hotel CP collision preset not allowing leaning.
  • Fixed various Skorpo CP collision presets on RAAS v3,v2,v1 and Invasion v1.
  • Fixed an issue where players could fall thru cylinders at grid R14-5-9.
  • Fixed a couple irrigation pipe statics that were not present on all map layers.
  • Fixed an issue with a concrete ocean wall having no collision in grid M13-6-3.
  • Fixed some mountain streams that were missing underwater post processing.
  • Fixed floating grass over stream at grid V16-5-3.
  • Fixed a rope bridge handrails not having player collision.
  • Fixed a road issue at the northeast end of tunnel in grid U10-4-5, which had a visible seam and small bump noticeable when driving. 
  • Fixed a visible seam in the water at grid I5-9-2.
  • Fixed the collision on the floor of the warehouse building at grid E15-5-2.
  • Skorpo Invasion v2 – Fixed RUS main vehicle repair station being Desert instead of Woodland.
  • Skorpo RAAS v2 – Fixed Pallane CP being in the same RAAS lane twice, and fixed some other CP location inconsistencies.


  • Full optimization pass on Sumari.
  • Sumari Skirmish v1 – Re-Added an updated ultra dynamic sky for testing.
  • Updated surrounding terrain.


  • Removed shadows from some grass types. Increased 2-3 fps with no visual loss.
  • Removed various grass growing on roads.
  • Fixed low doorway in garage building at grid M9-5-3.
  • Fixed vertically misaligned roads at grid O9-8-7.
  • Fixed floating guardrails in grid L6-1-2.
  • Fixed missing collisions on buildings and fences at grid L4-7-9.
  • Fixed building LOD swap.
  • Fixed floating water spline.
  • Fixed missing coal building collision.
  • CAF Yehorivka TC v1 – Removed x1 Spandrel, added x1 BTR80 to RUS



  • All small arms muzzle flashes have been deprecated, and have now been updated to a new optimised set organised by weapon type. Content\Particles\Weapons\MuzzleFlashes\Small-Arms.
  • Added a blueprint for visual explosive damage radius debugging.
  • Added a BP_KillDeathRulesetModifier, that will support adding non-vanilla vehicles into KillDeathRuleset settings upon runtime. Created an example BP_KDRM_CAFVehicles bp. Add this bp in World Settings into map-specific ruleset for non vanilla gameplay layers that contain non vanilla vehicles. This will allow you to set tickets/score for your mods vehicles that are not parented to a base class Squad vehicle.
  • Added toggleable debug cube for Insurgency/Destruction Objective Spawn Location blueprint to aid in placement.
  • Removed all of the remaining Old shipping container Blueprints from all maps. These have been replaced with updated static versions, the Blueprint versions have been removed from the SDK and will need to be replaced.
  • Removed HISM tool.
  • Updated refcap generator
  • Updated standard lighting bp
  • Updated Editor Setting – set default level streaming method to ‘Always Loaded’


  • Updated Entry Map cameras so helos fly off screen and medic animation faces away from camera.
  • Updated the Faction Join/Win/Loss theme music volume control to be tied to the effects volume slider rather than the music volume slider.
  • Disabled window resizing to avoid client crash.
  • Disable separate translucency in Engine.ini. It was enabled to improve DOF with scopes, but requires us to fix too many other things at this point. May be enabled at a later date.
  • Removed custom Steam authentication changes from the engine, to switch use to the built-in authentication.
  • Fixed Heat distort effect rendering on top of translucent materials.
  • Fixed client log spam – parent object was not replicating for some objects.
  • Fixed log spam issues – one regarding actor owning connections, one regarding “The player was already tracked”.
  • Fixed log spam issue related to F1 Grenade.

Known Issues

  • A known issue where audio files need to be loaded during gameplay, which causes a player’s performance to hitch / lag as that audio file gets loaded into memory. A fix for this issue is being actively investigated
  • Occasional Client crashes in various circumstances. Detailed crash reports help us fix things faster, and we truly appreciate those that have filled out and sent crash reports.
  • Commander – When the commander changes to the UAV camera, he cannot hear local audio anymore, even though he still sees local audio transmissions in the bottom left corner. Others can still hear him when he talks. Additionally, when leaving the UAV camera, he hears all of the local audio broadcasts at the same time, originating from the point where they were initially transmitted from – even if the person doing the transmission has moved afterward. Will be addressed in a future update.
  • Helicopters have various handling tweaks, damage values, and small bugs that are being addressed in a future update.
  • Vehicle Reset Feature does not currently work with Helicopters.
  • Vehicle Reset Feature can freeze a vehicle in the air if used too close to a tree.
  • Clients frequently crash at the end of a round, upon map switch, due to a UE4 Particle Crash bug upon seamless map travel. Actively pursuing a fix for this crash.
  • Players occasionally spawn without full ammo on their first spawn on a server. This occurs if a player was in the match during the map switch but did not spawn during the staging phase. This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Occasionally a player does not spawn at a Rally Point. This often happens when numerous players are spawning in at the same time — This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Server performance may periodically dip when a server has a high population and high load. We are continuously working to improve server performance and optimization.
  • Occasionally Self-bandaging fails. We are actively investigating server performance improvements.
  • Insurgent HABs have a spawning issue where there’s a chance the player spawns on top of the model instead of inside it — This will be addressed in a future update.
  • ATGM projectiles desync for other players that are not the gunner, however, what the gunner sees should be the actual synced projectile. This is an inherent problem, and the solution is in the long term.
  • Vehicles parking brake gets stuck “On” if a player exits the vehicle while holding the parking brake (Default Spacebar). When encountering a vehicle that appears healthy but is not able to move, try hitting Spacebar to turn the parking brake “Off’ — This will be addressed in a future update.
  • “Alt-tabbing” out of Squad during a loading screen freezes the client. The recommended solution, for now, is to run Squad in the “Borderless” mode. This can be changed in Settings -> Graphics.
  • Ammo rack component (on IFVs and Tanks) takes a very long time to repair. — This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Audio module for Squad is initialized at the game start. If a Player does not have a microphone plugged in at launch, or accidentally unplug their microphone and then plug it back in, Squad needs to be restarted to get the microphone to work again — This will be addressed in a future update.
  • SFX bug while Firing in full auto. If the player presses the fire button for a short period, the sound effect gives the impression that you fired more rounds then you did — This will be addressed in a future update.
  • Localization for most language translations is currently out of date. We plan to push a full localization pass when we are much closer to full release and are locking down all the text that needs to be translated for the game.

Local/Offline Issues & Bugs:

  • Local/Offline Bug with Commander – Insurgent / Militia Handheld Drone does not move in local. Local/Offline issues currently have a lower priority.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Commander –  UAV hovers in one position instead of moving along the flight path in local.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Commander –  CAS does not do damage in local.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Vehicles: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while on the Jensen’s Range in Local play.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Weapon damages: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, Weapon damages with both Infantry and Vehicle weapons are not accurately replicated.
  • Local/Offline Bug with Scoped Emplacements: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, if a player exits an Emplacement while looking through the scope, the Scope remains on the Player’s HUD until they get back in the Emplacement and then Scope out.

Offworld out.