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OISC Grand Finals Recap

posted on December 5, 2019

Hey squaddies,

Last weekend we saw the finale of the Offworld Industries Squad Championship bring together the finalists of Division 1 and Division 2 to stake their claim as champions of the first season of this official OWI tournament. The action was live for nearly 6 hours across Twitch, Youtube, Steam and Facebook as all 4 teams fought with everything they had to try and clinch the top spot. After 4 intense rounds, and every available asset and tactic deployed, we are proud to announce the winners of the first-ever OISC tournament.

Division 1

RaveN + Productive Game


Division 2

Some Random Guys



Congratulations to both of our champions! These teams have been strong contenders from the start and they’ve earned the prizes of unique in-game weapon skins, as well as codes to be used in the Squad merch store.

We cannot forget their glorious opponents: Blueberry eSports and Sigma Tactical who fought magnificently, proving their mettle across the tournament and making the final a truly close tie.

We would like to close out the tournament with huge thanks to the tournament staff, stream team, and communities who provided the help and expertise to make this first tournament a success. Thank you!


Offworld out.