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The Wrench – December 2019

posted on December 16, 2019

Hey squaddies,

It’s the last Wrench of the year and we’ve definitely got some presents, regardless of if you’ve been naughty or nice. We’re still down with Krampus coming after you for your misdeeds, though.

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Bundeswehr Mod by Bundeswehr Mod Team

We’re stoked to welcome the Bundeswehr team back to the Wrench, only partially so people stop asking the Wrench team for an update. Even better, they’ve launched their own website — a glorious resource for all things Bundeswehr mod!

Work commences on their first Fulda Gap layer, to be known as the “Battle for Uttrichshausen.” Going on what we’ve seen so far, it should be particularly intense.

To round out the month, the team is also presenting =AFFE=.: Jinjer’s G36A3 in basic configuration, as well as his Panzerfaust 3.

Finnish Defence Forces by FDFMod Team

Things are really picking up over at the FDFMod HQ! This time, they’re passing along progress shots of both completely new vehicles, like the SISU NA-122, and others getting their coat of paint on. You are, of course, going to need a Crewman kit to pilot some the awesome new hardware, so they’ve included that new kit too =).

They’ve not been slouching in the small arms department either, with a variety of weapons being finished and topped off with goodies like optics.

They’re swiftly approaching the end of graphics work on small arms and will be moving on to implementing (and assuring quality, of course) them in the engine soon.

Australian Faction by Aussie Mod Team

The Lads from Nod are pushing overtime in this last month of the year to make sure you have some truly gorgeous eye-candy for your holiday feast. With fingers crossed, they’re moving into the world of fixing up bugs, creating the remaining roles, and praying to Sphere for a smooth release.

The Aussie Mod Team would like to extend their utmost thanks for all the support throughout the year and encourage you to keep kicking ass in 2020! (You’ve got a week or two to start stretching.)

If you’d like to help the Aussie Mod team, or just offer some feedback, be sure to join their Discord server to offer your thoughts, feedback, or fixes.

Svinesund from Alac

Alac writes, “This time I could produce a bit more. So have the progress on one of the main village and the customs facility.”

Not content to stop there, he’s also been hard at work on the faction’s camouflage. While it won’t be a fully accurate pattern, it will be optimized to provide better concealment than tan or green in the stark landscape presented by Svinesund. Deployables have also been reworked with a white camo net for the HMG bunker, and a handcrafted camo net for HABs.

Alac hopes to have the map available for testing by Christmas, if you’re interested in taking it for a spin!


Enjoy your holidays, squaddies. We’ll see you for a whole new year of badassery in January!

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Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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