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Weekend Roundup, 4/9

posted on April 9, 2020

Hey, squaddies!

We’ve heard some disturbing reports of lagomorphic incursions out there. They seem to be distributing mysterious, brightly colored packages in small, ovoid shapes. Please DO NOT PANIC, but be careful. We don’t know what the rabbit wants.

April 9

11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC)

SCC: Misfit Platoon vs Husaria

SCC: Rusty in Places vs Band of Bastards

April 10

6:00 PM PT (0100 UTC, 11/4. 1100 AEST)

Final Aussie Mod Playtest

April 11

10:00 AM PT (1700 UTC)


12:00 PM PT (1900 UTC)

OSS: Wolves vs ACM

OSS: 8MM vs Rally

5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 12/4)

Squad Ops: Operation Joker’s Wild

April 12

11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC)

OSS: 1st vs BB

OSS: Docs vs Schnee

6:00 PM PT (0100 UTC, 13/4)

OSS: Fused vs SPiT


By the way, Beta 19 is currently in public testing on the Squad – Public Testing client! (Weird, right?) While the full patch notes are still to come, you can check out new features like dragging, helicopter tail rotors, as well as improvements and optimizations on some of your favorite maps!

We’ll see you next week, squaddies. Stay safe.

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Offworld out.