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Weekend Roundup, 4/23

posted on April 23, 2020

Hey, squaddies!

Dang, can you ever remember the beginning of the week? It’s all foggy like a bad smoke grenade for some reason. No matter, we’ve got our sights fixed on another weekend. Let’s see what’s going on!



April 23

11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC)

SCC: We Heart Squad vs Misfit Platoon

5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 24/4)

Squad Ops: SOTT Basic

April 24

11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

BloodBound One-Life Event

April 25

5:00 PM PT (0000 UTC, 26/4)

WildBill’s Quarantine Quarrel: Troopers Night

April 26

11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

OSS: OB vs owL


Have a safe and explosion-filled weekend, soldiers! Don’t forget to sterilize the fire-selector. We’ll see you next Thursday.

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Offworld out.