Beta 19.3 Released

posted on May 11, 2020

Hey, squaddies!

We’re pushing out a hotfix to help address the issues that have cropped up since the release of Beta 19. This patch contains:

  • Fixed a compatibility issue causing older CPUs to be unable to launch Squad after the release of Beta 19.
  • Added a host of changes aimed at improving performance, as well as the biggest FPS drops on Al Basrah, Mutaha, and Tallil. We will continue to keep an eye on this. Your feedback is appreciated!

A special thank you to the server owners who continue to help us improve server stability! Further, we’re working on the client-side issues, SDK-related issues, and the problems with lag and latency. We’ll update you soon.

Thank you and stay safe out there, soldiers.

Offworld Out

Offworld out.