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Squad Up with Operation Supply Drop

posted on March 25, 2020

Hey squaddies!

As so many of you know and have been part of, we love taking the opportunity to give a little back to the folks that risk their lives in the real world locations most of us only see online. We’re proud to announce we’ll be continuing to grow that effort with Operation Supply Drop this year!

We’re just getting the groundwork laid for now, but we’d encourage you to head over to Tiltify and sign up for the Squad team:

Squad Up for the Troops!

As we get a little further into things, you can expect some of your favorite Squad streamers to get involved, and we may even have a little fun with some upcoming events. Anything you can do to help OSD in the meantime is awesome, though! Want to know more?

What is OSD?

Simply put, OSD is a way to get games into the hands of the troops. With roots in simply mailing care packages to troops in the field, Operation Supply Drop has grown into a veteran support ecosystem that helps military folks through their entire time in and out of the service — something games can be a huge part of! The best place to learn more (and check out the ways to participate) is their website:

We’re still on the lookout for more international organizations, so drop us a line in the comments if you know of one!

Games to Grunts

The wonders of the internet have made getting games to the troops a little bit easier and, thanks to Games to Grunts, a whole lot more affordable! You’ll have to make an account with them, but you can snag some Offworld Industries titles completely free! (We promise we won’t be jealous if you check out Post Scriptum.)


Post Scriptum


Offworld out.