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Weekend Roundup, February 27

posted on February 27, 2020

Hey, squaddies!

Leap Day’s comin’. You down for a Frogger marathon? No? Well then, let’s use that extra day for some Squad!

February 28

4:00 PM PT (Midnight UTC, 29/2)

Aussie Mod Playtest

5:30 PM PT (0130 UTC, 29/2)

Squad Ops: Regular Event

On this day in 1933, Nylon was first produced, leading to massive improvements in fields ranging from clothing to food packaging to parachutes.

February 29

12:00 PM PT (2000 UTC)

Project Awesome: Modded Madness

Julius Caesar created the Leap Day in 45 BCE. He probably knew what he was doing.

March 1

All Day

Official Squad Showdown signups close. Hurry!

11:00 AM PT (1900 UTC)

Rivals: SPiT vs SRG

12:30 PM PT (2030 UTC)

Squad Ops: SOTT Advanced

Looking Ahead

Get your A-Team assembled by March 4th — that’s when Squad Community Cup signups open!


See you next week, squaddies! Don’t forget to wash your damn hands.

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Offworld out.