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Weekend Roundup, December 5

posted on December 5, 2019

Hey, squaddies!

We’re marching forward into the first weekend of the last month of 2019. Crazy, right? Hopefully, 2020 will fill us with vision, insight, and even more delightful puns.

On to the events!

December 5

11:30 AM PT (1930 UTC)

Squad Community Cup: USFG vs FGB

11:30 AM PT (1930 UTC)


December 6

10:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)

[RIP] Rusty in Places vs. The World

December 7

11:30 AM PT (1930 UTC)

Squad Ops: Operation Rudolph’s Rising

5:30 PM PT (0130 UTC, 8/11)

Squad Ops: Operation Beneschau Belsnickel

December 8

11:30 AM PT (1930 UTC)

Pischiv Map Testing


Enjoy your weekend, soldiers! We’ll be expecting a full report come Monday.

Would you like to see your event here? Let us know.

Offworld out.