Beta 19.4 Released

posted on May 15, 2020

Hey, squaddies!

We’re still hard at work eliminating bugs that cropped up after the Beta 19 release and, with that in mind, we’ve got another hotfix to help. The fixes included today are:

  • Fixed a client performance issue related to maps using power/telephone cable causing a drop in FPS on Manic-5, Nanisivik, and other maps using the blueprint.
  • Fixed formatting and characters in the server browser. (Welcome back, apostrophes!)
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a client had music volume set to 0% and then reduced global volume below 10%.
  • Fixes for WheelFX, UGL smoke optimization, as well as mortar smoke, and smoke overdraw optimization.
  • Fixed Vehicle Smoke Canister (Curtain) FX visibility beyond 40 meters.
  • Fixed Vehicle Smoke Generator and Vehicle Smoke Canister creating an unintended suppression effect.
  • Improvements to the ability to push client updates without the need for servers to update.
  • Increased FTL spotted marker limit from 1 to 3.

We’re still whittling away at the remaining issues, especially those with the SDK, AMD FX, and some Intel Xeon CPUs,  so we should have another update for you soon.

Thank you and stay safe out there, squaddies.


Offworld out.