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First Mod Whitelisting Vote!

posted on December 14, 2019

Hey Squaddies,

As you may or may not have heard, we opened up the whitelist application to Squad modders at the start of this week.
We have received several applications already – and we’re excited to share them with you!

Every whitelisting cycle, we will pick 2 mods from the whitelisting applications. These mods will then be tested in a full-scale public playtest event, yet to be announced. If the playtest goes well, these mods will become WHITELISTED, allowing servers to run them in the main Squad server browser! From the remainder of the whitelist applications, YOU can vote in one additional mod to be tested during the whitelisting playtest event!

Today, for our first cycle, the mods we’ve picked are:

Combat arrives in the fictional Finnish town of Harju. In retaliation for the Battle of Narva, Russian expeditionary forces have begun raiding towns on the southern coastline of Finland. A NATO carrier group is deploying to back local defense forces to repel the invasion.

Squad ProMod
The main focus of ProMod is to create better designed, balanced layers while tweaking game mode mechanics and maps to match. We also try to add community QoL fixes and address glaring issues in meta and gameplay on a per Squad version basis. ProMod adds over 30 new custom layers to Squad that features more natural custom lighting and even some terrain changes on some maps. Additionally, ProMod comes with some tools and a custom overlay for admins and casters.

These mods will be tested during our next playtest event. As we’ve already picked these for testing, you WON’T have to vote on them. Yay!

…However, we’ve got more mods to choose from! Which of these mods below are you most excited about? Let us know in the poll! The mod with the most votes will be the third mod to be tested in our next whitelisting playtest event!

Had enough of filling your opponents with lead for a bit? Dodgeball is a mod that revolves around pelting the enemy team with rubber balls!
You can also catch enemy balls with a timed use of your hands by pressing right click with your hands out. Timing is key.
Aside from some issues like hit reg consistency, I’m told it’s pretty fun to play…!

Air Superiority
In Air Superiority, two teams clash in the skies above a small chain of Islands. Inspired by the mode of the same name, from Battlefield 1943, Air Superiority aims to fit in as much helicopter on helicopter combat as physically possible, with other types of aircraft hopefully in the future.
The only thing left to find out is what the player limits are for this aerial mayhem.

Defend the Dome
Like superFOBs? This mod makes them the objective!
In this experience, teams are given 100,000 construction points and 10 minutes to build a defensive superFOB. Then each team takes 30 minute turns trying to destroy the enemy’s FOB.

Inspired by the custom SquadOps event mod, but with changes to make it more suitable for public, non-organized gameplay. The Squad Ops Hardcore mod aims to create a more tactical and intense Squad gameplay experience through respawning changes, weapon rebalances, FOB reworks, additional kits, and kit reworks. Suppression lasts longer, instadeath is back, explosives are more effective against vehicles. Oh, and did we mention they have amphibious vehicles?
This mod also comes with several custom maps to boot (these custom maps are a separate mod, but work together)!

Pishchiv is a map mod for Squad, centered around a beautiful Ukrainian farmland valley. There are lots of open areas perfect for vehicle combat, and large enough villages for infantry to have a place of their own. This map mod includes several layers, including a specific tank layer as well!

Surprised to see that much awesomeness all in one place? Check out our monthly “The Wrench” modding updates to stay up to date on anything modding!

Good luck, voting… Because you can only vote for ONE extra mod each cycle! But don’t worry, there’ll be another vote next one!

Vote on your favorite mod

Offworld out.