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Beta 20 – In Testing

posted on June 17, 2020

Good day, Squaddies,

We hope you are well-rested and ready to get into the action as we have a public playtest build of Beta 20 ready for you to take a hammer to, so invite the rest of your squad!

This first playtest will take place on the Squad – Public Testing app, and will last a large portion of today. As more fixes come in during the week, there will be more playtests coming up later as well. The more bugs you find, the more we can fix!

The main focus of B20 has been continuing the optimization efforts started in B19, taking full advantage of the new UE 4.23 diagnostic and optimization features.

In this test you will also find a new map – Lashkar Valley is your new playground. You may have seen this map in the Aussie mod, named Operation Anaconda created by ChanceBrahh and Midnight Interactive. Bear in mind that while we intend to include this map in the release of B20, the Aussie faction won’t be joining them just yet at this specific point in time.

Please report any bugs you find to the #b20-bug-reports channel on our Discord server and of course, any feedback you may have to #b20-feedback. For this test, we may have to keep it time-limited initially, but we do plan to have more testing sessions throughout the week, we’ll keep you notified of when they will open up if that is the case.

Please check below for a list of changes you can expect to see in this build and happy hunting!

*FYI: CAF DLC items are currently not available in the Squad Public Testing branch.


  • Lashkar Valley added
  • Fixed Timed Explosives able to destroy FOB Radios from a long distance.
  • Fixed missing VFX impact effects.
  • Various performance optimizations.
  • Many map optimizations, lighting improvements, updated foliage assets.Chora has received a full optimization pass.
  • Added new vehicle variant for GB: the FV432 APC with CROWS M2.
  • Added Helicopters to many gameplay layers on Al Basrah, Belaya and Skorpo.
  • Increased Ticket bleed values for Territory Control.
  • Updated the 1st person camera perspective of infantry to more closely match the actual 3rd person eye height of the character. Prior to B20 the camera height was a bit lower than you would expect. 
  • Updated the texture values for the US Army characters camouflage uniforms, so they are more balanced and not as bright.
  • Updated the sound volume of all vehicle engines to have an overall reduced volume.
  • Updated all Russian Desert vehicles to have a new striped camouflage pattern.

B20 Known Issues

  • Vehicles currently do not take underwater damage.

Offworld out.