Beta 19.5.1 – Server-side Update

posted on June 8, 2020

Hello Squaddies,

Today we have begun rolling out a server-side update to address the increased desync/rubber-banding issues with helicopters that you may have experienced since the introduction of Beta 19.

Since we were made aware of these issues we’ve been working with Epic and their Unreal team to get a fix from the UE 4.24 version and pull it into our 4.23 environment to help combat these issues. Thanks a bunch!

As this is a server-side update, you also won’t be required to download any additional files as the fix is applied on the server you connect to. You will still see your client version as B19.5.0 but the servers will be running B19.5.1.

Please bear in mind, this fix is specifically addressing the issues found with helicopters, the team are still working to resolve the desync issues for ground vehicles and will continue to monitor the overall network performance.

Thanks again for your patience as we worked to resolve this for you.

Offworld out.